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[20:13:49] <Michael Richardson_web_800> like a document shepherd?
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[20:21:46] <Carsten Bormann_web_798> We can offer more than one view to a document
[20:27:08] <Michael Richardson_web_800> We have to point to the metadata for the clients that does not evaluate javascript.
[20:27:16] <Alice Russo_web_302> To clarify: HTML for RFCs of the v3 era does use javascript to put the header at the top. Google Scholar indexing.
[20:27:26] <Michael Richardson_web_800> robots, etc.
[20:37:41] <Greg Wood_web_912> I think having analytics data as an input item to the other workshops would be good
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[20:57:37] <Russ Housley_web_144> I need to drop.  Thanks for the conversation.
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[20:59:26] <Carsten Bormann_web_798> !
[21:00:19] <Jay Daley_web_313> We can talk to Meetecho about accessing the separate elements of a session
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