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[18:03:09] <Alexey Melnikov_web_482> I might be cooking dinner in background at some point…
[18:04:20] <Michael Richardson_web_306> please post URL.
[18:04:23] <Robert Sparks_web_259>
[18:04:25] <Greg Wood_web_575> thanks!
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[18:09:16] <John Levine_web_293> It says all video slots are taken
[18:09:32] <Alexey Melnikov_web_482> Yes, I think 9 is maximum
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[18:13:41] <Lars Eggert_web_285> Do we have another session for this workshop tomorrow? I have one in my calendar, but the IETF cal feed only shows today.
[18:15:09] <Greg Wood_web_575> FYI, I've stopped video to allow someone more directly involved in the convo to join
[18:16:31] <John Levine_web_293> Jay has his hand up
[18:16:50] <Alexey Melnikov_web_482> I will drop off for Jay
[18:24:34] <John Levine_web_293> I would find it useful
[18:25:22] <Alexey Melnikov_web_482> Pause as in discard
[18:26:14] <John Levine_web_293> yes, pause as in discard
[18:26:40] <Alexey Melnikov_web_482> You can get this from IMAP
[18:26:45] <Rich Salz_web_775> i'll drop video so someone else can join.
[18:26:57] <Alexey Melnikov_web_482> IMAP can let you search between 2 dates
[18:29:18] <Alexey Melnikov_web_482> Lots of reason to move to Mailman 3 and some side benefits.
[18:34:58] <Alexey Melnikov_web_482> Sounds perfect. Try some list and then move everybody over when deemed to be stable.
[18:35:18] <Rich Salz_web_775> yeah, but it's missing minor things like archiving, etc. right now
[18:36:08] <Alexey Melnikov_web_482> My understanding is that we will not be using Mailman 3 archiving anyway
[18:37:22] <Rich Salz_web_775> right, poor example on my part.
[18:42:48] <Carsten Bormann_web_511> Looking at DMARC, but not SPF
[18:47:37] <Michael Richardson_web_306> be back in a few minutes.
[18:50:06] <Alexey Melnikov_web_482> John’s proposal is sensible
[18:52:00] <Murray Kucherawy_web_495> This is the thread from September where I asked on the DMARC list what results may exist from the ARC experiment:
[18:52:07] <Murray Kucherawy_web_495> I'll ask for any updates since it's been a few months now.
[18:52:47] <Rich Salz_web_775> +1 to having money to offer mm3 folks, either ours and/or icann's.
[18:54:07] <Murray Kucherawy_web_495> Will drop off in five minutes.
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[19:02:04] <Michael Richardson_web_306>  says three times.
[19:02:40] <Michael Richardson_web_306> The tool I want it to rate limit in general.
[19:06:59] <Carsten Bormann_web_511> Sending stale messages into a hot discussion is worse than pouring oil
[19:09:51] <Carsten Bormann_web_511> Are we going to discuss bounce processing?
[19:10:09] <John Levine_web_293> mailman is supposed to do that
[19:10:50] <Carsten Bormann_web_511> JohnL: Sure, you happy with the way it does?
[19:11:07] <John Levine_web_293> dunno, my mail doesn't usually bounce
[19:11:39] <Carsten Bormann_web_511> The problem is the herd of cats whose mail admins random break their incoming mail.
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[19:15:20] <Michael Richardson_web_306> Would we update the RFCfoo alias when people updated their email address in the DT?
[19:18:07] <Carsten Bormann_web_511> Is it the authors that are representing an RFC in the long run?
[19:19:41] <Jay Daley_web_595> brb
[19:24:13] <Greg Wood_web_575> dropping off. thanks.
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[19:27:35] <Rich Salz_web_775> i found this interesting and useful.  hope the folks who will be doing the work agree :)  gotta run.  happy holidays
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[19:32:40] <John Levine_web_293> Apropos postfix alias tables, underneath they are Berkeley DB which easily handles multimegabyte databases. So alias away.
[19:37:50] <Carsten Bormann_web_511> The employees don't, either.
[19:38:10] <John Levine_web_293> Gonzalo has fought with Ericsson about this, no luck
[19:38:23] <Carsten Bormann_web_511> A lot more Ericsson people have
[19:40:31] <Alexey Melnikov_web_124> I will attend
[19:40:40] <Alexey Melnikov_web_124> The format is fine
[19:41:04] <Alexey Melnikov_web_124> I liked Jay’s UI proposal
[19:52:39] <Alexey Melnikov_web_124> It was useful :-)
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[19:52:54] <Alexey Melnikov_web_124> Bye all
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