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[20:27:46] <Paul Lanzi_web_618> Good day all!
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[20:28:16] <Pamela Dingle_web_459> Hi Paul, hi everybody!
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[20:28:23] <Leif Johansson_web_634> hi
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[20:28:34] <Phillip Hunt_web_622> Hi!
[20:28:34] <Connor Rowe_web_272> Hi everyone! Excited to be here!
[20:28:41] <Morteza Ansari_web_163> Hi folks, a long time!
[20:28:53] <Paul Lanzi_web_618> :) @ Morteza
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[20:28:58] <Leif Johansson_web_634> Can't believe they dragged you back here Morteza :-)
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[20:29:10] <Barry Leiba_web_579> Kicking and screaming...
[20:29:23] <matt.peterson@quest.com_web_500> Hello, can someone say something so that I can test my audio?
[20:29:34] <Phillip Hunt_web_622> Well he got his car project lots of time
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[20:29:40] <matt.peterson@quest.com_web_500> Thank you!
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[20:30:10] <Leif Johansson_web_634> @morteza .... just use your safe-word!
[20:30:11] <francesca> hello!
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[20:32:38] <Paul Lanzi_web_618> loud and clear phil
[20:32:42] <matt.peterson@quest.com_web_500> YEs I can hear you
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[20:34:56] <Morteza Ansari_web_163> Tell me about it Leif, I still don't know how I ended up here again :joy:
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[20:37:52] <Nancy Cam-Winget_web_649> @Morteza, you can't escape!
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[20:44:01] <matt.peterson@quest.com_web_500>
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[20:47:11] <Robert Moskowitz> IoT was mentioned in the intro.  Is there interest/value in CBOR equivalents to JSON use?  Just asking right now...
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[20:47:53] <Paul Lanzi_web_618> Bob - I attended the DANISH session yesterday - definitely raised some interesting thoughts about what SCIM might be able to do to help
[20:48:28] <Robert Moskowitz> Agreed.  I am thinking that also.
[20:49:17] <Phillip Hunt_web_622> @Robert - interesting.
[20:49:27] <Paul Lanzi_web_618> (though, full disclosure: I am a newbie in understanding DANE)
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[20:51:21] <Robert Moskowitz> I am thinking of what aviation is doing with its Trust Framework and driving a large inclusive PKI.  At some point there is going to be pushback from peripheral users to aviation, and slimmer SCIM could play well when they wake up to dealing with their often thin pipes to airplanes.
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[20:52:07] <Henk Birkholz_web_907> if you really intend to scope to concise IoT representations (as most cloud setups use them) that should become a part of the work as early as possible
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[20:53:43] <Phillip Hunt_web_622> I had mentioned some are privately extending for IoT for their own use. No standards work so far.
[20:57:32] <Phillip Hunt_web_622> No restrictions on what schema can be added.  Only an issue if you want to change standardized schema.  Also new schema can be registered with IANA
[20:58:07] <Danny Zollner_web_516> +1 on references, I've seen confusion there too from SCIM server implementers
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[20:59:20] <matt.peterson@quest.com_web_500> Agree.  Thanks Danny.
[21:02:53] <Kristina Yasuda_web_305> also in the notes:
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[21:06:06] <Robert Moskowitz> Again, if you want to facilitate movement into standardized use in IoT, you would add CBOR into your charter.  Not that I am the person to do it.  ;)
[21:07:58] <Leif Johansson_web_634> @bob do you really think scim will talk to devices (cbor) ?
[21:08:16] <Leif Johansson_web_634> feels like a gateway thing and so json works just fine
[21:09:12] <Leif Johansson_web_634> doing an officially sanctioned openapi spec for scim would be useful
[21:09:21] <Roman Danyliw_web_501> Based on what I've seen, integrating  IoT constraints seems like it would significantly change the proposed target and might require a non-trivial rethink.  We should consider adding IoT with great care.
[21:09:34] <Leif Johansson_web_634> +1
[21:09:47] <Robert Moskowitz> I am struggling a bit working through the uses.  But would cloud services for, say home IoT, benefit?  And yes, Leif's comment about the gateway role may be sufficient.
[21:09:51] <Barry Leiba_web_579> Wouldn't be adding that in the base specs anyway, though.
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[21:11:57] <Roman Danyliw_web_501> IMO there are two sequencing consideration, (1) what is the initial body of work in the initial charter and what can be deferred for the re-charter; and (2) what might be the sequencing in the initial scope
[21:12:59] <Roman Danyliw_web_501> Could we display the charter text for the mic line
[21:13:05] <Mike Jones_web_923> Just import the EduPerson schema ;-)
[21:13:41] <Robert Moskowitz> To what extent can PKIX schemas like "person" be mapped here?  And limit the work needed for things like HR support?
[21:14:10] <Robert Moskowitz> Yes, like EduPerson variant.
[21:15:58] <Leif Johansson_web_634> we already know eduPerson is perfect :-)
[21:17:16] <mcr> @Roman, I am paying attention to RATS, but I'll watch the video and join the ML....
[21:19:05] <Roman Danyliw_web_501> @mcr, thanks
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[21:19:40] <Roman Danyliw_web_501> Does this synchronization question need to be answered for an initial flight of work?
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[21:21:29] <matt.peterson@quest.com_web_500> +1 on change notification that may not  require authentication of subscribers.
[21:21:29] <Robert Moskowitz> A pilot needs to sync the flight plan with the tower before takeoff.  ;)
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[21:22:28] <Phillip Hunt_web_622> Originally I had envisioned a rudimentary notification that simply says an identifier has changed. The receiver would have to be able to retrieve the resource to see the actual change.
[21:22:47] <Leif Johansson_web_634> yeah thats it
[21:22:58] <Leif Johansson_web_634> @phil I think thats exactly what we should do
[21:23:17] <Robert Moskowitz> But the SWIM aviation application has the pilot and controller having certs in the aviation PKI for message signing.  You should see the steps in the demo the last ICAO TrustFrame work virtual meeting!
[21:23:20] <Leif Johansson_web_634> and we already have secevents we could build on
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[21:23:28] <matt.peterson@quest.com_web_500> @phil, agree. I like that approach.
[21:24:09] <Phillip Hunt_web_622> I think getting clear on the use case would be useful to validate any possible solution
[21:24:29] <Mike Kiser_web_808> SCIM > SINS (to be honest ) :)
[21:25:02] <Pamela Dingle_web_459> I added a To-do to the padlet to be sure we address Morteza & Leif's comments
[21:25:17] <Leif Johansson_web_634> thx
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[21:26:20] <Paul Lanzi_web_618> @Rajesh - re your comments on the padlet -- JIT is exactly in scope for the extension to the SCIM-PAM spec
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[21:26:59] <francesca> thank you all!
[21:27:03] <Paul Lanzi_web_618> thanks all!
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[21:27:05] <Mike Kiser_web_808> thanks, all!
[21:27:09] <Connor Rowe_web_272> thanks everyone!
[21:27:12] <Phillip Hunt_web_622> thanks all!
[21:27:13] <Cullen Jennings_web_914> whats the mail list
[21:27:26] <Paul Lanzi_web_618>
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[21:27:52] <alice wang_web_864> thank you!
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