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[10:48:34] <xmlscott> SIPPING
[10:48:59] <xmlscott> URI List INdex presentation
[10:51:19] <xmlscott> there are lots of URIs in SIP, and so there is a savings in storing lists of URIs on servers and refer to the list with a URI
[10:51:56] <xmlscott> example: members of a conference call are stored on the conf server, call is created by calling the server list
[10:52:49] <xmlscott> use XCAP resource list construct add attributes for keys
[10:53:04] <xmlscott> add MIME types for lists
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[10:56:44] <xmlscott> Issues:
[10:56:53] <xmlscott> finish MIME types
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[10:57:12] <xmlscott> some details about the semantics and syntax of membercodes
[10:58:24] <xmlscott> Cullen: membercodes assignment is problematic; they don't compress well
[10:58:51] <xmlscott> Jonathan: the scope of membercode uniqueness needs to be better specified
[10:59:47] <xmlscott> direction: this draft will proceed separately from XCAP, with cooperation on changes
[11:00:25] <xmlscott> Jonathan: there are issues with external references in resource lists
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[11:01:22] <xmlscott> Dean: do we need a simpler list construct rather than using XCAP resourcelists?
[11:02:30] <xmlscott> (mic) this seems like a very special-purpose compression scheme - why not just compress
[11:03:48] <xmlscott> ----------
[11:04:08] <xmlscott> Alan Johnston presenting on Conferencing Design Team
[11:04:19] <xmlscott> team met last night
[11:04:30] <xmlscott> Updates to cc-conferencing
[11:04:45] <xmlscott> define a 'conf' option tag for UAs
[11:05:00] <xmlscott> add requirement and flow for deletion of conf
[11:05:12] <xmlscott> add scenarios
[11:07:24] <xmlscott> Jonathan: why do we need an option tag for conf? we already have option tags that express individual capabilities
[11:08:22] <xmlscott> Planned changes to conf pkg:
[11:08:52] <xmlscott> change structure of schema to introduce a Session (dialog?)
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[11:10:44] <xmlscott> Issues: what is a role?
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[11:14:17] <xmlscott> ? is it the intent that the conf framework describes all of what should be in the conf pkg?
[11:14:21] <xmlscott> Yes.
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[11:16:30] <xmlscott> One more round and all conf drafts will be ready for WGLC
[11:16:36] <xmlscott> --------
[11:16:57] <xmlscott> Dan Petrie - UA configuration profile framework
[11:17:14] <xmlscott> Delivery framework:
[11:17:20] <xmlscott> changes
[11:17:36] <xmlscott> now has 4 profile sources (added Application)
[11:17:48] <xmlscott> (and added Local Net)
[11:18:00] <xmlscott> support for simple-xcap-package
[11:19:30] <xmlscott> simple-xcap-package now defines a MIME type for subscribing to the diffs
[11:20:19] <muonzoo> @mic?
[11:20:31] <xmlscott> ? is there a profile for the home network (as opposed to the local net)?
[11:20:57] <xmlscott> - those params would come from user or device frameworks
[11:21:40] <muonzoo> who asked that Q? anyone?
[11:21:49] <muonzoo> (NOt Paul K, the previous)
[11:23:11] <xmlscott> ? Paul K ? the subscription URI for devices contains an escaped urn? - yes, it does, but it can be escaped if needed
[11:25:16] <xmlscott> new event params added for new profile types
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[11:27:43] <xmlscott> Added description of how profiles relate and how a UA would normally need to get them (order)
[11:28:08] <xmlscott> (bootstrapping order that makes sense)
[11:28:39] <xmlscott> There have been few comments on the list - are there other issues?
[11:29:00] <xmlscott> Is this ready for WLGC?
[11:29:46] <xmlscott> Cullen: discovery order: if you have an address locally configured it should overide addresses found otherwise
[11:30:15] <xmlscott> Dan: there is some text in the draft to address that, will review to check
[11:31:14] <xmlscott> Jonathan: this is valuable work that enables deployment and removes big adoption barriers
[11:31:19] <xmlscott> Cullen: hear hear
[11:32:41] <xmlscott> Cullen: call for reviewers several responses
[11:32:56] <xmlscott> --- profile schema presentation (still Dan)
[11:33:02] <xmlscott> Prupose:
[11:33:11] <xmlscott> define a schema fo define profile data
[11:33:30] <xmlscott> Implementors guide to how to apply that data
[11:33:46] <xmlscott> Key requirements:
[11:33:55] <xmlscott> profiles are merged on the UA
[11:34:14] <xmlscott> Cannot define hard rules of precedence between profiles
[11:34:30] <xmlscott> merging is spcific to the property
[11:34:56] <xmlscott> A small set of merging anc conflict resolution rules can bve defined (tbd)
[11:36:29] <xmlscott> Issue: Is there a need for access control mechanism within the profile data set?
