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[14:15:24] <Hannes Tschofenig_web_628> Hi all
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[14:17:23] <Akira Tsukamoto_web_361> HI
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[14:26:16] <Brendan Moran_web_246> Hi
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[14:27:06] <Adam Wiethuechter_web_189> Nyanpasu!
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[14:29:07] <mcr> I can be jabber scribe.
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[14:30:33] <Roman Danyliw_web_111> @hannes.  I'm here in the jabber and can help too.
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[14:34:05] <Roman Danyliw_web_111> "XXX-2022  Decide with RATS WG on where the 'set of claims for attesting to firmware update status' document should be produced"
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[14:36:46] <mcr> March 2022 is okay as a deadline, but it seems like we should have a plan to have a better conversation beforehand.
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[14:39:32] <Henk Birkholz_web_134> +1 for a combined meeting, for Ian claims
[14:39:47] <Ira McDonald_web_647> I suggest the profile belongs in SUIT WG and NOT in RATS WG - agree w/ Brendan
[14:39:52] <mcr> @Brendon, that's why the joint meeting.
[14:40:20] <Henk Birkholz_web_134> Iana & and suit claims are related, but is a discussion topic
[14:41:06] <Henk Birkholz_web_134> dyac... iana
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[14:43:26] <Roman Danyliw_web_111> Given that we're still talking about it @mcr's approach seems right to resolve this issue -- it's describing the process to decide.  The milestone I'm pushing is to ensure we have a marker for when we need to conclude the process.
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[14:44:23] <Roman Danyliw_web_111> @Waltermire -- I don't think this will be resolved during Friday's meeting.  The agenda is quite full.
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[14:47:38] <Roman Danyliw_web_111> I added the discussed coordination milestone to the draft charter, and sent it off to the Secretariat for scheduling for the next available IESG telechat.
[14:47:50] <Henk Birkholz_web_134> +1 f2f hackathons
[14:48:22] <cabo>
[14:48:41] <Brendan Moran_web_246> +1 for f2f hackathons === dedicated time
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[14:49:16] <Koen> Same here, it is a bit easier to clear the agenda for a f2f hackathon
[14:49:51] <Akira Tsukamoto_web_361>
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[14:53:20] <Ira McDonald_web_647> BTW - RATS on Friday collides w/ SAAG and SecDispatch - major conflict
[14:53:35] <Hannes Tschofenig_web_628> Oops
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[14:54:29] <Ira McDonald_web_647> My mistake - RATS on Friday collides w/ ASDF and NTP (both of which are more important to me)
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[14:55:26] <mcr> Yeah, Ira, it's an ongoing problem... best solved by doing more virtual interims in my opinion.
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[14:57:36] <Ira McDonald_web_647> Agree with MCR - more virtual interims in many IETF WGs would help - even in physical IETF meetings, the collisions are severe.
[14:58:19] <Hannes Tschofenig_web_628> That's what we do in OAuth
[14:59:57] <Ira McDonald_web_647> crypto agility w/out hardware acceleration updates (*hard*) is of dubious value
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[15:04:35] <Hannes Tschofenig_web_628> Don't understand Michael
[15:04:39] <cabo> Mcr: too quiet
[15:04:52] <cabo> Half of your syllables are under VAD threshold
[15:05:58] <mcr> sorry for my bad audio.
[15:06:14] <mcr> My mic was on my forehead.
[15:06:51] <mcr> I said that the manufacturer is ultimately going to decide and the device can only validate things that it has trust anchors for.
[15:07:03] <mcr> (should I return to the mic?)
[15:09:15] <mcr> I agree strongly with Dave Thaler.
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[15:14:11] <Dave Thaler_web_949> capability negotiation is useful for the countersigner in my example
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[15:15:05] <mcr> Yes, it's about quantum resistance.
[15:15:28] <mcr> And the observation that HSS-LMS may actually take less code and run faster in the end. but, harder to implement for author, because immature tooling.
[15:15:30] <Ira McDonald_web_647> Possibly a dumb question, but why ECDSA rather than EdDSA (which ITS IEEE 1609 systems are shifting to)?
[15:15:41] <mcr> Ira, because of hardware offloads available.
[15:16:02] <David Brown_web_180> I have some vague memory of PSA requiring RSA3072.
[15:16:08] <mcr> EdDSA could become a SHOULD in the future, and in IPsec terms, I'd make EdDSA a MAY+
[15:17:09] <mcr> Please someone come up with a nice way to say HSS-LMS. (HiSS-LaMiSs...)
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[15:17:32] <Brendan Moran_web_246> Only in Python...Hisss...
[15:17:51] <mcr> Parsetongue.
[15:17:56] <mcr> Parseltongue.
[15:18:03] <Brendan Moran_web_246> Parsertongue?
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[15:19:07] mcr begins to re-interpret Harry Potter world as being some kind of post-quantum distopia, where PQC calculations are done by snakes.
[15:19:23] <Roman Danyliw_web_111> The initial review of the new SUIT chartered is scheduled for the 2021-12-02 IESG telechat
[15:19:45] <Dave Thaler_web_949> thanks Severable Snape
[15:20:41] <mcr> 0xA5 has high number of bit reversals.
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[15:27:45] <Brendan Moran_web_246> "Severable Snape" :ok_hand: that was golden
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[15:28:54] <Ira McDonald_web_647> These docs should be WG adopted - YES
[15:28:56] <mcr> draft-ietf-rats?
[15:29:18] <Ken Takayama_web_831> I'm maintaining libcsuit which partially support multiple manifest processors(dependency). It will also support integrated dependencies soon.
[15:29:31] <mcr> I don't object, please adopt them directly as they are split out.
[15:29:37] <Brendan Moran_web_246> @ken: Awesome!
[15:29:51] <mcr> (Thank you for asking for objections. We don't need an adoption call)
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[15:31:21] <Hannes Tschofenig_web_628> Bye
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