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[17:41:50] <Jon Hudson> Greetings & Welcome to TRILL
[17:45:03] <Jon Hudson> Hey Donald
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[17:47:33] <akatlas> Hi Jon!
[17:47:52] <akatlas> If you want to speak - Donald can hit the big red button.
[17:48:09] <Jon Hudson> Thanks much
[17:48:22] <akatlas> Jon, just let me know
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[17:53:11] <R. Parameswaran> Had a question on the parent selection draft..
[17:53:29] <Jon Hudson> hmm.... wonder if anyone is working on audio streaming quality over heavily lossy links ;-)
[17:53:31] <R. Parameswaran> You mentioned there's mnot consensus?
[17:54:46] <R. Parameswaran> ok, yes
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[17:54:58] <R. Parameswaran> might think of rtgwg route
[17:55:12] <Jon Hudson> (Y)
[17:55:50] <akatlas> k
[17:56:16] <akatlas> but you can nominate a person to eat your cake for you ;-)
[17:56:19] <Jon Hudson> excellent =)
[17:58:58] <meetecho> Is the session over?
[17:59:12] <Jon Hudson> nope, just breaking for Cake
[17:59:19] <meetecho> Ack, thx! :D
[17:59:27] <akatlas> no - not quite - Donald has a bit of a presentationo
[17:59:32] <akatlas> we are just getting cake first
[18:00:13] <meetecho> Thx for the clarification! We saw people leaving but the laptop still projecting and we were confused :)
[18:03:13] <akatlas> meetecho - no concerns - our only issues are a slight excess of cake (available for anyone who "needed" to check in on how things are going).
[18:03:36] <meetecho> :D
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[18:19:45] <Jon Hudson> THANK YOU DONALD FOR EVERYTHING!!!
[18:19:47] <akatlas> that's a wrap
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[18:22:08] <Jon Hudson>
[18:22:33] <Jon Hudson>
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