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Adam Roach has set the subject to: STIR at IETF 103
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[08:03:12] <Janet Gunn> secondary audio being transmittd
[08:03:28] <Sean Turner> I am the jabber scribe so if you want anything said at the mic please proceed your comment with "MIC:"
[08:04:03] <Janet Gunn> please turn off the secondary audio
[08:04:24] <Meetecho> Janet Gunn: is this meant for us? what secondary audio?
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[08:05:12] <Sean Turner> Not sure I can pull that off.  Is there somebody stream audio from the room?
[08:05:41] <Janet Gunn> yes, there is a secondary audio- radio program - being transmitted with the stream from the room.
[08:05:59] <Eric Burger> I don't hear a secondary audio.
[08:06:04] <Eric Burger> Could be my bad ears!
[08:06:07] <Sean Turner> Working on it
[08:06:20] <Sean Turner> I told the chairs
[08:06:35] <Janet Gunn> It was there before the room started, but it is still there
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[08:06:51] <Janet Gunn> thanks
[08:07:16] <Meetecho> Janet Gunn: are you sure it's not another tab in your laptop?
[08:07:19] <Eric Burger> MIC: will we have a 2nd WGLC (to set a deadline)?
[08:07:23] <Meetecho> We can't hear any second audio
[08:07:37] <Eric Burger> MIC: I'll review.
[08:07:51] <Eric Burger> MIC: Zzzzzz
[08:08:10] <Eric Burger> MIC: Sean???
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[08:08:56] <Janet Gunn> I just checked the rest of my windows- not there.
[08:09:42] <Janet Gunn> And it started 15 min before te start of the session
[08:09:50] <Meetecho> Definitely not coming from us... we only generate a single audio stream here from the room
[08:10:07] <Meetecho> Have you tried leaving the room and rejoining to see if it goes away?
[08:10:35] <Eric Burger> I definitely don't hear any other audio. Does anyone besides Janet hear it? WIllhelm?
[08:12:07] <Sean Turner> @Eric Burger Sorry slept on that
[08:12:13] <Sean Turner> I will get you in the notes
[08:13:10] <Eric Burger> :*
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[08:16:47] <Eric Burger> MIC: Or that the logo is some kind of tracker
[08:17:04] <Sean Turner> inn line eric
[08:18:30] <Eric Burger> MIC: Note, we don't need to worry much about the tracker, because we have cryptographic identity (and after we finish talking about the reference being kind of in the signature), we do know (and can decide about showing), per Jon
[08:19:13] <Eric Burger> [thanks Sean]
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[08:19:19] <Sean Turner> np
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[08:21:09] <Janet Gunn> ok- found it
[08:22:43] <Eric Burger> MIC: at some point, the URL + Hash will be on the order of size of hte JPG
[08:23:04] <Eric Burger> :-)
[08:23:35] <Sean Turner> Are just trying to make me exercise :)
[08:23:47] <Eric Burger> One of us needs to be awake
[08:23:52] <Sean Turner> :)
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[08:25:15] <Eric Burger> MIC: I don't think we need to wait another year for JSCARD, if it happens at all...
[08:25:32] <Eric Burger> MIC: BTW, 608 shows jCard is good enough
[08:26:03] <Simon Pietro Romano> @Janet Gunn: just out of curiosity, who was the culprit? :)
[08:26:19] <Eric Burger> rejectd
[08:26:33] <Sean Turner> yep
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[08:26:56] <Eric Burger> Sure :-)
[08:27:14] <Sean Turner> out of band now
[08:27:21] <Sean Turner> JonP at the mic
[08:27:48] <Sean Turner> Slide 2
[08:28:23] <Janet Gunn> it was one of the  urls.  Not sure which one. Sorry
[08:28:46] <Sean Turner> slide 3
[08:29:10] <Simon Pietro Romano> Ah worries. It has happened to all of us!
[08:31:01] <Sean Turner> slide 4
[08:32:19] <Sean Turner> that's it for that deck
[08:32:26] <Sean Turner> stir cert delegation
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[08:35:27] <Sean Turner> we are on the delegation and authority slide
[08:36:48] <Sean Turner> how does stir use it? slide
[08:47:25] <Eric Burger> (not for mic) So we reinvented ZRTP. cool.
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[08:49:46] <Sean Turner> Phil was at our MLS meeting in Jan!
[08:50:05] <Eric Burger> Soccer?
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[08:50:32] <Sean Turner> Message Layer Security ;)
[08:50:40] <Eric Burger> Ahhhh
[08:50:40] <Sean Turner> FTW
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[08:54:09] <Eric Burger> MIC: Think it should be adopted. Way more important than OOB.
[08:54:49] <Eric Burger> MIC: I'm not there, either :-)
[08:55:51] <Sean Turner> I got dagger looks when I said that at the mic BTW :)
[08:56:02] <Eric Burger> Ouch
[08:56:11] <Eric Burger> Thanks for being the messenger
[08:56:12] <Sean Turner> :)
[08:56:21] <Eric Burger> See you in DC!
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[08:56:37] <Janet Gunn> thanks
[08:56:52] <Sean Turner> NP - thanks for getting me some exercise
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