[11:36:30] <xmlscott> (yes)
[11:36:48] <xmlscott> need to sync w/ Volkers draft (in progress)
[11:37:00] <xmlscott> compatibility w/ XCAP
[11:37:17] <xmlscott> name and create some datasets to test
[11:37:39] <xmlscott> ---------------
[11:37:56] <xmlscott> Volker: Session Independent Policies draft
[11:38:04] <xmlscott> now a WG item
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[11:38:26] <xmlscott> split XML schema
[11:38:44] <xmlscott> align w/ profile data sets draft
[11:42:57] <xmlscott> should we do a fully general schema, or a small one that defines what is known to be needed?
[11:44:12] <xmlscott> ? the time-of-day based stuff may be problematic - this was just an example - good point
[11:45:03] <xmlscott> ----------
[11:45:44] <xmlscott> Scope of Operation of Session Policy
[11:49:11] <xmlscott> [the jabber scribe doesn't understand this well enough to scribe it]
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[12:02:46] <muonzoo> who's at the mic now?
[12:02:49] <muonzoo> that last question?
[12:13:10] <xmlscott> ---------
[12:13:21] <xmlscott> Kumiko Ono - End to Middle Security
[12:13:46] <xmlscott> changes since 02
[12:14:00] <xmlscott> decreased interaction w/ session policy
[12:14:59] <xmlscott> Issue:
[12:15:14] <xmlscott> is discovery of middle overlap w/ session poloicy?
[12:15:46] <xmlscott> - yes, but e2m should be able to notify through an error
[12:15:52] <xmlscott> Is this ready for WGLC?
[12:16:13] <xmlscott> there have been some comments on the list that should be addressed
[12:16:36] <xmlscott> one more revision before WGLC to address list comments
[12:17:49] <xmlscott> --- Mechanism draft
[12:18:15] <xmlscott> no need to discover - in session policy now
[12:18:24] <muonzoo> Would the person who turned on ad hoc networking please turn their laptop in to the IETF police?
[12:18:29] <xmlscott> how to label a body as being for middle
[12:20:22] <muonzoo> [presentation of experimental data (see slides) on performance and size overheads for e2e and e2e+e2m S/MIME]
[12:25:12] <xmlscott> Next Steps:
[12:25:25] <xmlscott> yes
[12:25:40] <xmlscott> we should proceed w/ additional work based on the requirements
[12:25:54] <xmlscott> there have been list comments that should be addressed
[12:26:12] <xmlscott> coordinate w/ session policy on scope
[12:26:35] <xmlscott> ------------
[12:26:49] <xmlscott> James Polk: Location conveyance in SIP
[12:27:28] <xmlscott> rfc 3693 defines what is needed in a transport (ie SIP) for geopriv
[12:27:44] <xmlscott> User to User User to Proxy
[12:28:00] <xmlscott> removed requirements redundant w/ geopriv
[12:29:03] <xmlscott> (display of a location object)
[12:30:18] <xmlscott> 4 methods appropriate for this:
[12:31:52] <xmlscott> there are no use cases for other methods - send them if you've got 'em
[12:32:07] <xmlscott> Can a proxy insert a location object?
[12:32:21] <xmlscott> can a proxy tell a UA?
[12:33:15] <xmlscott> (possible ways of doing this)
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[12:35:26] <xmlscott> Cullen: distinguish between missing and invalid locations
[12:36:10] <xmlscott> what is the mechanism to update a modified location?
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[12:44:47] <xmlscott> -----------
[12:44:59] <xmlscott> RjS:: Multiple dialog usage
[12:45:51] <xmlscott> there are multiple ways to create "things" that have dialog state but are not dialogs
[12:47:42] <xmlscott> draft proposes change to usage of REFER to avoid a problem case
[12:47:52] <xmlscott> (call flow)
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[12:55:14] <xmlscott> proposal: adopt this draft as WG item
[12:55:38] <xmlscott> clarify in Informational RFC how multiple usages work now
[12:56:00] <xmlscott> revice cc-xfer deprecate multiple usages in favor of GRUU
[12:56:18] <xmlscott> avoid multiple usages in future
[12:57:54] <xmlscott> Jonathan: supportive
[12:58:24] <xmlscott> Cullen: positive
[13:02:22] <xmlscott> ------------- John Elwell sipping-redirection-reason
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