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[03:32:29] <ryanczak> surprised it's so empty in here, quite a few ppl in the room
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[03:33:30] <fluffy> We are starting the sipping meeting
[03:33:52] <fluffy> ANyone feel free to add in commentws of what is going on
[03:34:38] --- oern has joined
[03:34:51] <fluffy> If there is anything the people in the chat room are particually interested, let me know and I will try to do them
[03:37:29] --- artur has joined
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[03:42:45] <fluffy> isseu of multi-recipricant (exploder) MESSAGE
[03:43:47] --- tom_creighton has joined
[03:44:38] <fluffy> Comment that ita bit late to depricate it - has been discussed earliier
[03:45:05] <fluffy> 3 people spoke in favor in going forward
[03:45:16] <fluffy> will work on wanring text for draft and move forward
[03:46:52] <fluffy> discussing some idividual directions
[03:46:56] --- oern has left
[03:47:03] <fluffy> talkiing about sipping-redirection-reason
[03:48:00] --- leifj has joined
[03:48:43] <fluffy> Cullen, Jon, etc seem supportive of solving this problem but doing it in way that interop
[03:48:58] <fluffy> This is for cases where SIP-T does not work
[03:49:35] <fluffy> FFransois says we need to solve but not by using all possible PSTN code points
[03:50:11] <fluffy> WG has a lot of interesting in this
[03:50:25] <fluffy> h323 interworkgin
[03:50:42] <fluffy> feel that the experitise is not in this group
[03:51:06] <fluffy> oOn to topic of interdomain requirements drafts
[03:54:23] <fluffy> Orit thinks slides represent the draft well, Cullen did not
[03:54:41] <fluffy> Henry wants someone to draft on this that complies with internet warchatecutre
[03:55:22] <fluffy> Aki - agree wwe want to solve this interdomain problem " this draft should have been titlted" how to build a walled garden"
[03:55:30] <fluffy> Hisham - we need to address this area
[03:55:56] <fluffy> Summary - there is interest - some pople thing area is good , some thing aproach is not but there is interest
[03:59:59] <fluffy> ANother individual submission
[04:00:10] <fluffy> sip based calendaring
[04:00:23] --- pierz has joined
[04:01:08] <fluffy> WIll be working on revised charter
[04:02:04] <fluffy> Henning - would like online schedule deadline for WGLC
[04:02:42] <fluffy> Aki agreed, people can't schedule for last call
[04:03:42] <fluffy> last minute agenda change
[04:03:51] <fluffy> Dan will present on config tommrow
[04:04:30] <fluffy> move some of stuff from tommrow to day
[04:04:30] <fluffy> moving on to consent framework
[04:04:34] <fluffy> Changes to it
[04:04:46] <fluffy> applies when users are added to a relay
[04:05:03] <fluffy> does not do consent when a message is sent though the relay
[04:07:08] <fluffy> This new aprach decoules the prevention of apmlification attacks from the permision to explot
[04:07:08] <fluffy> The persion to explode is done when you add
[04:07:24] <fluffy> The aplification is done by credit based aproach
[04:09:07] <fluffy> When user a is going to add user B to the relay. User A tells realay. Relay want to ask user B but wants A to prove it willing to consume bandwith. User A genreates traffic to realy
[04:09:18] --- dku has joined
[04:09:28] <fluffy> Now relay A will ask user B for consent. . User B uploads the permision document.
[04:10:12] <fluffy> When adding multiple suers, ask to add many, get OK, then send realy a refer for *each* user
[04:10:49] <fluffy> The refer causes CONSENT to be sent to user B then user B can publish permision.
[04:11:29] <fluffy> Jon - ask why refer goes via relay instead of direct to user
[04:11:48] <fluffy> This was clearly a straigh man quaestion for the next slide
[04:12:10] --- jlcjohn has joined
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[04:12:54] <fluffy> Answer is becuase the CONSENT uses a token i in return reoutabilyt
[04:13:34] <fluffy> If we had sip idenity, we would not need return routabilyt buyt this gives us nice migration
[04:16:44] <fluffy> Dean ppoint out that the authroization changes
[04:17:25] <fluffy> \initally it was per sender auth now it is not
[04:17:31] <fluffy> This is worth nothign as major change
[04:18:45] --- ob has joined
[04:19:42] --- cgn has joined
[04:21:16] <fluffy> permision revocation is easy by uploading empty document
[04:22:14] <fluffy> Aki borught up isseu with removing
[04:22:27] <fluffy> need to figure out details f how UA remove self from list
[04:22:38] <fluffy> richer communicatiosn with registrar is out scope
[04:26:26] --- jfischl has left: Disconnected
[04:28:42] <fluffy> moved on to policy isession indep draft
[04:28:45] <fluffy> Voker presenting
[04:32:56] --- bhoeneis has left: Logged out
[04:34:07] <fluffy> move on to sessin specific policies
[04:35:06] <fluffy> If someone sees Robert Sparks , tell him he probably wants to be int he room for this stuff
[04:37:51] <fluffy> two altenatives, new even package, new event type
[04:37:55] --- artur has left
[04:38:23] <fluffy> Robert has returnhed , thank you whoever got him
[04:38:47] <fluffy> Vodaphone has been doing some experiments with performance on the policy subscription
[04:38:53] <fluffy> comapring having policy in IVITE vs subscribing for ti
[04:39:40] <fluffy> Would like a use case with two policy servers
[04:39:46] <fluffy> one for caller and one for callee domain
[04:40:50] <fluffy> Think we need to add to scenereos
[04:40:59] <fluffy> may be some authroization issues with this
[04:41:36] <fluffy> on to isseu sof how to get sesson info from UA to polisy server
[04:41:45] <fluffy> consider publish, subscribe, and subcrip+http
[04:41:49] <fluffy> current proposal publish
[04:44:21] --- NachoMas has left
[04:50:03] <fluffy> MOvin on to sipping-sbc-funcs
[04:50:10] <fluffy> Jani presenting
[04:50:23] <fluffy> Document things thagt break SIP
[04:50:45] <fluffy> these are mostly caused by SBC
[04:59:22] --- pierz has left: Disconnected
[05:01:35] <fluffy> MOving on to AKI
[05:01:39] --- bhoeneis has joined
[05:01:42] <fluffy> SIP Event Thouttles
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[05:03:58] <fluffy> major changes on this draft
[05:04:29] <fluffy> cn now use to scquelch subscribptions for awhiele then move back up again
[05:04:44] <fluffy> ANdress - RIM - Does this restrict sope to RLS
[05:05:04] <fluffy> Answer - can use in any subscriptiion but more for RLS
[05:06:15] --- cgn has left
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[05:15:38] <fluffy> mvoe ontoetags for sub/not stuff
[05:16:54] <fluffy> What to supress
[05:17:01] <fluffy> enter notify or body only
[05:17:58] <fluffy> rohan like the supress body aproach
[05:19:34] <fluffy> A GRUU ate all my problems ( or is at least chewing on part of this problem)
[05:21:46] --- daniel.mannarino has left: Disconnected
[05:23:04] <fluffy> I think adam said don't poll
[05:23:07] <fluffy> and like supress body
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[05:29:50] <fluffy> arge going to move on that Paul K are sipping-gruu-reg-event
[05:30:53] <fluffy> Reg event packate event is broken by gruu
[05:31:25] <fluffy> roahn skill from slides 3 to 7 if you are folling with slides
[05:33:43] <fluffy> Will do as WG document
[05:34:15] <fluffy> voip peer in room 342 at 1400
[05:34:19] <fluffy> adios
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[05:34:27] <fluffy> thanks for all the GRUU
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