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[13:31:23] <christopher.morrow> 9:01am Meeting has started with the Chairs slidesAgenda bashing - Wes George / Shane Amante made comments 9:08 am: 1st item: Grandparenting draft. Randy BushPeople want more examples, Randy encourages them to write them up and send them in.One example can be the grandparent-grandchild case where the gc does not want to be under the gp again. Randy <-> Chris Morrow:  Sandy: suggested administrative process for gc to contact gp?Randy: Dont think you can prescribe business transactions.Ruediger: We do not have a general idea what the existing or past relations between the parts are.Sandy: Question: If someone has a cert from the parent, but the parent isnot acting to refresh the cert at the refresh level,and the ISP is then stuck. Can someone with the ability, up the chain help with this problem? (Someone had asked her)Randy: One common natural occurence: child of an RIR has a bunch of children, child starts going out of business/real word situation, and is not maintaining the data..children are feeling the hit. can the grandparent act in this situation/ or  does the grandparent assume authority to act? can see grandparent leaving the gc certs in place and just issuing ROAs.Ruediger: ......Sandy: business position is not an IETF position so might be unnecessary in the draft 
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[13:32:19] <asonalker> ok I'll type here
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[13:34:48] <asonalker> now I can actually see people typing.. so I guess I am now connected. wasnt before.
[13:34:54] <asonalker> sorry for teh digression from topic
[13:39:54] <asonalker> did this show up in etherpad: Sandy: so no protocol changes, not standards track, and will cross the bridge about BCP or not, when we get there.
[13:40:02] <Randy Bush> yes
[13:40:07] <asonalker> gr8
[13:42:53] <asonalker> Jay B.: something about enforcements
Randy: Anything further on grandparenting?
Sandy: nothing seen from anyone or her.
Randy: Will add some useful usecases.
[13:44:01] <asonalker> can you repeat the question
[13:45:48] <Randy Bush> i was just asking that we be sure the notes or minutes captured the use cases
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[13:49:22] <asonalker> etherpad is acting up again for me...
[13:49:38] <asonalker> but I can see others adding from time to time, so Yay.
[13:56:42] <asonalker> 9:50am - 2nd item: discusson of draft-ietf-sidr-pfx-validate-06 and security concerns
[14:01:31] <asonalker> Sandy to open discussion on mailing lists to pfx-validate.
Randy; please indicate:
AS forward path vs. AS path.
1) It is madatory that any implementation of pfx-validate should also have impl for 4byte asn
2) if you are using RPKI data, to procude filter lists or routers
[14:01:45] <asonalker> produce...
[14:02:01] <asonalker> ok great
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