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[14:10:02] <Elias> sorry...
[14:10:05] <Elias> phone died.
[14:10:42] <Elias> we can touch on this in the next call if necessary... but I'm partial to declaring rough consensus...
[14:11:42] <Elias> 'Clients SHOULD NOT send multiple values for a property in a PROPPATCH request, as it may negatively impact server performance.'
[14:12:43] <Elias> Servers will still have to handle this as an edge case, however, as they currently do... I think it is worthwhile to encourage clients not to do this if possible.
[14:13:57] <Elias> We can continue discussion on the mailing list over the next couple days if necessary, but as I said, my inclination is to resolve the issue with something similar to the above text and be done with it.
[14:14:13] <Elias> until next time. :-)
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