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[11:50:47] <Nancy Cam-Winget_web_154> Good morning!
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[11:51:26] <Akira Tsukamoto_web_551> good day
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[11:52:12] <Akira Tsukamoto_web_551> I hear you
[11:52:15] <Tsukasa OI_web_342> I can hear you :)
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[11:57:51] <Hannes Tschofenig_web_541> Hi all
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[12:00:16] <Robin Wilton_web_627> Hi everyone
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[12:00:55] <Robin Wilton_web_627> I can take notes
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[12:01:57] <Dave Thaler_web_165> do we have anyone talking about the SUIT interaction issues?
[12:02:12] <akira.tsukamoto> I will in my talk
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[12:03:23] <Robin Wilton_web_305> Yes, slides flickering for me too, intermittently
[12:03:25] <> We've had some people report blinking slides in other sessions as well
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[12:14:04] <Hannes Tschofenig_web_541> I have focused on the security implementation of the TEEP protocol. I put some hackathon slides together:
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[12:14:35] <Kohei Isobe_web_880> (off topic) In this hackathon, we used wireguard as VPN. that's very easy and comfort to connect each participants.
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[12:20:49] <Dave Thaler_web_165> Brendan has the suit manifest generator been updated to allow delete somehow yet?
[12:22:05] <Brendan Moran_web_765> No, the specifics haven't been agreed with the suit wg yet. I want to at least have a discussion before I go implement it.
[12:24:36] <> This scenario where a TC binary has device-specific ("serial number")
information in it, and is to be distributed by an independent TAM,
makes me wonder about privacy considerations where TAM and TC vendor
have to collaborate to "track users (or devices)"
[12:25:04] <Brendan Moran_web_765> There's a mechanism in SUIT for encrypted manifests to deal with that issue.
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[12:28:49] <Rich Salz_web_186> Brendan, that should end up in the security considerations of some document.
[12:29:43] <Hannes Tschofenig_web_541> I was wondering whether this information should go into the TEEP document, SUIT manifest document, or in both
[12:30:11] <Hannes Tschofenig_web_541> I hope the SUIT chairs give me a few minutes during the SUIT WG session to talk about the topic of firmware encryption
[12:30:34] <Rich Salz_web_186> +1!
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[12:31:11] <Brendan Moran_web_765> Rich, I believe it's covered in the Information Model, which is a giant security considerations document.
[12:31:26] <Rich Salz_web_186> thanks.  time to re-read that.
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[12:32:47] <Dave Thaler_web_154> hannes/chairs, are you presenting your teep related stuff right after Akira?
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[12:33:11] <> Rich: note that suit-information-model is approved by the IESG pending
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[12:34:00] <Nancy Cam-Winget_web_154> @Dave: Hannes isn't presenting after Akira (in TEEP)
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[12:34:18] <Dave Thaler_web_154> should he? (we have time, yes?)
[12:34:26] <Nancy Cam-Winget_web_154> Yes we have time
[12:35:14] <Rich Salz_web_186> thanks ben.  i was less interested in changing the info-model doc and more about if it's necessary to add things to the other docs
[12:35:23] <Brendan Moran_web_765> @rich:
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[12:39:53] <Dave Thaler_web_154> most are open source in github
[12:40:10] <Dave Thaler_web_154> links were in the 109 hackathon report I think?
[12:40:22] <Tsukasa OI_web_342> tamproto:
[12:40:27] <Dave Thaler_web_154> mine (Microsoft) are
[12:40:34] <Daniel Migault_web_311> maybe sharing the links on the mailing list would be helpful.
[12:40:42] <Dave Thaler_web_154> URL changed since last meeting (I renamed the repo from OTrP to deep)
[12:40:44] <Dave Thaler_web_154> teep
[12:41:09] <Kohei Isobe_web_880> libteep
[12:42:42] <Thomas Fossati_web_881> thanks!
[12:42:59] <Rich Salz_web_186> The doc is much shorter than I was worried about, thanks @Brendan
[12:43:03] <Rich Salz_web_186> :)
[12:43:34] <Brendan Moran_web_765> You bet! :)
[12:43:48] <Daniel Migault_web_311>
[12:45:21] <Tsukasa OI_web_342> Now it's working.
