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[23:22:46] joel jaeggli joins the room
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[23:23:10] Paul Hoffman joins the room
[23:23:30] <Paul Hoffman> It seems like it is only Joel and I here. Is that correct?
[23:23:36] <joel jaeggli> correct
[23:23:41] <joel jaeggli> lol
[23:23:45] cw-ietf joins the room
[23:24:17] <Paul Hoffman> Who is "cw-ietf"?
[23:24:26] MattJ joins the room
[23:24:33] <Paul Hoffman> Ah, more are coming.
[23:24:35] <cw-ietf> left rear of room
[23:24:54] <Paul Hoffman> I'm the Jabber scribe. Let me know if you need something said at the mic
[23:25:16] <Paul Hoffman> Also let me know if you can't hear the audio.
[23:25:26] <MattJ> Just attempting now...
[23:26:03] <MattJ> It's extremely quiet, but if I turn the volume *right* up - I can hear it ok enough
[23:26:17] <MattJ> or the rtcweb session was just very loud :)
[23:26:34] <Paul Hoffman> Let me know if you can't; I can ask Tim to speak louder. But he sounds fine in the room.
[23:29:48] joins the room
[23:31:10] Dan York joins the room
[23:31:43] Karen O'Donoghue joins the room
[23:34:49] <Paul Hoffman> Can remote people hear Bruce OK?
[23:35:13] <MattJ> Yes, thanks
[23:35:18] <Paul Hoffman> np
[23:39:34] <MattJ> Who is speaking?
[23:39:47] <Paul Hoffman> Steve Kent
[23:39:51] <MattJ> Thanks
[23:40:39] Phill joins the room
[23:40:44] <MattJ> Sorry, I just didn't catch his last name
[23:41:07] npdoty joins the room
[23:49:48] <cw-ietf> that was paul hoffman at the mic re: too big too fail
[23:49:50] roessler joins the room
[23:53:11] <Paul Hoffman> And that was Carl Wallace, cw-ietf
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