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[21:09:14] <richard.barnes> I'm going to be remote for this meeting, so I'd appreciate it if someone could scribe.
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[21:55:04] <bhoeneis> http://www3.ietf.org/proceedings/06nov/slides/sipping-2.ppt
[21:56:28] <bhoeneis> Now at Issue 1: Conveying URIs
[21:57:38] <bhoeneis> Now at: What's This Server Stuff?
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[21:59:38] <bhoeneis> Now at Issue 1: Options
[22:00:38] <bhoeneis> Question Jonathon Rosenberg
[22:03:25] <bhoeneis> (If somebody else can scribe more detailed, I'd step back....)
[22:03:33] <bhoeneis> Question now from Rohan Mahy
[22:05:06] <bhoeneis> Question from Dale Orley (?)
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[22:10:37] <bhoeneis> Now at: Issue 3: Feature Creep
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[22:13:47] <bhoeneis> Now at: Issue 2: Endpoint Queues vs. Server Queues
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[22:16:19] <bhoeneis> Now at Issue 4b: Caller Correlation
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[22:26:20] <bhoeneis> http://www3.ietf.org/proceedings/06nov/slides/sipping-9.ppt
[22:26:27] <bhoeneis> Overview/Cope
[22:26:33] <bhoeneis> s/Cope/Scope/
[22:27:41] <bhoeneis> Status
[22:28:37] <bhoeneis> Planned Clarifications & Additions
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[22:30:32] <bhoeneis> correction to slide: PRACK may carry an offer
[22:30:47] <bhoeneis> instead of answer
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[22:31:45] <bhoeneis> Rohan Mahy: Bullet 2
[22:32:06] <bhoeneis> Why do we want to do that?
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[22:32:57] <bhoeneis> Made suggestions about PRACK simplification
[22:33:10] <bhoeneis> thought there was interest
[22:33:44] <bhoeneis> Jonatan Rosenberg
[22:33:51] <bhoeneis> why not send an update instead?
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[22:34:35] <bhoeneis> Francois
[22:35:15] <bhoeneis> next slide: Issues
[22:36:05] <bhoeneis> Issues: Terminology - SDP that isn't oan offer/anser
[22:37:01] <bhoeneis> (if anybody could make a more detailed notes here, don't hesitate. Remote speakers will thanks you)
[22:37:09] <bhoeneis> s/speakers/listeners/
[22:37:29] <bhoeneis> Now at: Issue Commit / Rollback of offer/answer
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[22:37:56] <dwillis@jabber.org> Issue: Commit/Rollback of Offer/Answer: If an O/A negotiation completes during a reINVITE, but the re-INVITE fails, what happens? This is a major open issue.
[22:38:29] <dwillis@jabber.org> Chair notes that this draft will become a WG effort in its next rev, but the class of document remains to be reviewed with ADs.
[22:38:35] <bhoeneis> now at: Next steps
[22:40:01] <bhoeneis> http://www3.ietf.org/proceedings/06nov/slides/sipping-10.ppt
[22:40:09] <bhoeneis> Race COndition Draft
[22:40:35] <dwillis@jabber.org> Slide on Previous Discussion
[22:40:51] <dwillis@jabber.org> Does UAC send an ACK in a bye-crossing scenario?
[22:41:15] <dwillis@jabber.org> Jun Koshiko, NTT presenting now
[22:41:34] <dwillis@jabber.org> Can ACK be sent in the terminated state?
[22:41:59] <dwillis@jabber.org> ML discussion reports "Yes, UAC sends ACK, and UAS retransmits 200 to INVITE.
[22:42:37] <dwillis@jabber.org> Slide on Open Issue: Completion of INVITE dialog usage
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[22:44:49] <dwillis@jabber.org> Slide: Brief History and Future Plan
[22:46:05] <dwillis@jabber.org> Author requests comments before end of month, and will request reviewers for next version (to be published next month). Chair notes that this next version will be a WG document, and requests volunteers for formal review.
[22:47:39] <dwillis@jabber.org> Robert notes that this work is very important and will have significant impact in many error conditions, and should be read by all WG participants. Noted that it is uncertain whether the draft would be PS or INFO or BCP. Robert pointed out that this draft is not written in a PS mode.
[22:48:09] <dwillis@jabber.org> Meeting terminated.
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[22:48:21] <rwatro> thanks to the scribes
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[22:48:34] <bhoeneis> U R welcome
[22:48:38] <dwillis@jabber.org> I was just pasting from the minutes . . .
[22:48:44] <dwillis@jabber.org> Bernie did the hard work.
[22:49:23] <bhoeneis> let's say: we were a good team
[22:49:32] <bhoeneis> at least at the end. :-)
[22:49:47] <dwillis@jabber.org> All is well that ends well!
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