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[14:03:31] <resnick> Starting up.
[14:03:57] <resnick> Agenda (see IETF web site):
[14:04:06] <resnick> Requirements (Vlad)
[14:04:11] <resnick> Framework (Vlad)
[14:04:30] <resnick> W3C multimodal & events (Dave)
[14:04:33] <resnick> Changes?
[14:04:35] <wouter> It is a luxury to have a jabber scribe just for me, resnick :-)
[14:04:39] <resnick> :)
[14:04:44] <resnick> Are you getting audio?
[14:04:57] <wouter> Well yes, I am sitting on the row in front of you.
[14:05:02] <resnick> heh
[14:05:16] <resnick> Well, it does get logged, so it's still useful.
[14:05:20] <wouter> Yes
[14:05:48] <resnick> Requirements draft
[14:06:01] <resnick> draft-ietf-widex-requirements-00.txt
[14:06:05] <resnick> Progress:
[14:06:39] <resnick> TODO: Add IPv4/v6 interworking
[14:08:10] <resnick> 3 cases: dual-stack using v4, dual-stack using v6 (6to4, ISATAP, Teredo), v4 to v6
[14:08:49] <resnick> TODO: Security stuff
[14:08:55] <resnick> Done.
[14:09:08] <resnick> TODO: ordering & reliablity
[14:09:25] <resnick> Done: Taken care of by protocol, notification if not.
[14:09:52] <resnick> TODO: single document? clarify
[14:10:30] <resnick> TODO: Event ordering? Beyond a single session;
[14:10:51] <resnick> - Ordering within session, sync across sessions
[14:10:59] <resnick> W3C will handle
[14:11:22] <resnick> TODO: temporal coord needed?
[14:11:51] <resnick> will be dealt with after -01
[14:12:05] <resnick> NEXT STEPS:
[14:12:28] <resnick> Get more comments on the (quiet) list
[14:12:45] <resnick> update docs from w3c rex
[14:12:54] <resnick> post -01 in 2 weeks
[14:13:07] <resnick> then wg last call.
[14:15:01] <resnick> Framework: draft-stirbu-widex-framework-00.txt
[14:16:06] <resnick> DESIGN GOALS:
[14:16:21] <resnick> Extend the Model-View-Controller paradigm over the network
[14:16:46] <resnick> Modular architecture (allow multiple srv discovery.
[14:17:17] <resnick> allow mult transports, provide multiple UI modalities using DOM XML)
[14:18:05] <resnick> (Architecture diagram)
[14:20:10] <resnick> Networked the view, but not the rest?
[14:20:14] <resnick> Ans: Right.
[14:20:31] <resnick> (I think; not sure I understood the question)
[14:21:22] <resnick> Dean: Synchronizing views is our problem, how to do the renderer is a local problem.
[14:23:27] <resnick> Dave (I think): Application context in the server
[14:23:29] <resnick> simpler
[14:26:51] <resnick> Back to the presentations:
[14:27:06] <resnick> This is basically an XML DOM sync framework
[14:27:34] <resnick> Aligned with W3C multi-modal interaction (MMI), though not mandated
[14:27:57] <resnick> Chover OMA Mobile Open Rich Media Environment (MORE)
[14:28:04] <resnick> Covers some of DMSP
[14:29:06] <resnick> Dean (OMA liaison) interrupt: Do I need to do anything with OMA?
[14:29:16] <resnick> Ans: Nope, everybody knows what's going on.
[14:32:40] <resnick> NEXT STEPS:
[14:32:56] <resnick> prototype will be available june/July
[14:33:54] <resnick> Other major stuff?
[14:34:06] <resnick> Should WG adopt the draft?
[14:39:00] <resnick> Sounds like it.
[14:39:11] <resnick> Next: Dave.
[14:40:31] <resnick> Going over REX.
[14:40:49] <resnick> Remote Events for XML
[14:41:08] <resnick> from CDF & SVG
[14:41:20] <resnick> started from OMA and W3C
[14:41:57] <resnick> Uses DOM3 mutation events in reverse
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[14:42:17] <resnick> uses XPath
[14:42:39] <resnick> namespace happy
[14:42:54] <resnick> can specify time for event
[14:43:36] <resnick> examples (See the presentation)
[14:47:21] * resnick steps out
[14:47:26] * resnick is back
[14:54:09] <resnick> Sorry, I've faded from scribing.....
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[14:57:14] <dwillis> thanks pete! I don't see anybody but us in the room/.
[14:57:30] <resnick> I tried to do it for logging purposes anyway.
[14:57:32] <dwillis> I usually just use Jabber to see if anybody remote has a question that needs to be brought to the mic.
[14:57:36] <resnick> Right.
[14:58:22] <dwillis> And for making pithy comments as a sidebar . . .
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