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[14:07:21] <Louie-EQIX> sorry, no jabber scribe
[14:08:08] <Louie-EQIX> overall agenda: http://www3.ietf.org/proceedings/06mar/agenda/v6ops.txt
[14:08:18] <bert> if any one (who is on the audio) wants to ask a question, I cna try to channel that for you
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[14:11:11] <jean-francois> I'll be a jabber scribe for the first hour or so
[14:11:17] <jean-francois> Fred presented the agenda
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[14:11:28] <jean-francois> --- agenda item #1
[14:11:39] <kurtis> slide 5
[14:11:42] <kurtis> right now
[14:11:51] <jean-francois> IPv6 in CableLabs DOCSIS 3.0 presented by Alain Durand
[14:12:13] <jean-francois> slides are at https://datatracker.ietf.org/public/meeting_materials.cgi?meeting_num=65
[14:12:44] <jean-francois> the ID is currently at: http://www.cablelabs.com/downloads/ietf/draft-mule-cablelabs-docsis3-ipv6-00.txt
[14:13:22] <kurtis> slide 6
[14:14:51] <jean-francois> in the access model 1, CPE or PC is connected to the CM, 2 prefixes: 1 for the CM IP stack, 1 for the CPE
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[14:15:01] <jean-francois> this is similar to what the cable operators are doing for IPv4
[14:15:21] <jean-francois> access model 2: an IP router is between the CM and the CPE
[14:15:57] <jean-francois> access model 3: the CM and IPv6 router are integrated, get IPv6 through PD
[14:16:05] <jean-francois> Pekka - clarificiation for access model 2
[14:16:32] <jean-francois> questoin about whether the CM is a layer-2 or layer-3 device
[14:17:01] <jean-francois> Alain said that the CM can be either, it is controled by the cable modem service provider
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[14:17:16] <jean-francois> Pekka asked: do you support the model where you have 2 B2B routers?
[14:17:48] <jean-francois> Alain responded: yes, this is possible: the CM will get prefix and use PD to downstream routers
[14:18:10] <jean-francois> Shin asked a question (did not capture it)
[14:18:47] <jean-francois> anyone captured the question?
[14:19:13] <kurtis> slide 7
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[14:20:17] <arifumi@2entwine.net> if DHCP-PD is used or not in the service link ?
[14:20:19] <jean-francois> Question from Russ:
[14:20:56] --- trond has joined
[14:20:58] <jean-francois> in DOCSIS specs, IPv4 filtering is supported. Is it going to be the case in IPv6: can the service provider check whether the source IP address is served and trash it
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[14:22:23] <jean-francois> Jean-Francois answered: it is up to the cable operators to configure the CM, no defualt behavior in the specs
[14:22:47] <jean-francois> Fred added: it would be good to recommend that MSOs do some check on IPv6 address usage
[14:24:08] <jean-francois> Pekka S: question - any thoughts yet what the DNS host names might be like?
[14:24:30] <jean-francois> Pekka added that he has seen some providers encoding the IP add as part of the hostname
[14:24:56] <jean-francois> Alain said some conventions exist for each MSO...
[14:26:05] <jean-francois> and in general it is done like <customer_ID>.<various-levels-of-region>.domain.net
[14:27:30] <jean-francois> Question: MSO plan to manage devices behind the CM - question is regarding management vs. service prefix on slide 6
[14:27:35] <jean-francois> Alain: this is a typo
[14:27:52] <jean-francois> Jason S - uunet: questions was aimed at the hosts that are behind the CMs
[14:29:45] <jean-francois> Fred added the question is about prefix mgmt for devices in the home and how this works
[14:30:29] <jean-francois> Tony Hain: there might be some issues with sending RAs with empty prefix list
[14:30:49] <jean-francois> Tony: it does not give you much and it potentially break things
[14:31:20] <jean-francois> Alain: interested in the comments, want to continue discussing this more on the list
[14:31:37] <jean-francois> kurtis?
