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[11:45:41] <Lorenzo Miniero_web_338> I wonder if I'll be the only one on-site in this big room! :D
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[11:58:46] <Sergio Garcia Murillo_web_988> hi everyone!
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[11:58:54] <Juliusz Chroboczek_web_441> Hello.
[11:58:57] <Simon Romano_web_617> Hello!
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[11:59:35] <Lorenzo Miniero_web_338> Hi all
[11:59:39] <Juliusz Chroboczek_web_441> Lorenzo, I'll do my best t put silly comments in the chat so you don't feel alone :-)
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[11:59:47] <Lorenzo Miniero_web_338> :D
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[12:00:16] <Lorenzo Miniero_web_338> We're 5 in the room now, we're getting warmer
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[12:00:48] <Dedlyne Cloiseau_web_698> Hi everyone / Bonjour tout le monde / Greetings from Haiti
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[12:02:22] <Murray Kucherawy_web_197> Can I do a quick audio test?
[12:03:05] <Juliusz Chroboczek_web_441> Wow, there are actual *people* in the room.
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[12:04:55] <Adam Roach_web_849> We need Sean and Nils mannequins to put in the chair chairs. :)
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[12:06:31] <Sergio Garcia Murillo_web_988> a bit of echo from the room
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[12:07:09] <Spencer Dawkins_web_133> Adam - but certainly not Sean and Nils blow-up dolls, right?
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[12:07:25] <Juliusz Chroboczek_web_441> Famous last words :-)
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[12:08:08] <Jonathan Lennox_web_321> Sergio is very backlit
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[12:08:17] <Juliusz Chroboczek_web_441> @Meetecho, the echo from the room is pretty bad.
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[12:09:42] <Lorenzo Miniero_web_338> I only see chair slides and my slides in the meeting materials
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[12:10:10] <Ted Hardie_web_891> That matches what I see, and I just reloaded the meeting materials.
[12:10:11] <Jonathan Lennox_web_321> I see two decks - chair slides, and impelementation in janus.  Same in the datatracker meeting maeterials
[12:10:11] <Simon Romano_web_617> They should be there now...
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[12:14:40] <Ted Hardie_web_891> These are still not visible in the room.  Perhaps just talk to the points, given that we are now 15 minutes into the hour?
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[12:15:11] <Meetecho> Juliusz, echo should be reduced now, please let us know if it's still bad
[12:15:56] <Lorenzo Miniero_web_338> Slides need to be reimported, if they were updated
[12:16:10] <Lorenzo Miniero_web_338> I can try to do it now, if they were updated on the datatracker too
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[12:16:45] <Lorenzo Miniero_web_338> I've just impoirted them again
[12:16:56] <Lorenzo Miniero_web_338> There should be two chair slides now, one of them should be the new one
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[12:17:48] <Lorenzo Miniero_web_338> Yay!
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[12:19:01] <Nils Ohlmeier_web_972> Sorry I got hit by the Chrome loosing permissions bug.
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[12:20:44] <Sean Turner_web_171> Apologies - that was pretty much a chair problem ;)
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[12:24:01] <Adam Roach_web_849> FWIW, this all looks right to me. The bit about not sending etags in other methods (e.g., DELETE) is more of a "there's no reason to" rather than "should not," but everything else is fine.
[12:24:33] <Jonathan Lennox_web_917> Is there a difference between no if-match and if-match: "*"?
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[12:25:49] <Lorenzo Miniero_web_338> I had the same doubt (mentioned in my slides later)
[12:28:09] <Juliusz Chroboczek_web_441> I still feel the restart/candidate distinction should be explicit in the request.  It would allow the server to detect inconsistencies, and make everything easier to debug.
[12:28:16] <Adam Roach_web_849> From the HTTP perspective, there's a difference in that "If-Match: *" requires that the corresponding resource already exists. That seems correct for our scenario.
[12:28:35] <Ted Hardie_web_891> I thought if-match matched eTags with strong matching (byte for byte).  Wouldn't that mean "*" would only match the literal *?
[12:29:06] <Ted Hardie_web_891> Ah, Adam's answer corrects this impression.
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[12:34:09] <Jonathan Lennox_web_917> To type up my issue in case I was unclear at the mic - if you have more than one ice-restart PATCH request in flight at once, it'll be unclear to the server which one was sent first.  This ambiguity is bad; one simple solution would simply be to forbid this, but as Sergio points out that might be bad if your device fell off its network (because it might not get the response to the first ice-restart).  If so we'd need another way to resolve the ambiguity.
[12:34:52] <Juliusz Chroboczek_web_441> Jonathan, Ted, the behaviour of "*" is specified in RFC 7232 Section 3.1.
[12:35:01] <Adam Roach_web_849> I am stealing the word "umptysquat" for my future use.
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[12:38:39] <Jonathan Lennox_web_917> I've raised my ICE restart issue on the github repo
[12:39:19] <Nils Ohlmeier_web_972> Thank you Jonathan
[12:42:53] <Juliusz Chroboczek_web_441> Fine with me.
[12:43:31] <Adam Roach_web_849> To be fair, the issue that Julisz raises has bedeveled HTTP users pretty much since the early '90's. I don't think we can fix it in here. :)
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[12:44:24] <Lorenzo Miniero_web_338> :D
[12:46:27] <Adam Roach_web_849> Lorenzo's mic is way to quiet here
[12:46:33] <Adam Roach_web_849> s/to/too/
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[12:46:47] <Juliusz Chroboczek_web_441> Error handling in general.  It's always depressing when you finish a first prototype and then start doing the error handling.
[12:47:07] <Juliusz Chroboczek_web_441> There's a whole language designed around the premise that you should crash instead of handling errors (Erlang).
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[12:56:06] <Adam Roach_web_849> As a footnote to what Lorenzo says about OBS -- they're planning on adding WHIP support this year, with a target of Q3; see
[12:57:08] <Adam Roach_web_849> (This is the main OBS project rather than the Millicast fork)
[12:59:18] <Sean Turner_web_691> great!
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