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[16:02:17] <Jeffrey Yasskin_web_798> Hi!
[16:02:29] <francesca> hello :)
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[16:04:39] <francesca> is there a note taker already?
[16:04:56] <tale > Not yet
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[16:06:20] <Shivan Sahib_web_599> I might have to dip out for PPM in a bit :(
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[16:06:36] <Jeffrey Yasskin_web_798> Worst case, I can write down decisions.
[16:06:38] <Chris Lemmons_web_295> I have a similar problem. :(
[16:06:55] <Justin Richer_web_559> I can take some notes
[16:07:01] <Justin Richer_web_559> sorry, was AFK across the room
[16:07:03] <Mike Bishop_web_446> Sorry, I have another meeting which will overlap.
[16:07:04] <Jeffrey Yasskin_web_798> Thank you Justin!
[16:07:04] <francesca> thank you Justin!
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[16:12:31] <Justin Richer_web_559> (I can't guarantee my notes make any sense, folks please check as I type them)
[16:15:53] <Shivan Sahib_web_599> Are the slides uploaded somewhere?
[16:16:16] <Jeffrey Yasskin_web_798> Good point; I don't think so. I'll remind Felipe to upload them.
[16:16:41] <tale > they'll be put in the wpack meeting materials
[16:18:10] <Justin Richer_web_559> will they be in a bundle format? ;)
[16:18:19] <Jeffrey Yasskin_web_798> Probably PDF; the ur-bundle.
[16:18:21] <tale > mime multipart for sure
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[16:21:49] <Jeffrey Yasskin_web_798> Thanks Felipe!
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[16:26:20] <Shivan Sahib_web_599> +1 for convergence!
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[16:28:32] <Christopher Inacio_web_254> Martin is in priv
[16:28:38] <Christopher Inacio_web_254> and ekr, etc.
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[16:28:52] <Christopher Inacio_web_254> I have both up - two screens and learning nothing from either.
[16:28:57] <Christopher Inacio_web_254> :)
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[16:31:51] <Justin Richer_web_559> (the tool is in fact v. cool)
[16:33:36] <Jeffrey Yasskin_web_798> Thanks to the chairs and notes!
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[16:33:44] <francesca> thanks you chairs!
[16:33:48] <Felipe Erias_web_591> Thank you!
[16:33:53] <Sean Turner_web_866> @Justin many thanks!
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[16:34:05] <David Lawrence_web_388> session has ended
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