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[17:55:23] <talmizrahi> TICTOC Meeting IETF 85
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[17:59:10] <danny> Hi Tal
[17:59:34] <talmizrahi> Hello!
[18:00:03] <danny> Sorry I am still working on the Extensions draft.
[18:00:16] <danny> a personal emergency came up
[18:00:49] <talmizrahi> that's okay...
[18:01:21] <danny> are you in Atlanta or at home?
[18:01:47] <talmizrahi> I am at home
[18:01:53] <talmizrahi> I am the jabber scriber
[18:02:03] <talmizrahi> although it is just the two of us at this point...
[18:02:12] <talmizrahi> I am at Atlanta, that is
[18:02:57] <talmizrahi> feels like home, though
[18:03:49] <danny> yes
[18:04:05] <talmizrahi> great
[18:04:20] <danny> :)
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[18:06:27] <talmizrahi> Agenda slides
[18:06:29] <talmizrahi>
[18:07:05] <talmizrahi> Slide 3 - agenda
[18:07:12] <Karen O'Donoghue> hi danny!
[18:07:16] <danny> hey!
[18:08:18] <talmizrahi> Slide 4
[18:09:23] <talmizrahi> Slide 5 - WG Status
[18:14:27] <talmizrahi> ITU Update
[18:14:29] <talmizrahi>
[18:23:57] <talmizrahi> Pat Thaler at the mic
[18:26:05] <talmizrahi> 1588 update by Karen
[18:26:28] <talmizrahi> The IEEE 1588 PAR is going to be revisited
[18:35:46] <talmizrahi> 1588 over MPLS
[18:35:48] <talmizrahi>
[18:37:03] <talmizrahi> Slide 3
[18:37:32] <talmizrahi> Slide 4
[18:41:58] <talmizrahi> Slide 7
[18:44:20] <talmizrahi> 1588 MIB presentation
[18:45:14] <talmizrahi> (presentation not available online yet)
[19:01:35] <Karen O'Donoghue> tal's security requirements
[19:01:59] <Karen O'Donoghue>
[19:09:55] <danny> I guess I should read it!
[19:10:27] <talmizrahi> Thanks Danny
[19:10:28] <danny> :)
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[19:28:21] <Karen O'Donoghue> are you still there danny?
[19:28:27] <Karen O'Donoghue> tal is having jabber issues
[19:29:21] <danny> yes
[19:29:46] <danny> just feeling very sleepy!
[19:32:33] <Karen O'Donoghue> you should be sitting in this hot room… after pizza for lunch...
[19:45:07] <danny> can't the paths constantly vary?
[19:45:53] <Karen O'Donoghue> I'll ask at the end
[19:49:19] <Karen O'Donoghue> dieter on autokey… can you hear him?
[19:49:25] <danny> yep
[19:49:40] <Karen O'Donoghue> great…
[19:49:45] <danny> I'm more awake now that we are off MIB's
[20:01:04] <Karen O'Donoghue> I need to follow up with you and Danny and Dave mills if possible on the last two drafts
[20:01:09] <danny> I don't like the hack but I don't yet have an alternarive
[20:02:01] <danny> we can also do an -bis update
[20:02:41] <danny> I think there is more to be done than just issue an erratum
[20:02:49] <danny> there are changes necessary
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