[12:48:12] <> I can't point to why, but I assumed that the COSE spec was intended to
be something that you only pick a subset of to use
[12:48:16] <Dave Thaler_web_154> hannes: so you didn't find anything that needs changes to any TEEP draft, correct? just want to confirm
[12:48:51] <Dave Thaler_web_154> (I agree this is important to TEEP, e.g., for personalization data)
[12:51:05] <Jim Reid_web_434> I thought the TLS WG planned  deprecate static DH?
[12:51:51] <> TLS is a "live" protocol, though -- COSE is asynchronous so you always
have at least one static DH share
[12:53:43] <Jim Reid_web_434> OK. Thanks Ben
[12:53:54] <> I think Hannes was not the only one confused about what *exactly* that
presentation was proposing to do :)
[12:54:01] <Dave Thaler_web_154> seeing a black screen projected
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[12:54:22] <Brendan Moran_web_765> +1 for static DH in SUIT
[12:54:29] <Jim Reid_web_434> Indeed. I'm still confused...
[12:55:06] <Hannes Tschofenig_web_541> I think the folks giving the presentation to the TLS WG need to offer a clarification about what they want to rule out and why
[12:55:07] <> Part of the problem with static DH in TLS is that it's only defined
for pre-TLS-1.3, and in the older protocol versions the protocol spec
requires that you strip leading zeros from the shared secret.  This
leads to a side-channel attack (the "racoon" named attack,
specifically) which is the immediate impetus for the TLS proposal
[12:55:28] <> I think there has been some amount of clarification ongoing on the TLS
[12:55:40] <Hannes Tschofenig_web_541> Ok. I need to check the list.
[12:56:13] <> (but further clarification may still be required; I'm not fully caught
up, either)
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[13:05:14] <Russ Housley_web_485> Why did you make the issuer "joe"?  Clearly, it should be "dave"  ;-)
[13:05:24] <> This discussion of when to add new error code values echos what we had
in LAKE yesterday :)
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[13:08:22] <> Removing the IANA registry forces us to be the custodian of any new
protocol work, which is maybe okay but maybe risks codepoint
squatting.  A specification-required policy with strong guidance to
the experts might be worth considering.
[13:09:58] <Daniel Migault_web_311> which I interpret as the expert needs to maintain a private registry.
[13:10:36] <Daniel Migault_web_311> private meaning non public.
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[13:13:58] <> I am not sure there would even be experts in the proposed scenario?
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[13:18:47] <> I would have expected KMAC to be the more popular non-HMAC MAC, rather
than GMAC :)
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[13:20:34] <Brendan Moran_web_765> What about CMAC?
[13:20:46] <Jonathan Hammell_web_951> What is the MAC used for?  The protocol draft discusses COSE_Sign1, but I don't see any reference to use of a MAC.
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[13:23:53] <> Brendan: CMAC lacks the "new and shiny" factor that makes things
trendy :)
[13:24:25] <Russ Housley_web_485> @ben, I thought that was SHAKE
[13:25:02] <Daniel Migault_web_311> I think though CMAC is used in SGX.
[13:25:11] <Brendan Moran_web_765> Ah, makes sense. For me, CMAC has the "I needed that AES engine anyway" that makes it small and therefore "IoT shiny" ;)
[13:26:04] <> Dave and Russ said it correctly
[13:27:19] <Brendan Moran_web_765> If it becomes unconstrained, it probably needs an entry in the security considerations detailing how much it exposes personal information.
[13:28:25] <> Back to the "where the MAC is used" question, it looks like TEEP
messages are effectively COSE_Sign1 objects; COSE_Sign1 can be done
with either a proper asymmetric signature or a symmetric-keyed MAC.
[13:28:45] <Brendan Moran_web_765> @dave: +1
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[13:31:54] <Jonathan Hammell_web_951> @Ben, COSE has a separate COSE_Mac0 message.  I've never seen a MAC used in COSE_Sign1, but I may be missing something.
[13:32:11] <Brendan Moran_web_765> @dave +1
[13:32:22] <Hannes Tschofenig_web_541> Makes sense to me
[13:32:38] <Sorin Faibish_web_800> +1
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[13:33:12] <akira.tsukamoto> +1 was late
[13:34:07] <> Jonathan: ah, good point.  I must be thinking of JWT...
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[13:36:04] <mcr> not following TEEP well, of the three suggested freshness methods that RATS architecture elucidates, which one will TEEP use?... or maybe Dave is getting to that.
