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Rich Salz has set the subject to: STIR at IETF 102
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[04:18:29] <Robert Sparks> is the video for the correct room?
[04:19:16] <Alice Mahoney> I don't see slides or a chair
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[04:20:22] <Robert Sparks> Hi Ted?
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[04:22:11] <Jonathan Lennox> This is the correct room, there are no slides, and the chairs are not in place.
[04:22:40] <ted.h> Hi Robert
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[04:23:34] <ted.h> there is going to be a stir meeting; the mic is being worked
[04:23:40] <Alice Mahoney> having a hard time hearing Jon
[04:23:49] <Jonathan Lennox> So are we
[04:24:00] <Robert Sparks> the mic on the table is feeding in here
[04:25:36] <ted.h> Russ is on his way; apologies for the delay
[04:25:38] <Jonathan Lennox> Our screen is showing the map of the venue third floor — is that what you see on your slides?
[04:25:44] <ted.h> Yah
[04:26:13] <Robert Sparks> so, the slides are uploaded
[04:26:44] <Mary Barnes> Yeah, but it's like nighttime for some of us ;)
[04:26:49] <Robert Sparks> I'm in the meetecho queue if someone wants to let me in?
[04:26:53] <Meetecho> Robert, do you need us to unmute you, if there's no one at the big red button?
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[04:27:21] <Robert Sparks> yes please
[04:27:50] <ted.h> The button was pressed, and the meetecho thing crashed
[04:28:08] <Meetecho> We probably unmuted Robert at the same time
[04:28:12] <Alice Mahoney> I will do backup minutes
[04:28:14] <Meetecho> (we and you)
[04:28:24] <Jonathan Lennox> Meetecho: the screen at the front says "Loading…" and is otherwise blank
[04:28:24] <Meetecho> And so he was kicked right away
[04:28:28] <Meetecho> Robert can you get in again?
[04:28:39] <Jonathan Lennox> I think that's your screen?
[04:29:11] <Robert Sparks> I think I'm in the queue
[04:29:28] <Meetecho> You're unmuted, Robert
[04:29:44] <ted.h> Yeah, but the machine appears to be stuck in a "loading"…. state
[04:29:53] <Meetecho> Problems with the queue laptop, I believe, heading there
[04:30:01] <Robert Sparks> yeah, they can't hear me
[04:30:05] <Meetecho> (sorry about that Robert!)
[04:30:24] <Robert Sparks> the slides are all uploaded
[04:31:08] <Alice Mahoney> All slides can be found here:
[04:31:08] <Alice Mahoney>
[04:31:20] <Alice Mahoney> rather than the 103 agenda page
[04:31:54] <Robert Sparks> the link of the main agenda page must be cached badly
[04:32:02] <Robert Sparks> MIC :YES
[04:32:35] <Robert Sparks> send them to the link above
[04:32:35] <Jonathan Lennox> Robert: we have meetecho in the room now, try enqueueing again?
[04:32:41] <Alice Mahoney> Go to
[04:33:54] <Alice Mahoney> Go to
[04:34:33] <Meetecho> Is Robert's volume ok in the room? He's a bit low in Meetecho
[04:34:56] <ted.h> It's fine at the front of the room
[04:34:58] <Jonathan Lennox> We hear him okay.  Maybe a smidge low?
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[04:37:09] <Mary Barnes> I can't hear Robert at all.
[04:37:41] <Meetecho> Can the chairs ask Robert to speak a bit louder or closer to the mic? Not sure he's reading the chat
[04:37:50] <Jonathan Lennox> Mary: as in no sound, or as in inaudibly now?
[04:38:04] <Jonathan Lennox> I don't think the chairs are reading the chat either
[04:38:09] <Mary Barnes> There is sound, but it's just mumble, mumble
[04:38:15] <Robert Sparks> I'm reading the chat
[04:39:51] <Robert Sparks> @meetecho - the room could apparently hear me ok fwiw
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[04:45:37] <Ben Campbell> Who ended up as jabber scribe?
[04:46:18] <Ben Campbell> I think it was Christer, but he's having problems getting in
[04:47:02] <Ben Campbell> I can confirm the room could hear Robert
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[04:48:51] <Mary Barnes> But, it would be good if remote participants could also hear.  Maybe ask someone in the room to repeat before answering.
[04:49:36] <Meetecho> Yes, the problem was mainly for remote participants, and I guess recordings as well
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[04:50:48] <Ben Campbell> I don't think we have a jabber scribe in the room. Can someone in the room take over?
[04:51:10] <Adam Roach> Hi. Christer had some technical issues. I will be scribing
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[04:52:05] <Jonathan Lennox> Robert, can you get closer to your mic, and/or turn off speaker if you're using it?
[04:52:15] <Jonathan Lennox> You're definitely muffled even here
[04:52:24] <Jonathan Lennox> Comprehensible but not great
[04:53:25] <Robert Sparks> I am already swallowing the mic and I am not on speaker
[04:53:28] Adam Roach has set the subject to: STIR at IETF 103
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[04:53:39] <Jonathan Lennox> Huh, odd
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[04:54:17] <Adam Roach> The sound system folks here seem to have a kind of haphazard way of doing things. There's a very real chance that the meetecho input to the board is set too low
[04:54:26] <Meetecho> Maybe some weird AGC by the browser?
[04:54:36] <Meetecho> No, he's low in Meetecho as well
[04:54:41] <Adam Roach> Ah, okay
[04:54:49] <Meetecho> We'll try to increase the output volume
[04:55:01] <Robert Sparks> so - I have three mics attached to this machine
[04:55:09] <Robert Sparks> how do I tell which one this app decided to use?
[04:55:21] <Robert Sparks> adam, I think this is a webrtc question I've asked before>
[04:55:30] <Adam Roach> Click on the microphone thing in the URL bar, I think
[04:55:34] <Jonathan Lennox> The sound I'm hearing certainly sounds like not the one you think you are. :-)
[04:55:46] <Adam Roach> Its been a while since I looked at this. I'm pretty sure device switching got implemented
[04:55:58] <Robert Sparks> nope - just "use the microphone"
[04:56:23] <Meetecho> Firefox prompts you when asking for permission
[04:56:37] <Meetecho> But for Chrome there should be a generic wheel icon when you join the room
[04:56:47] <Meetecho> Not sure if that's still working though
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[04:57:03] <Meetecho> If you're on Chrome, you can check the default device in chrome://settings
[04:57:31] <Robert Sparks> firefox - I'll toggle participant/lurker so it asks again and look more closely
[04:58:10] <Robert Sparks> the default was the mic I was expecting
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[04:59:32] <Meetecho> When speaking, you can also check the volume meter UI under your name to see at which level the browser is capturing you in the page
[05:00:02] <Meetecho> Not sure if there's some gain control Firefox is doing in your case
[05:00:21] <Meetecho> Or if the OS is interfering
[05:00:52] <Robert Sparks> when we get to the end, I'll get back in queue just to check (to make other meetings better)
[05:01:26] <Meetecho> You can also play with our selftest, which should give you some more info:
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[05:13:50] <Jonathan Lennox> Robert, did you want to try a mic check now?
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