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[12:52:06] RjS has set the subject to: foo
[12:52:17] RjS has set the subject to: STIR at IETF 108
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[14:06:49] <jon-ietf> is my audio audible
[14:07:11] <RjS> I am having media problems though...
[14:07:44] <Adam Roach> We can hear and see you!
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[14:10:34] <Adam Roach> I can take that
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[14:12:01] <Murray Kucherawy> Trouble, reporting for duty.
[14:12:17] <Russ Housley> Welocme!
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[14:17:49] <RjS> the slides _did_ get uploaded
[14:18:06] <RjS> don't know what happened in my combined deck
[14:18:28] Sanjay Mishra joins the room
[14:18:29] <Ben Campbell> not all slides in datatracker are showing up on materials tab in meetecho
[14:18:47] Chris Wendt leaves the room
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[14:19:54] <alex-meetecho> Ben Campbell: yes, sorry about that. We retrieved the materials too early. Already fixed for the next time
[14:20:56] <Mike Jones> Thanks for addressing the JWT registration comments!
[14:28:10] <Adam Roach> +1
[14:28:15] <Seth Blank> +1
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[14:30:22] <jon-ietf> no mike
[14:30:29] <jon-ietf> err, np mike, even
[14:32:48] <Jean Mahoney> who was at the mic asking about shepherding?
[14:32:57] <Seth Blank> Murray
[14:38:49] <jon-ietf> ready for wglc
[14:38:53] <Ben Campbell> +1
[14:38:57] <Brian Rosen> yeah, ready
[14:39:02] <Subir Das> +1
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[14:47:23] <jon-ietf> cool
[14:47:27] <jon-ietf> we'll send something to the sipcore list
[14:47:47] <jon-ietf> <---
[14:52:16] <Ben Campbell> JDR: IP-NNI has discussed that issue a lot. Many axles wrapped.
[14:52:31] <Meetecho> About sharing applications, all we do is call getDisplayMedia(), a browser API part of the WebRTC specification: this then shows a browser-specific dialog (which we don't control nor have access to). Once you choose what to share, we get a MediaStream object, which basically is a reference to the video stream the browser will capture for us
[14:52:48] <Meetecho> If some applications are missing, this is between browser and OS
[14:52:51] <RjS> i have a handle on whats happening now - will write it up
[14:53:17] <RjS> short answer is a surprising effect of having preview in slideshow mode
[14:53:55] <Adam Roach> Oh, does it create a new window?
[14:54:06] <Adam Roach> That's what Powerpoint does, and it's very confusing.
[14:54:09] <RjS> no - worse than that
[14:54:41] <RjS> it hides many other windows (not just its own) from the above mentioned api
[14:54:48] <Adam Roach> Wow
[14:56:59] <Brian Rosen> I'm here, was not looking at the right window to enable media
[14:57:18] <RjS> ok - will shift back to you in a moment
[14:57:54] <RjS> we have time I think :)
[14:58:06] <Brian Rosen> hah!
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[15:03:06] <RjS> huh - chris shows in the queue still for me (and not as sending media, which he obviously is(
[15:03:37] <Seth Blank> same
[15:03:46] <Jonathan Lennox> I think he's in the queue for video
[15:04:03] Norbert IV leaves the room
[15:04:15] <Seth Blank> when that happens, it shows audio sending media and video in queue
[15:04:29] <Adam Roach> What I think has probably happened is that he's in the queue, and is using the "grab the mic" button (on the right) to send into the conference.
[15:05:58] <Meetecho> If a participant is sending something already, but in queue for others, they'll just appear in the queue in the participants list
[15:06:03] <Meetecho> Apologies if this is confusing
[15:06:13] <Meetecho> The status of their icons should tell what they're currently sending
[15:06:33] <Seth Blank> it is super confusing ;-) couldn't tell who was speaking without paying really close attention and then guessing
[15:06:50] <Seth Blank> if anyone else was in queue, it would've been worse
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[15:10:11] <Chris Wendt> @RjS i think i requested video and audio, and only audio was enabled, so as i was talking i clicked away the video
[15:12:59] <jon-ietf> anyone?
[15:13:01] <Seth Blank> No objection. This sounds valuable.
[15:15:59] Cullen Jennings_602 joins the room
[15:16:53] <Jonathan Lennox> I see a 0 kbps video stream from Brian, but I hear him fine
[15:17:02] <jon-ietf> heh
[15:23:27] <Ben Campbell> Yay, messaging!
[15:23:47] <Brian Rosen> Is there actually a use case for send video but don't send audio?
[15:23:54] <Marc Petit-Huguenin> Thumbs up for both connected identity and messaging
[15:24:12] <Meetecho> Brian Rosen: it'sbeen used often by chairs, to do video while others were presenting
[15:24:32] <Meetecho> Used very often when there were remote chairs in f2f meetings in the past, but I've seen several occurrences here too
[15:24:34] <RjS> brian - yeah - people in a back-forth seeing each other, but muting when they aren't talking
[15:25:09] <Brian Rosen> I see too many people, including me, not doing both when that's what they wanted
[15:25:33] <Meetecho> Brian Rosen: we tried to make the process clear both in the PDF documentation, and in a video tutorial I recorded last week
[15:25:43] <Jonathan Lennox> Yeah, there's a use case for it but the current UI ends you up in in much more often than desired
[15:25:47] <Meetecho> Apologies if this is still confusing, feedback for improving things
[15:26:20] <Brian Rosen> oh yeah, if I think clearly and remember the info I read, sure. but in the moment, it's too common a mistake
[15:26:26] <Ben Campbell> + 1 on messaging. +1 for connected identity if we don't block anything on it.
[15:26:59] <Meetecho> Brian Rosen: ack, it's part of what we plan to improve
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[15:27:34] <Brian Rosen> +1 messaging
[15:28:00] <Ben Campbell> I think sipbrandy depends on trickle-ice, not the other way around.
[15:28:45] <Brian Rosen> need MSRP + SIP MESSAGE
[15:29:07] <Ben Campbell> MSRP already recommends dtls-srtp
[15:29:40] <Brian Rosen> sure, but who am I really talking to?
[15:29:49] <jon-ietf> yeah that's the point
[15:29:55] Murray Kucherawy leaves the room
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[15:29:57] <jon-ietf> you need sipbrandy basically to negotiate that
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[15:30:02] <Seth Blank> thanks!
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[15:30:26] <jon-ietf> thanks all
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