[13:40:18] <Göran Selander_web_139> What if Receiver encrypts a timestamp (for itself) and use as nonce? Would only require it to store a key.
[13:40:41] <Göran Selander_web_139> And keep the time
[13:41:00] <Akira Tsukamoto_web_551> Probably Dave is explaining three methods for deciding which to use in teep
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[13:41:39] <Göran Selander_web_139> @Akira What I wrote would be method 2
[13:41:44] <Brendan Moran_web_765> @Göran: it turns out that keeping time in a hostile environment is tricky.
[13:42:14] <Göran Selander_web_139> @Brendan: The Receiver only needs to keep its own time
[13:42:36] <Daniel Migault_web_311> how much an additional round trip is unconvenient for attestation ?
[13:42:51] <> > keeping time in a hostile environment is tricky
True, though we seem to be making progress on that front with NTS and
some of the distributed stuff that I'm forgetting the name of
[13:43:46] <Brendan Moran_web_765> @ben, Yes I agree. I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that network time sync is probably more reliable than a local clock when under active physical attack
[13:45:07] <Daniel Migault_web_311> @dave thanks.
[13:45:17] <Thomas Fossati_web_881> @dave with regards to nonce and scalability, I guess you could make it a verifier problem rather than TAM's
[13:45:51] <Kohei Isobe_web_880> Can TAM work as handle distributor?
[13:46:33] <mcr> ps: RATS will change the term "handle" to ... probably "epoch identifier"
[13:46:48] <mcr> to avoid conflicting terminology with something else that Russ mentioned.
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[13:47:56] <Kohei Isobe_web_880> @dave thanks
[13:48:36] <Hannes Tschofenig_web_541> The nonce was added in the TEEP protocol to support the RATS case
[13:48:43] <mcr> I think, if you have to unicast epoch IDs to TEEs, that you might as well use nonces.  I agree with Goran: they could be made stateless from the Verifier point of view.
[13:48:50] <Hannes Tschofenig_web_541> So, I think we should just use whatever RATS does
[13:49:24] <Hannes Tschofenig_web_541> But the RATS architecture discusses the stories on how to want to demonstrate liveness of their tokens
[13:49:24] <Daniel Migault_web_311> which is the one you prefer ?
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[13:49:43] <mcr> I think of epoch IDs, as being something that arrive via satellite/GPS/or some other truly broadcast method.
[13:49:49] <akira.tsukamoto> tough choice
[13:49:53] <Sorin Faibish_web_800> I prefer the epoch for scalability reason.
[13:50:53] <Daniel Migault_web_311> @ dave thinks.
[13:51:28] <Brendan Moran_web_765> Epoch IDs raise some interesting security considerations with onpath attackers delaying delivery
[13:51:51] <mcr> but, based upon my understanding of your protocol, I don't know how you'd broadcast them.
[13:51:55] <Robin Wilton_web_557> @Dave did you see Goran's question/suggestion about using a timestamp as a nonce?
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[13:52:23] <Thomas Fossati_web_881> see
[13:53:04] <Brendan Moran_web_765> As an on-path attacker, you can also slow down a particular verifier, which causes some other interesting attacks.
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[13:53:33] <> There may also be some operational considerations with epoch IDs if
you end up for some reason needing to wait for the epoch duration in
order to ensure that some change is visible
[13:53:57] <mcr> @Brendan, that sounds like an agile story, "As on on-path attacker, I want to slow down a particular verifier"
[13:54:12] <Brendan Moran_web_765> @mcr: how many story points?
[13:54:38] <mcr> e^(i* pi/2)
[13:55:04] <Brendan Moran_web_765> I can't imagine what you mean ;)
[13:55:07] <akira.tsukamoto> maybe we need reasonable example of epoch, some people think it would be 1 minutes, and some people might be 1 week
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[13:58:51] <akira.tsukamoto> +1 for keeping seperate
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[14:01:30] <Hannes Tschofenig_web_541> Was a good session.
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[14:01:39] <Hannes Tschofenig_web_541> Bye
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[14:01:41] <Robin Wilton_web_557> Thanks Nancy!
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[14:01:42] <Thomas Fossati_web_881> cheer!
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[14:01:46] <Kohei Isobe_web_880> thanks all
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