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[00:36:33] <ggm> no scribe?
[00:36:53] <Ralph> Guess not...
[00:37:00] <Ralph> I'm just lurking.
[00:37:50] <ggm> (sigh) Im in IDR. can't help
[00:46:39] <sleinen> I'm still recovering from taking notes in mboned this morning :-)
[00:47:15] <sleinen> Seriously, apart from ggm I don't see anyone who would benefit from "live" notes (sorry George).
[00:47:33] <sleinen> fneves was in earlier, but I think he has mbone access anyway
[00:47:36] <ggm> s'okay. don't worry.
[00:47:52] <ggm> I'm jabbering IDR.
[00:48:33] <sleinen> wow
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[01:29:38] <sra> i don't have the attention span or patience to scribe this, but for those following out in netland, we are now on the great "opportunistic" vs zero-configured tunneling discussion, at two or three levesl of "um, what are we talking about here anyway".
[01:31:12] <Ralph> And "why are we talking about"
[01:31:37] <Ralph> (oops) "Why are we talking about these distinctions"
[01:31:57] <sra> but it's ok, chairs say this is the last time down this rathole
[01:32:19] <Ralph> Quoting Bullwinkle J. Moose: "This time for sure!"
[01:34:47] <Ralph> Did I just hear the chair say that we're going back to this analysis because the scenario analysis documents abe being questioned?
[01:37:45] <sra> i miss randy
[01:38:10] <ggm> ran, if you grow a beer-gut, you can BE randy
[01:40:21] <sra> if you meant me (ran?) i lack the patience
[01:40:56] <ggm> sorry. yes. patience? I thought the whole point of channeling randy was to NOT show patience
[01:41:25] <sra> it's a zen thing. randy is the most patient impatient person i know :)
[01:42:09] <ggm> patently true. he is capable of being impatient with most every patient of this asylum
[01:42:28] <ggm> but my, he know such food. oh, the meals.
[01:42:45] <Ralph> excellent statement. There's something about effective impatience in here, as well. I sense impatience in this discussion, but the impatience is not accomplishing anything.
[01:43:38] <sra> bingo
[01:54:18] <Ralph> Rob - I need an intervention. I'm about to stand up and ask "why are why trying to get to one solution here, while we're looking to standardize several solutions for DNS server discovery".
[01:54:48] <sra> do not meddle in the religous wars of the ietf, for you are an easy target and napalm sticks to skin
[01:55:41] <Ralph> Thanks; that was what I needed to hear...
[01:56:18] <ggm> how about we leak DC voltage to the mikes on the floor, so if you want to speak you suffer pain?
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[01:57:41] <Ralph> The voltage should be increased as the discussion wears on...
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[01:58:24] <sra> would that the deployment would have overtaken this discussion.... i have nightmares that we'll still be listening to this ten years from now.
[01:58:25] <ggm> this has to be a good one for the plenary. exponential rise in voltage of mike as function of time held, with no backoff for repeat visits
[01:58:29] <ggm> berts bad idea?
[01:58:57] <ggm> geoff H and I discussed having a 'wall of shame' up behind IAB, we can all vote a worm.
[01:59:12] <ggm> geoff also suggested we get radio mike on wifi, if we want speaker to shut up, we ping flood it!
[01:59:46] <Ralph> What questions are we postponing?
[01:59:49] <sra> another variation: each person in the room gets to add an increment to the voltage
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