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[23:21:08] <Andy> Hello all. I will be Jabber scribing. Though any assistance would be welcomed.
[23:21:16] <Andy> Meeting is starting
[23:21:35] <bje> can’t hear audio yet, but that may be pebkac
[23:21:38] <Andy> Note Well
[23:21:45] <Andy> And John Levine is scribe
[23:21:59] <Andy> Change in agenda, added URI strings stuff to top of agenda
[23:22:20] <Andy> Document update: using-http and sec draft have been set back. entire slate to be sent all at once
[23:22:54] <Andy> Mark Nottingham, talking about URIs
[23:23:07] <Andy> BCP 56 is the historic advice on using HTTP
[23:23:09] <Scott Hollenbeck> FWIW all of the discusses for rdap-sec were addressed in the most recent version.
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[23:23:29] <Andy> reluctance to using HTTP  but now it has become cool again
[23:23:54] <Andy> some patterns of apis that say if you see a URI it means certain things
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[23:24:22] <bje> audio is fine, I suspect it was pebkac
[23:24:44] <Andy> thanks byron
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[23:25:26] <Andy> talking about get-off-my-lawn doc
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[23:25:52] <stpeter>
[23:27:50] <bje> practically speaking, URIs are controlled by application vendors, not server operators (save where those two roles are played by the same entity)
[23:35:28] <bje> for the mic: most of our clients do one query and are never seen again
[23:35:42] <bje> where “most” is probably more like “50%”
[23:35:53] <Andy> i will say it byron
[23:36:08] <stpeter> Alex Mayrhofer
[23:36:15] <stpeter> Pete Resnick at mic
[23:36:25] <bje> thanks andy
[23:36:45] <stpeter> Andy Newton at mic
[23:36:50] <bje> (not necessary for the mic) .well-known seems like it should be workable, but it does add the extra step
[23:37:07] <bje> if I understand it - if it’s just .well-known/weirds/... then that’s even simpler
[23:37:45] <Andy> on to object inventory doc
[23:37:47] <Andy> Linlin
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[23:39:18] <bje> hi pete
[23:39:22] <resnick> ;)
[23:40:11] <Andy> sorry, on slide with RIR data
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[23:40:18] <Andy> now on slide RIR contact types
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[23:40:29] <Andy> on to slide with IP Address
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[23:41:07] <Andy> ASN slide
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[23:42:14] <Franck Martin> the abuse handle is new, and still need standardization
[23:42:21] <Andy> george michaelson at the mic: we have remarks
[23:43:04] <Andy> olaf: are the semantics important
[23:43:07] <Andy> gm: no
[23:43:13] <Andy> IRR slide
[23:45:18] <Andy> "Next Step" slide
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[23:46:00] <Andy> last slide
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[23:46:41] <Andy> kaveh at the mic: small differences in what we have. will take it to the ECG
[23:47:34] <Andy> Murray, how soon to finish?
[23:48:06] <bje> (ECG Chair Hat on) ECG can do this within two weeks
[23:48:11] <Andy> Kaveh promised the RIRs would review it in two weeks
[23:48:40] <Andy> Presentation on RDAP Search and Internationalization
[23:48:49] <Andy> slide Partial Matching
[23:48:52] <Andy> slide 1
[23:49:51] <bje> very quiet on the mic
[23:50:14] <Andy> is that better
[23:50:31] <Andy> I asked scott to move the mic closer
[23:50:42] <bje> fractionally
[23:50:57] <bje> I can hear him, but if someone else gets up to a mic the volume difference will be interesting :-)
[23:51:10] <Andy> the question is, what we have now correct or should it be simplified
[23:51:35] <Andy> Pete Resnick: false positives or more false negatives?
[23:52:15] <Andy> alex: client shouldn't know to much about what the server should do
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[23:52:31] <Andy> should do the same thing as variance handle
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[23:53:02] <Andy> kaveh: experience at RIR users prefer more false positives
[23:53:22] <Andy> users happy to get more
[23:54:23] <Andy> john klensin: on matching rules
[23:55:12] <Andy> probably too many false positives for anybody's taste
[23:55:23] <john.levine> who is at mic?
[23:55:29] <Andy> marcos sanz: framing of question is wrong on false postivies and negatives
[23:55:33] <john.levine> (I'm very nearsighted)
[23:56:05] <Andy> question, do you want the api to the client or not
[23:56:16] <Andy> or is it server policy
[23:56:22] <bje> u̢̽̽ͨ̍̈́n̤͈̗̼̘͕̂ͪi͎͚c̜̪͕͍̭ͬͩ͞ͅo̲̫͆ͥ̑ͮ̂͑d̂̿͞e̮̙̹̞ͣ͌̐ͫ has lots of strange things :(
[23:56:40] <Andy> pr: agree with that in principal
[23:56:44] <Andy> prinicple
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[23:58:22] <πßå> Peter Koch at mic
[23:58:30] <Andy> peter koch: agree with marcos and pete
[23:58:37] <Andy> but...
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