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[08:56:40] <Loganaden Velvindron> hello
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[09:21:42] <Viktor Dukhovni> This got discussed. The sender is responsible for NOTIFY=HDRS
[09:21:48] <Viktor Dukhovni> Yes Comfortable.
[09:22:13] <Ned Freed> [Mic] Any expectation that you're going to be able to influence the behavior of agents who assume ownership of the message by changing the envelope from is unrealistic.
[09:22:51] <Ned Freed> We dealt with this same issue many years ago in the NOTARY working group. Those semantics are the ones you're going to get if you're lucky.
[09:22:53] <Viktor Dukhovni> An MTA that supports REQUIRETLS is responsible for RET=HDRS on the way back.
[09:24:03] <Ned Freed> [Mic] The problem with Sieve is that it can be executed anywhere from just before delivery to long after.
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[09:25:16] <Viktor Dukhovni> There'll be discussion of the details on the list.
[09:25:57] <jhoyla> @Ned Freed, I hope my rendition was acceptable.
[09:26:14] <Ned Freed> It was.
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[09:28:20] <Ned Freed> [Mic] If we want to make it possible for a server to say "I only accept messages over TLS, don't bother trying anything else", then we need to define a mechanism to say that. Because we don't have one now.
[09:30:50] <Ned Freed> Does it really make a difference to say "TLS-Optional: Yes" instead?
[09:31:27] <> It can make a difference, yes.  It depends on who is looking at it.
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[09:32:49] <Ned Freed> And either way, I guess we going to see people who don't read the spec putting in the opposite, e.g., "Require-TLS: Yes". Sigh.
[09:38:11] <Ned Freed> Bingo!!!! What Viktor is saying!
[09:38:41] <jhoyla> Pete Resnick    @ the mic
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[09:39:57] <Ned Freed> AFAIK we don't even have an ehnanced status code for MAIL FROM that says "TLS required".
[09:41:26] <jhoyla> Viktor Dukhovni @ remote mic
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[09:41:58] <Ned Freed> And once again Viktor nails it.
[09:42:29] <jhoyla> Hannes Tschofenig @ the mic
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[09:46:29] <jhoyla> One reader
[09:46:58] <Loganaden Velvindron> I will review it as soon as I get some time.
[09:47:04] <jhoyla> Alexey Melnikov @ the mic
[09:47:17] <jhoyla> Barry Leiba volunteers to review
[09:48:18] <jhoyla> AM @ the mic
[09:49:16] <jhoyla> Session ends.
[09:49:24] <Ned Freed> FWIW, my concern - and it's a general one in no way specific to this draft - is the gap I see between what the IETF is doing in the IoT space and what I see happening with ESP32 and similar hardware at the local makerspace.
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