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[11:51:06] <Dan York> Morning - do we have remote users here?
[11:54:15] --- tomkri has left
[11:55:22] <kseo> Hi yes. there are a number of folks in the jabber room.
[11:57:07] <Dan York> Thanks
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[12:06:58] <Dan York> I'll scribe
[12:07:28] --- zscgeek@gmail.com has joined
[12:07:34] <Dan York> Brian Rosen will be taking notes
[12:08:48] <Dan York> Mary Barnes giving chair's update
[12:10:06] <Dan York> draft-ietf-sipping-config-framework-14 has some security issues under discussion
[12:10:37] <Dan York> draft-ietf-sipping-sip-offeranswer-04 undergoing final updates
[12:10:47] <Dan York> some concerns coming out of SIPit
[12:11:13] <Dan York> Henning at mic
[12:12:14] <Dan York> Pointing out that at the SIP Forum Interoperability Workshop on Monday there were many comments about offer answer
[12:12:37] <Dan York> John Elwell pointing out that this draft is a good solution
[12:13:06] <Dan York> Henning - people should provide comments
[12:13:11] <Dan York> Miguel at mic
[12:13:17] --- xavi.mila has joined
[12:13:17] --- victor.pascual.avila has joined
[12:13:29] <Dan York> regarding inconsistency with RFC 3264
[12:14:02] <Dan York> BTW, presentations available at: https://datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/70/materials.html under SIPPING
[12:14:08] --- alfredh has joined
[12:14:39] <victor.pascual.avila> thanks Dan
[12:14:48] <Dan York> Christer Holmberg at mic
[12:15:19] --- sal has joined
[12:15:26] <Dan York> BTW, audio streaming at: http://videolab.uoregon.edu/events/ietf/
[12:15:34] --- nan_626 has joined
[12:15:42] <Dan York> SIPPING on channel 2 - http://videolab.uoregon.edu/events/ietf/ietf702.m3u
[12:15:56] <Dan York> Mary on to WGLC Completed
[12:17:16] <Dan York> Mary on to Charter Updates Proposed
[12:17:49] <Dan York> Agenda
[12:18:16] <Dan York> Other drafts of interest
[12:18:22] <Dan York> 4 or 5
[12:18:56] <Dan York> Basic KPML draft
[12:19:29] <Dan York> Rohan at mic - he'd proposed this type of thing before
[12:19:41] <Dan York> (Jonathan Rosenberg queued behind him)
[12:20:03] <Dan York> Rohan thinks this makes it easy
[12:20:14] <Dan York> JR - how many damn ways do we need to have to do DTMF?
[12:20:49] <Dan York> Hadriel Kaplan - this only solves half the problem
[12:21:04] --- victor.pascual.avila has left
[12:21:08] --- frodek has joined
[12:21:09] <Dan York> he can send a static XML doc but he still has to receive them
[12:21:19] <Dan York> Rohan back for a quick comment
[12:21:37] --- badra has joined
[12:21:46] <Dan York> Gonzalo asking people to bring comments to the list on these isue
[12:22:00] <Dan York> draft-hellstrom-text-turntaking-00.txt
[12:22:08] --- ja has joined
[12:22:14] <Dan York> Need for gateways SIP devices <> PSTN textphones
[12:22:41] <Dan York> was discussed in MMUSIC but not enough interest there - is there interest in doing this in SIPPING?
[12:22:54] <Dan York> Is using the SIP Media feature tag the right way to go?
[12:23:10] <Dan York> draft-hellstrom-txtgwy-00
[12:23:30] <Dan York> SIP devices with real-time text capbility may interop with text phones through gateways
[12:23:42] <Dan York> Is there interest in this within SIPPING?
[12:23:56] <Dan York> draft-schwartz-sipping-domain-marking-requirements-00.txt
[12:24:25] --- xavi.mila has left
[12:24:28] <Dan York> done with chairs charts
[12:24:58] <Dan York> First up - Jonathan Rosenberg on http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-ietf-sipping-overload-reqs-01.txt
[12:27:05] <Dan York> Going through slides at http://www3.ietf.org/proceedings/07dec/slides/sipping-6.ppt
[12:27:12] <Dan York> Current Status slide
[12:29:26] --- john.zhao has joined
[12:30:07] <Dan York> JR going through slides
[12:30:34] <Dan York> Keith at mic - is this "Stateful vs. Stateless 503" in a requirements or terminology doc?
[12:30:42] <Dan York> Volker at mic explaining it
[12:32:13] <Dan York> chart - Nortel Algorithm
[12:34:03] <Dan York> Rohan - is there any IPR with any of these algorithms?
[12:34:25] <Dan York> JR - I've seen the word "patent" with this but have no knowledge.
[12:34:35] <Dan York> (this was about the "AT&T Patent" screen)
[12:36:34] <Dan York> Lars Eggart at mic - none of the scenarios look good
[12:36:36] <Dan York> Henning at mic
[12:39:09] --- bhoeneis has joined
[12:41:06] <Dan York> RJ Auburn at mic - is this done on a reference platform or each on their own?
