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[12:18:13] <mrose> hola.
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[23:07:19] <mrose> hola.
[23:07:36] <Pete Resnick> Hey there.
[23:07:58] <Pete Resnick> Since they're permanent, I thought I would just *be* in the rooms I'm interested in.
[23:08:17] <Pete Resnick> Now I get to bug Diz to give this a reasonable UI in Nitro.
[23:10:40] <mrose> i'm sitting in xmpp and testing, but it occurs to me i should take your philosophy and hang out, e.g., in a few others
[23:11:17] <Pete Resnick> I plan to mention it to the wgs in question.
[23:11:47] <Pete Resnick> Can/should we make rooms for active lists which are not wgs (e.g. ietf-822)?
[23:12:34] <mrose> sure. how can we come up with a list...
[23:13:14] <Pete Resnick> Maybe post a query to the ietf list?
[23:14:29] <Pete Resnick> E.g., "Anyone want a room?"
[23:14:50] <mrose> yes, assuming you can deal with the two or three snipes you'll get (e.g., what i got on the wgchairs mailing list...)
[23:15:08] * Pete Resnick nods
[23:19:13] --- rob has joined
[23:19:47] <Pete Resnick> Jeez, that was quick. :)
[23:20:01] * rob grins
[23:20:06] <rob> you got filed in my spam folder
[23:20:10] <rob> xmppwg doesn't normally get there
[23:20:13] <rob> so I got interested ;)
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