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[22:13:33] <danny> hi tal
[22:13:57] <talmizrahi> Hi Danny
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[22:16:14] <danny> I asked Karen about getting the extension field clarification document adopted as a WG doc
[22:16:32] <Laurent Montini> Hi all
[22:16:46] <> howdy...
[22:17:19] <danny> you are the only person I don't recognize. Hi!
[22:18:25] <> Is the audio up yet?  I was hearing things an hour ago, but nothing now.
[22:18:37] <danny> yesa
[22:18:40] <talmizrahi> sounds like a lot of background noise
[22:18:42] <talmizrahi> but seems to work
[22:18:56] <danny> it's leftover from the previous meeting
[22:19:02] <danny> isis
[22:19:12] <> I hear on VLC, not iTunes
[22:19:21] <danny> that's karen
[22:20:02] <> that's not karen on GeorgiaA
[22:20:41] <danny> a minute or ago
[22:20:56] <> 'k - I'm hearing background chatter now.
[22:21:02] <danny> good
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[22:21:30] <> that was Karen
[22:21:55] <Laurent Montini> definitively Karen
[22:22:00] <Laurent Montini> and Yaakov
[22:22:18] <danny> yes
[22:22:39] <danny> tal, you stayed home?
[22:23:10] <talmizrahi> Afraid so
[22:23:28] <talmizrahi> middle of the night now...
[22:23:45] <danny> :) I know
[22:25:20] <> This is probably a great time to visit Vancouver.  Compared to the middle of summer or winter...
[22:25:35] Stewart Bryant joins the room
[22:26:01] <danny> Hi Stewart
[22:26:23] <Laurent Montini> hello stbryant
[22:26:34] <Stewart Bryant> hi - can someone give me a heads up when mpls is about to start - thanks
[22:26:52] <> I can barely make out anything on the audio.
[22:27:22] <danny> nothing interesting right now
[22:27:22] <Laurent Montini> means you're not in the room Stewart?
[22:27:42] <Stewart Bryant> - I am in KARP
[22:27:53] Karen O'Donoghue joins the room
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[22:28:17] <Karen O'Donoghue> hi all… we are starting in a second…
[22:28:27] <> hey Karen
[22:28:28] <danny> hi Karen, we've been evedropping on you
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[22:30:56] <> I trust nobody is speaking into a microphone...
[22:31:20] <> much better
[22:33:23] <danny> mode 6 packets?
[22:33:54] <Brian Haberman> @danny: yes, the ntpv4-control draft is documenting the mode 6 messages.
[22:34:45] Karen O'Donoghue joins the room
[22:35:31] <Karen O'Donoghue> Dieter starting on the Network Time Security presentation
[22:36:28] <> very hard to hear...
[22:37:03] <danny> clear for me
[22:37:23] <> very quiet for me
[22:37:35] <Karen O'Donoghue> was I quiet as well or just Dieter
[22:37:46] <> I heard you easier Karen
[22:44:02] <> I hear this person fine
[22:44:19] <Karen O'Donoghue> Dieter is very soft spoken
[22:45:53] <danny> interesting vquestion though
[22:47:19] <danny> stratum shouldn't matter for autokey
[22:48:08] <danny> each NTP server needs to be authenticated separately
[22:48:43] <> I hear nothing now
[22:48:51] <> I hear karen
[22:51:36] <Karen O'Donoghue> on 1588 update agenda item
[22:51:57] Stewart Bryant leaves the room
[22:53:55] <danny> unfortunately the slides are not available
[22:54:12] <Karen O'Donoghue> they should be on the materials website
[22:54:24] <talmizrahi>
[22:56:24] <Karen O'Donoghue>
[22:56:32] <Karen O'Donoghue> ah… Tal was faster on a link…
[23:04:43] <Laurent Montini> stewart mpls discussion started
[23:05:21] <Brian Haberman> @laurent: Stewart is already in the room.
[23:05:42] <Laurent Montini> thx ; he was in KART when I asked :)
[23:10:41] <talmizrahi> Slide 4: "backward compatible" is a bit confusing to me.
New timestamp format requires changing existing silicons.
[23:11:16] <Karen O'Donoghue> i'll ask in a moment
[23:12:23] <danny> is  that stewart?
[23:12:58] <Brian Haberman> Yes, it is Stewart.
[23:20:33] <talmizrahi> Question: if you are suggesting a dedicated G-ACh <Channel Type> to identify PTP messages, why is the <scratch pad> field necessary? Let the LSR modify the PTP <correction field> directly.
[23:33:08] <> I have no opinion on that on Karen - I just don't know enough about the situation.
[23:33:22] <Karen O'Donoghue> ok… thanks…
[23:33:31] <Laurent Montini> ITU-T did not yet work on TC
[23:44:26] <> experimental
[23:44:58] <Laurent Montini> exp
[23:45:07] <talmizrahi> experimental
[23:45:47] <Laurent Montini> 3 on jabber
[23:46:59] <danny> slide reference?
[23:47:31] <talmizrahi>
[23:47:40] <> thx...
[23:48:02] <Karen O'Donoghue> slide 3
[23:52:13] <> I'd like to correspond with Mike and Nalini...
[23:52:47] <danny> Is this an alternative to NTP?
[23:53:15] <> I don;'t think so - I think they're measuring things using ntp- or ptp-sync'd boxes
[23:53:21] <Brian Haberman> @danny: No, there has been questions raised on their solution actually providing the needed resolution for time sync.
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[23:53:55] <Brian Haberman> Meeting adjourned.
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[23:54:11] <danny> I'm confused by what they need to do. I'll need to read their draft
[23:54:24] <> thanks, Karen!
[23:54:30] <talmizrahi> Good night
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[23:54:36] <> take care, Tal
[23:54:41] <danny> time to get up?
[23:55:05] Karen O'Donoghue leaves the room
[23:55:23] <> :) time for me to dig back in… - later!
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