[12:41:13] <Dan York> JR - each is doing it on their own
[12:41:47] <Dan York> Henning - using independent simulators has been quite useful although a tremendous amount of work
[12:42:48] <Dan York> JR done
[12:42:57] <Dan York> Sam from Motorola up
[12:43:17] <Dan York> http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-petrie-sipping-profile-datasets-05.txt
[12:43:31] <Dan York> Sam Ganesan
[12:43:46] <Dan York> draft has been revived November 2007
[12:47:44] <Dan York> slides are at: http://www3.ietf.org/proceedings/07dec/slides/sipping-3.ppt
[12:47:48] <Dan York> Sam is now on slide 10
[12:49:25] <Dan York> John Elwell stood at mic in support of this
[12:49:33] <Dan York> weak hum to adopt this as a WG item
[12:50:06] <Dan York> John Elwell up to talk about: http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-elwell-sipping-update-pai-02.txt
[12:50:43] <Dan York> slides - http://www3.ietf.org/proceedings/07dec/slides/sipping-2.ppt
[12:51:43] <Dan York> Is there interest in pursuing this work?
[12:51:57] <Dan York> Is SIPPING vs SIP the appropriate home for this?
[12:52:09] <Dan York> Should this be Standards track vs Informational?
[12:52:25] <Dan York> Jon Peterson at mic - it should probably remain Informational
[12:53:08] <Dan York> Jon - 3325 is still controversial
[12:53:38] --- sftcd has joined
[12:53:38] <Dan York> Jonathan Rosenberg at mic - supports this
[12:53:45] <Dan York> JR - this is already implemented and out there
[12:53:59] <Dan York> JR - it would be good to document how it is being implemented
[12:54:26] <Dan York> JR - would like to have standards match reality and have both this and 3325 changed from Informational to Standards
[12:55:02] <Dan York> Cullen at mic - what is this draft for?
[12:55:42] <Dan York> Cullen - needs more info and dicussion - what is it used for?
[12:56:03] <Dan York> Keith Drage at mic
[12:56:23] --- jiang_xing_feng has joined
[12:56:29] <Dan York> JR at mic
[12:59:09] --- petithug has joined
[13:00:54] <Dan York> chairs took a hum... weak consensus to adopt as WG item
[13:00:57] <Dan York> next preso
[13:01:11] <Dan York> Salvatore Loreto (I think) presenting
[13:01:33] --- hardie@jabber.qualcomm.com has joined
[13:01:39] <Dan York> http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-channabasappa-sipping-app-profile-type-01.txt
[13:08:14] <Dan York> Henning at mic - isn't there a simpler way to do this?
[13:08:31] --- hardie@jabber.qualcomm.com has left: Replaced by new connection.
[13:08:35] --- jeffmart has joined
[13:10:45] <Dan York> Avshalom Houri from IBM up now: http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-houri-sipping-presence-scaling-requirements-01.txt
[13:12:16] <Dan York> Slides at http://www3.ietf.org/proceedings/07dec/slides/sipping-7.ppt
[13:14:38] --- john.zhao has left: Replaced by new connection
[13:14:42] --- john.zhao has joined
[13:16:55] <Dan York> Jonathan Rosenberg at mic - big fan of work
[13:19:57] <Dan York> hum taken about adopting this - approved
[13:21:26] <Dan York> Henning up now
[13:21:57] <Dan York> slides at http://www3.ietf.org/proceedings/07dec/slides/sipping-0.ppt
[13:22:12] <Dan York> draft at http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-lee-sip-dns-sd-uri-02.txt
[13:22:35] <Dan York> Henning notes that this is already used by Apple Bonjour and iChat, as well as Gizmo and Ekiga
[13:27:00] --- john.zhao has left
[13:27:47] --- john.zhao has joined
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[13:28:55] <Dan York> going over open issues
[13:29:08] <Dan York> FYI, I'll be getting up to speak momentarily
[13:36:35] <Dan York> Alan Johnston at mic now
[13:36:42] <Dan York> Cullen was up there as well
[13:36:58] <Dan York> Alan - we need location services in both this and P2P SIP
[13:37:24] <Dan York> Markus (Nokia) at mic
[13:39:27] <Dan York> chair - will ask for interest
[13:40:09] <Dan York> speaker mentions older protocol of SAP
[13:41:05] <Dan York> keith - solution belongs in SIP WG ultimately
[13:44:10] <Dan York> hum showing interest
[13:44:46] <Dan York> Dan Wing up now about http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-wing-sipping-spam-score-00.txt
[13:45:23] <Dan York> FYI - I am interested in both this and the next draft and so I may be getting up to speak. When I do, if someone else wants to scribe, please feel free to do so.
[13:55:03] <Dan York> EKR, Jon Peterson, myself up at the mic
[13:55:08] <Dan York> Keith Drage now at mic
[13:55:17] <Dan York> queue forming
[13:55:54] <Dan York> Bernie Hoeneisen - concurs with need for this
[13:56:24] <Dan York> RJ Auburn - something like this is important
[13:56:48] <Dan York> emergency notification, school notification can look like spam
[13:57:57] <Dan York> Saverio Niccolini answering Jon and EKR
[13:58:32] <Dan York> JR at mic
[13:58:40] <Dan York> This is a great experimental draft
[13:58:43] --- pee has joined
[13:59:28] <Dan York> Henning at mic
[13:59:46] <Dan York> This is a case where an experimental draft is very useful
[14:00:24] <Dan York> having an experimental thing will help prevent mess of headers like in email
[14:01:06] <Dan York> Cullen - line up of people suggests both issue and complexity
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[14:02:14] --- victor.pascual.avila has joined
[14:02:30] <victor.pascual.avila> just FYI http://www.projectspider.org/
[14:02:45] <Dan York> getting some discussion around how to do this is a good thing
[14:03:01] <Dan York> we need a BOF, not an up/down vote on a draft
[14:03:04] <Dan York> (Cullen)
[14:55:52] --- LOGGING STARTED
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