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[08:57:22] <lisa> Bonjour Bernard
[08:57:22] <lisa> hi Julian
[08:57:29] <bernard.desruisseaux> Hello Lisa!
[08:57:45] <Julian Reschke> Hi everybody. Could you please check the mic? We hear almost exclusively noise...
[08:58:01] <bernard.desruisseaux> Sorry I can't make it to Minneapolis this time. Sophie's due date is too close.
[08:58:12] <lisa> did you hear that Julian?
[08:58:14] <Julian Reschke> Great!
[08:58:15] <bernard.desruisseaux> I can hear you!
[08:58:34] <lisa> As soon as Joe joins the chat room we'll start
[08:58:48] <bernard.desruisseaux> How many people in the room?
[08:59:36] <Hollenbeck> 4
[08:59:57] <Hollenbeck> Physical room? 13 or so.
[09:02:08] <lisa> *sigh* technical problems
[09:02:54] <lisa> Agenda:
[09:03:01] <lisa> - Agenda bashing
[09:03:09] <lisa> - drafts: BIND, Quota, Redirect, 2518bis
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[09:03:20] <lisa> - Meta: charter revision, individual submissions
[09:04:33] <lisa> Any comments on Bind?
[09:04:49] <lisa> Joe talked about the last call and remaining issues and lack of quorum
[09:05:09] <lisa> Quota
[09:05:18] <lisa> Some stuff removed from quota
[09:05:24] <Julian Reschke> OK, so how do we proceed with BIND now????
[09:05:49] <lisa> (You're listening on MP3 stream, right?)
[09:05:58] <Julian Reschke> Quota: waiting for author's feedback.
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[09:06:04] <Julian Reschke> Yes.
[09:06:10] <lisa> Joe says: we did get through the last call before cutoff dates
[09:06:24] <lisa> Joe: Chairs need to figure out if it's appropriate to do an IETF/IESG last call
[09:06:39] <lisa> Joe: Let's hold off on that until we get to some of the meta questions at the end
[09:06:51] <Julian Reschke> What woulb the the alternative to LC?
[09:06:57] <Julian Reschke> ok.
[09:07:20] <lisa> Anybody here planning on implementing BIND?
[09:07:38] <Julian Reschke> BIND is implemented in multiple products, such as SAP Netweaver and Apache Slide.
[09:08:50] <lisa> Joe: I don't disagree with the implementation, are any of those people participating?
[09:09:06] <Julian Reschke> Yes. Me.
[09:09:17] <Julian Reschke> I'm representing the SAP WebDAV Netweaver support here.
[09:09:20] <lisa> Phillip: Is there any reason to suspect that they have implemented it correctly if they haven't reviewed the document recently?
[09:09:39] <Hollenbeck> Julian: did you mention your support for the effort during the last call?
[09:09:42] <lisa> Joe: What about Apache?
[09:09:51] <lisa> Joe: Anybody from Apache here?
[09:09:55] <Julian Reschke> Yes. I think it's well-known, right?
[09:10:06] <lisa> Joe: Let's talk about redirect
[09:10:15] <lisa> Joe: Julian said he was waiting for their implementation to push forward
[09:10:25] <lisa> Joe: We agree, running code is useful for these discussions.
[09:10:31] <lisa> Joe: Any other comments on redirect?
[09:10:43] <lisa> Joe: 2518bis
[09:10:58] <lisa> Joe: This is the piece that is most on the list of things that we really ought to get done as a working group
[09:11:22] <lisa> Joe: Jim Whitehead agreed to take over the edit token on 2518bis a few months ago,
[09:11:37] <lisa> Joe: but he picked up some extra work since then that made it difficult for him to go ahead with that.
[09:11:50] <lisa> Joe: So the problem is finding an author with the time and focus to go ahead with 2518bis.
[09:12:07] <lisa> Joe: We haven't seen volunteering from people who aren't already working on a bunch of other drafts.
[09:12:13] <lisa> Joe: Any volunteer heros?
[09:12:26] <lisa> Joe: So that's input into the meta discussion, which I would like to hear more discussion on.
[09:12:38] <lisa> Joe: What is the WG here for, how do we move forward.
[09:12:45] <Julian Reschke> I have volunteered multiple times (however with a separate plan to extrac locking first)
[09:12:53] <lisa> Joe: What should the charter be, or is there enough interest or participation.
[09:13:05] <lisa> Joe: If there are only a couple individuals doing work, maybe they should be individual submissions anyway.
[09:13:23] <lisa> Joe: If there isn't enough work and discussion in the WG, maybe it doesn't make sense to have this format of discussion.
[09:14:18] <lisa> Joe: Julian's volunteering was what I referred to as somebody volunteering with plenty already, would be nice to find somebody who...
[09:14:38] <lisa> Joe: There's the problem of WG consensus, but otherwise one might even do it as an individual submission.
[09:14:53] <Julian Reschke> Agreed. Basically, that's what I'd support unless the WG succeeds in getting productive again.
[09:15:01] <lisa> Joe: If none of the people participating in the discussion, coming to the meetings, is this the right format for this.
[09:15:26] <lisa> Scott: Recognize I'm sitting here as a proxy for Ted.
[09:15:42] <lisa> Scott: I'm leery of a recommendation to take drastic action on a WG in his absence.
[09:15:56] <lisa> Scott: If the WG chairs feel you're down to 1-2 people participating, that doesn't sound like a WG to me.
[09:16:17] <lisa> Scott: Chairs can recommend that the WG be closed and the authors, if willing, are more than welcome to resubmit them as individual.
[09:16:28] <lisa> Joe: We'll take this to list and see if there's any discussion, rebuttal
[09:16:34] <lisa> Joe: But that's something we ought to consider.
[09:16:48] <lisa> joe: Anything else to talk about?
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[09:17:16] <Julian Reschke> Wait. I'd like to know how we proceed with BIND.
[09:17:39] <lisa> Joe: If we're not going to have a WG, then it's easy to proceed with BIND -- resubmit as individual.
[09:17:51] <bernard.desruisseaux> Lisa: Do you want to give an update on CalDAV?
[09:18:12] <Julian Reschke> But that's a decision that hasn't beend amde yet.
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