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[11:21:35] <stpeter> mrose: i'll look into the appsarea room perms
[11:21:58] <mrose> thanks
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[11:50:50] <stpeter> pgm: i'll create the room.xml files for the additional rooms that mrose mentions -- will do after this conf call that i'm on
[11:51:11] <mrose> thanks
[11:52:15] <pgm> stpeter: k.. it may be easier to just create them via a client.
[11:52:24] <pgm> since we've already got the server running, etc.
[11:54:11] <stpeter> k
[11:54:16] <stpeter> i can create them in tkabber :)
[11:55:17] <pgm> or I can do it w/ Exodus over here.
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[11:55:33] <stpeter> i can create them in a bit from tkabber -- i'm the owner on all the rooms
[12:00:03] <xmpp> hey peter....can you join us on the call?
[12:00:18] <stpeter> xmpp: who are you?
[12:00:23] <xmpp> its tb
[12:00:26] <stpeter> ah
[12:00:34] <stpeter> ok, i have to get off this Internet2 conf call
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[12:00:42] <stpeter> just let me back out gracefully
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[12:00:56] <stpeter> my clock must be slow :)
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[12:02:45] <stpeter> i'll be there as soon as possible
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[12:03:20] <lisaDusseault> Ahh, here y'all are :)
[12:03:30] * pgm waves
[12:03:53] <Pete Resnick> Well, a few of us are talking on the phone at the same time; rather amusing.
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[15:20:07] <xmpp> testing
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[15:36:19] <stpeter> mrose: setting up those other rooms now
[15:36:28] <mrose> thx
[15:37:38] <stpeter> I had to comment out presence and rosters in Tkabber, though -- I get too many packets otherwise :)
[15:38:26] <mrose> heh, heh... if you're on the tkabber mailing list, you'll see a rather amusing feature request i added... at some point, i'd like to manage all my i/o through the interface...
[15:39:05] <stpeter> heh
[16:23:09] <lisaDusseault> Hey, Derek Atkins and Mark Day are suggesting testing interoperability between diverse CPIM-compliant systems.
[16:23:13] <lisaDusseault> Any thoughts? Takers?
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[16:40:46] <stpeter> lisaDusseault: yeah, i saw that -- I think defining metadata for extended presence would be a good topic to discuss
[16:46:13] <lisaDusseault> Interestingly, they didn't propose more interoperability *design work* - they propose interoperability *testing*
[16:46:29] * stpeter nods
[16:49:03] <lisaDusseault> I agree more design work is still needed, and I do plan to bring that up.
[16:49:19] <lisaDusseault> What do you think about shared locations for rosters?
[16:49:20] <stpeter> i emailed Mark about my "extended presence" hobbyhorse
[16:49:23] <lisaDusseault> good
[16:49:41] <stpeter> hmmn, rosters in WebDAV perhaps? :)
[16:51:18] <lisaDusseault> Gee... it's like you read my mind!
[16:51:32] <stpeter> ;-)
[16:52:39] <lisaDusseault> I may be off base, but I just don't understand how somebody's going to manage their IM-enabled phone, IM enabled laptop, IM-enabled PDA and IM at a kiosk on the road, if some support XMPP and some support SIP.
[16:52:51] <lisaDusseault> The management problem is maintaining two rosters.
[16:53:07] <lisaDusseault> I find that hard today, for example - running Exodus and Trillian.
[16:53:34] <lisaDusseault> It's not necessarily the device which would use webdav, btw. It would be their server.
[16:53:36] <stpeter> yow, that's an icky problem
[16:53:42] <stpeter> sure, understood
[16:54:02] <lisaDusseault> Is it really so icky? Or does it just require a HTTP URL and a file format?
[16:54:23] <stpeter> well, that's one possibility, sure
[16:54:39] <pgm> if anything, an XML file which has the same format we're used to :)
[16:54:46] <stpeter> heh
[16:55:38] <pgm> lisaDusseault: BTW, the new Trillian has Jabber support built in.
[16:56:05] <Pete Resnick> I solved the problem the other way: I run my own Jabber server with gateways to MSN and Yahoo and do everything with a Jabber client.
[16:56:15] * stpeter finds himself deeply unmotivated to contemplate all this late on a dreary Friday afternoon
[16:57:27] <Pete Resnick> Doesn't UMPP effectively buy you the same thing?
[16:58:16] <stpeter> not roster management as far as i can see
[16:58:39] <lisaDusseault> that's correct
[16:58:40] <pgm> Pete Resnick: yeah, running a personal jabber server + transports is an ideal solution.
[16:58:58] <lisaDusseault> It would definitely be an XML file
[16:59:12] <Pete Resnick> If I'm in XMPP land, don't I just keep my roster in XMPP and let the gateway provide the presence info on the non-XMPP folks?
[16:59:40] <Pete Resnick> Oh, wait....
[16:59:47] <stpeter> Pete Resnick: lisa is saying "what if i want to access my roster from a SIP-enabled kiosk at the airport?" etc.
[16:59:49] <lisaDusseault> Actually, it's also keeping people's phone numbers and emails (as well as their IM addresses) that I'm worried aobut.
[17:00:04] <Pete Resnick> Yup, got it.
[17:00:12] <lisaDusseault> So when I want to phone somebody my cell phone should synch up with the same contact DB my email client uses to get their email.
[17:00:19] <stpeter> well, there is a "contact book" effort starting up at Liberty Alliance
[17:00:40] <pgm> stpeter: really? interesting.
[17:00:48] <lisaDusseault> Thx for the tip on latest trillian. I hadn't heard.
[17:01:06] <pgm> lisaDusseault: n/p... the jabber dev hung out in the jdev room for many months while she worked on it :)
[17:01:21] <pgm> otherwise, I'm not sure I'd even know.
[17:02:59] <stpeter> pgm: yes, they have three presence-related topics starting: presence (includes things like activity/mood), location (geoloc), and contact book
[17:03:08] * Pete Resnick looks at clock. Whistle blows and he's outta here like Fred Flintstone off a dinosaur bulldozer.
[17:03:14] <stpeter> :)
[17:03:26] <stpeter> go Fred!
[17:03:39] <Pete Resnick> yabadabadoo.
[17:04:01] <Pete Resnick> (Fred never ran off to Tai Chi class, I'll bet.)
[17:04:18] * stpeter begins to contemplate sneaking out early
[17:04:19] <stpeter> heh
[17:04:31] <Pete Resnick> (It's 5pm CST.)
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