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[09:04:20] <ggm> even brief notes on where things are at would help..
[09:21:17] --- becarpenter has joined
[09:22:23] <becarpenter> is silence golden? where is the agenda at?
[09:22:39] <ggm> not here so can't comment. wish it was scribed, love to know if we've moved beyond plaudits
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[09:40:58] <becarpenter> now discussing v6ops-bb-deployment draft
[09:41:31] <ggm> thks
[09:41:33] <becarpenter> asking for feedback
[09:41:44] <becarpenter> "did we miss anything?"
[09:42:37] <becarpenter> pekka s: we tried and failed before, we need to do this quickly or it will die. don't add complications
[09:43:59] <becarpenter> jordi: says he really will provide PLC text... not a lot of work
[09:46:15] <becarpenter> nobody responding to requests for other feedback
[09:47:41] <becarpenter> still some comments waiting to be integrated in the draft
[09:47:42] <becarpenter> next version due around the Easter holidays
[09:48:00] <becarpenter> will be handed off to new chairs (I wasn't here, so I guess I missed the part about new chairs...)
[09:48:24] <becarpenter> Next: Updates on the IPv6 Fix Project, 5-10 mins, Jinmei - http://v6fix.net/wide-draft-v6fix-en
[09:50:36] <becarpenter> This is a WIDE activity, see http://v6fix.net
[09:57:25] <ggm> I think this is a damn fine document. I think it covers almost all of my gripes, both as a user, and a server-side consumer of V6.
[10:05:39] <becarpenter> You can join the users mailing list at http://www.ipv6.org/mailing-lists.html
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[10:08:10] <bert> pls make sure people speak INTO the mike
[10:09:03] <ggm> If they speak louder I'll hear them from down in F :-)
[10:09:04] <becarpenter> switching to:
[10:09:07] <becarpenter> Status and going forward with IPv6-on-by-Default work, 5-10 mins, Chairs/Savola - draft-ietf-v6ops-v6onbydefault-03.txt - draft-ietf-v6ops-onlinkassumption-02.txt
[10:09:51] <becarpenter> IESG complained that docs refer to work-in-progress solutions
[10:10:40] --- ray has joined
[10:11:02] <becarpenter> Q: since WGs are fixing the problems, why have the drafts at all?
[10:11:08] --- ray has left
[10:11:26] <becarpenter> A: to publish the issues while waiting for the fixes to become real
[10:12:06] <becarpenter> Pekka reviews the issues list and (slow) progress on fixes
[10:13:56] <becarpenter> Alain Durand wants to see the address selection issue restored to the list
[10:14:54] <becarpenter> Do we publish as is? How would that get the issues fixed?
[10:17:08] <becarpenter> Alain:it is useful to document the problems, so publish
[10:17:40] <becarpenter> Alain: and keep the I-D updated
[10:18:51] <becarpenter> AD: not *every* draft has to become an RFC
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[10:22:15] <becarpenter> Tony Hain: maybe a web site is more practical than an eternally updated I-D
[10:22:27] <becarpenter> Pekka: refer to the list and the new chairs
[10:24:02] <becarpenter> IPv6 Network Architecture Protection, 10-15 mins, Tony Hain - draft-vandevelde-v6ops-nap-01.txt
[10:24:14] <becarpenter> Draft updated for allcomments received
[10:24:22] <becarpenter> Added a summary table
[10:24:29] <becarpenter> Reorganized some sections
[10:24:51] <becarpenter> Added security consids
[10:25:00] <becarpenter> Updated the gap analysis
[10:25:48] <becarpenter> Want to hear about NAT usages that are not covered, since we want to document the IPv6 solution for that usage
[10:26:15] <becarpenter> Reviews gap analysis
[10:26:20] <becarpenter> ULAs essential
[10:26:36] <becarpenter> Renumbering draft needs to get done
[10:26:49] <becarpenter> Hiding subnet topology needs more work
[10:26:53] <becarpenter> Multi6
[10:27:07] <becarpenter> Address traceability needs more work
[10:27:16] <becarpenter> Any questions?
[10:27:29] <becarpenter> Silence
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[10:28:12] <becarpenter> Aim is to be a WG document, any complaints? (formal decision depends on new charter)
[10:28:50] <becarpenter> Pekka: this is urgent to get done, would like to put the question about WG adoption now...
[10:29:40] <becarpenter> Fred: needs to work out which documents he has to worry about as new chair, and would like to see this one adopted
[10:30:18] <becarpenter> Somebody: there are some things missing.... what is the goal?
[10:31:01] <becarpenter> Tony: we don't want to wait for ever, but tell us in detail about what's missing
[10:31:19] <becarpenter> somebody else: this is important work
[10:31:41] <becarpenter> show hands for adoption as WG item: many hands yes, no hands no
[10:32:10] <becarpenter> pekka urges peopel to read and do work: ten hands go up
[10:33:05] <becarpenter> Switch to:
[10:33:08] <becarpenter> How to secure draft-ietf-v6ops-mech-v2 tunnel with IPsec, 10 mins, Tschofenig(?) - draft-tschofenig-v6ops-secure-tunnels-03.txt (or revised)
[10:33:17] <becarpenter> Pekka speaking
[10:34:12] <becarpenter> AD explains: but speaks too quietly for your scribe
[10:35:03] <becarpenter> Pekka: draft-tschofenig is almost ready for Info, minor comments only received
[10:35:57] <becarpenter> Open question whether to encrypt link-local control traffic only,or encrypt everything
[10:36:12] <becarpenter> Aim is to adopt as WG item soon
[10:36:37] <becarpenter> Fred: why encrypt at all if not encrypting everything?
[10:37:24] <becarpenter> Co-author: think of it as protection; secrecy is not the goal
[10:38:20] <becarpenter> Pekka asks what next with the draft
[10:38:56] <becarpenter> Jonne: we didn't get many comments.
[10:39:23] <becarpenter> Kurtis (the other future chair): we'll go to the list again with this
[10:39:53] <becarpenter> Your acting temporary scribe has to quit now,sorry
[10:40:09] <bert> thanks Brian
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