[14:31:45] <jean-francois> slide 8...
[14:32:13] <kurtis> sorry
[14:32:18] <jean-francois> np ;)
[14:32:21] <kurtis> I was to busy chatting with the AD :-)
[14:32:44] <david> which AD ?
[14:32:57] <kurtis> The parent-to-be-AD :-)
[14:33:26] <david> you mean me
[14:33:51] <david> you didn't even verify whether I was really who I was pretending to be ;-)
[14:33:54] <jean-francois> Fred question: MTA == ?
[14:34:03] <jean-francois> Alain: MTA = Multimedia Terminal Adapter
[14:34:17] <jean-francois> aka as voip app
[14:34:26] <kurtis> actually in iChat you will see wh you are as you started the chat from inside the room...:-)
[14:34:49] <kurtis> and in the request you will see who the originating client in the original room is...
[14:34:52] <david> and you trust that ?
[14:35:11] <kurtis> As much as that this David Kessens figure really is an AD..:)
[14:35:27] <jean-francois> Fred: your point on slide 8 is that you have IPv6 only device that are talking to IPv4 devices and the question is: where is that translation happening
[14:36:21] <jean-francois> Dan R: question - are MTA docsis specific or can they be standalone devices?
[14:36:28] <jean-francois> Alain: yes, they can be standalone
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[14:37:40] <jean-francois> Tony Hain: question - do we need to revisit the moving NAPT draft as it is a solution in this space
[14:37:43] <jean-francois> ?
[14:38:01] <kurtis> moving to experimenta
[14:38:03] <kurtis> l
[14:38:37] <jean-francois> yes - Tony's point was about the status of the doc as experimental...
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[14:39:16] <kurtis> Alain: there is a need for a l3 solution, and the staus of NAT-PT is different and NAT-PT have known issues
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[14:46:09] <jean-francois> Fred: what's next for this document
[14:46:58] <jean-francois> Kurtis is asking participants' input
[14:47:16] <jean-francois> Fred - take the question to the list once the document is published
[14:47:24] <jean-francois> ---- AGENDA ITEM #2
[14:47:34] <jean-francois> Elwyn Davies
[14:47:40] <jean-francois> Filtering ICMPv6 Messages in Firewalls
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[14:47:58] <kurtis> slide 1 :)
[14:48:08] <jean-francois> :) draft-ietf-v6ops-icmpv6-filtering-bcp-01.txt
[14:48:09] <kurtis> 2 ofcurse...
[14:49:06] <jean-francois> Elwyn: anybody has any input on the example configuration script in the draft?
[14:49:37] <jean-francois> Pekka commented: would not mind having other examples but Pekka is a bit concerned adding other examples w.r.t. length of the document
[14:49:52] <kurtis> slide 3
[14:49:53] <jean-francois> Elwyn: so we have 2 votes for going as it is
[14:51:11] <kurtis> slide 4
[14:51:21] <jean-francois> Fred: seems wise to go with an Informational track document
[14:51:21] <jean-francois> no comments
[14:51:47] <jean-francois> Tim Chon: ? has anyone else tried the example as published in the document?
[14:52:04] <jean-francois> Elwyn: not a lot of experience but a few folks working with it
[14:52:32] <jean-francois> Fred concluded: looking for an updated ID from Elwin, then WGLC
[14:52:48] <jean-francois> ---- AGENDA ITEM #3 : IPv6 Routing Policies Guidelines by Marc Blanchet
[14:52:52] <kurtis> slide 2
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[14:56:55] <jean-francois> Tim Show: any mention of site local prefix in the doc?
[14:57:01] <jean-francois> Marc, this was considered - ok should be added
[14:57:30] <jean-francois> ((( i have to leave now, thx all - have a good one )))
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[15:00:34] <kurtis> we still have a minute taker, rightg?
[15:01:10] <kurtis> draft-andrews-fullserviceresovlers-02.txt
[15:02:05] <FDupont> draft-andrews-full-service-resolvers-02.txt
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