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[13:00:12] <lepinski> Webex seems to be working well for me
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[13:02:56] <asonalker> I can hear via Webex very well.
[13:03:21] <christopher.morrow> wonderful
[13:04:23] <asonalker> adding notes to Etherpad...
[13:06:29] <christopher.morrow> asonalker, this one: notes-interim-2012-sidr-4 ? or another?
[13:06:42] <christopher.morrow> - full url, sorry.
[13:06:54] <asonalker> yes that one:
[13:07:03] <asonalker> I can take minutes for part of the meeting...
[13:07:09] <christopher.morrow> great, thanks
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[13:10:02] <Randy Bush> anybody here not on voice? i.e. do i need to transcribe at all?
[13:10:15] <lepinski> Voice is working fine for me
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[13:25:26] <asonalker> Im typing
[13:25:51] <lepinski> I was the one who put the Randy question
[13:25:51] <christopher.morrow> there's no text on the pad.
[13:25:55] <asonalker> oh!
[13:26:04] <asonalker> ok pasting here
[13:26:09] <lepinski> I do not see any text except what I type
[13:26:11] <asonalker> 9:01am Meeting has started with the Chairs slides
Agenda bashing - Wes George / Shane Amante made comments
9:08 am: 1st item: Grandparenting draft. Randy Bush
People want more examples, Randy encourages them to write them up and send them in.
One example can be the grandparent-grandchild case where the gc does not want to be under the gp again.
Randy <-> Chris Morrow:
Sandy: suggested administrative process for gc to contact gp?
Randy: Dont think you can prescribe business transactions.
Ruediger: We do not have a general idea what the existing or past relations between the parts are.
Sandy: Question: If someone has a cert from the parent, but the parent isnot acting to refresh the cert at the refresh level,and the ISP is then stuck. Can someone with the ability, up the chain help with this problem? (Someone had asked her)
Randy: One common natural occurence: child of an RIR has a bunch of children, child starts going out of business/real word situation, and is not maintaining the data..children are feeling the hit. can the grandparent act in this situation/ or does the grandparent assume authority to act? can see grandparent leaving the gc certs in place and just issuing ROAs.
Sandy: business position is not an IETF position so might be unnecessary in the draft
[13:26:27] <christopher.morrow> added to pad.
[13:26:31] <asonalker> I dont know why its not showing up
[13:26:39] <asonalker> fwiw, I can see it.. :(
[13:26:40] <christopher.morrow> maybe reload your view?
[13:26:44] <asonalker> ok trying
[13:27:17] <asonalker> but I wouldnt know if that solved the problem, because I was seeing text before too.
[13:27:54] <asonalker> yes typing
[13:28:12] <asonalker> :(
[13:28:26] <christopher.morrow> do yousee the panda comment though?
[13:28:35] <asonalker> not on etherpad..
[13:28:40] <sandy> I can see panda comment
[13:28:41] <asonalker> ok so there is some issue clearly at my end
[13:28:44] <sandy> on etherpad
[13:28:53] <sandy> anuja are you sure you are using correct etherpad?
[13:28:54] <sandy> should be
[13:28:59] <christopher.morrow> (question to asonalker) - ok, so asonalker's view is just not happy.
[13:29:01] <sandy>
[13:29:12] <asonalker> yes thsi is the link I am using;
[13:29:33] <asonalker> ok then, I will just type in a regular ol' notepad
[13:29:43] <asonalker> and paste to Chris? and he can post to etherpad
[13:29:47] <asonalker> platform is windows
[13:29:47] <christopher.morrow> ok.
[13:30:04] <asonalker> ok great
[13:30:16] <christopher.morrow> other option is to type into ?
[13:30:41] <asonalker> ok, is someone already typing any notes/minnutes tehre?
[13:41:02] <asonalker> who is talking?
[13:41:11] <Randy Bush> jay
[13:41:23] <asonalker> thx
[13:43:28] <asonalker> and Sriram is taking notes
[13:43:31] <asonalker> :)
[13:50:35] <asonalker> so those who can see and write properly to etherpad, please write there. Im going to back off.
[13:50:51] <asonalker> etherpad is acting up again for me...
[13:53:22] <asonalker> yes, someone please capture....
[13:53:25] <asonalker> need help
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[14:01:00] <lepinski> What Randy just said sounds good, I agree.
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[14:19:11] <Carlos Martinez> nope
[14:20:35] <christopher.morrow> seems that without a major voice we ought to delay until next time.
[14:22:22] <lepinski> Sorry, stepped away briefly
[14:22:30] <lepinski> just got back
[14:25:03] <Carlos Martinez> arturo is innocent on that count :D
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[14:53:17] <sandy> chris you are speaking into an open mike!
[14:53:27] <christopher.morrow> wow
[14:53:28] <lepinski> Is all media audio being recorded?
[14:53:52] <John Scudder> I think there is a three-letter agency in charge of that.
[14:53:54] <christopher.morrow> awesome
[14:54:07] <John Scudder> we do security here
[14:54:10] <asonalker> it's okay Chris, your secret is safe with us.
[14:54:14] <christopher.morrow> :)
[14:54:18] <sandy> and your password.
[14:54:25] <christopher.morrow> itsbob
[14:54:33] <John Scudder> not 1234?
[14:54:41] <Randy Bush> 227, i think
[14:54:48] <christopher.morrow> the password I mean
[14:54:54] <Randy Bush> you may want to change it again
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[15:04:10] <lepinski> This should be an easy document to do a BIS for
[15:04:35] <lepinski> Let's just get a new document out as quickly as we can
[15:05:03] <John Scudder> ^
[15:07:54] <lepinski> In the CMS context, I cannot see any win for using the combined identifier.
[15:08:04] <sandy> matt: you suggested SHOULD support for the ocmbined identifier - can you speak up?
[15:08:10] <lepinski> No, I suggested "MAY" ... and I am happy with no mention
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[15:09:06] <lepinski> I could be talked into SHOULD, my preference is MAY ... but no mention also seems fine
[15:12:17] <bradd> sounds like a phone on vibrate
[15:12:29] <John Scudder> It does but I want to hear more voice impressions.
[15:20:56] <lepinski> Won't the RIRs always be hosting their repositories in address space managed by said RIR?
[15:21:37] <Randy Bush> second guessing what the RIRs do or may do is worse than betting on horse races
[15:22:09] <lepinski> point taken
[15:40:26] <lepinski> I read through Wes's email briefly from yesterday, but my comprehension was not 100% ... I will respond to Wes on the list.
[15:42:58] <lepinski> If someone is capable of summarizing it, please post the summary on the list :->
[15:43:17] <Randy Bush> record this, matt sends a sarcastic comment!
[15:44:39] <lepinski> Sorry, it has been a long week. I'll be back to normal by Vancouver.
[15:50:25] <John Scudder> N.b. by TTL is 10 minutes.
[16:10:21] <Carlos Martinez> which full day sorry ?
[16:10:46] <sandy> full day is 27 july
[16:10:56] <sandy> next interim meeting
[16:11:37] <Carlos Martinez> tks
[16:12:16] <sandy> in vancouver
[16:19:44] <Carlos Martinez> will there be webex for 7/27 ?
[16:19:57] <christopher.morrow> that's the idea, yes.
[16:20:03] <Carlos Martinez> tks
[16:20:07] <Randy Bush> there will be remote participation facilities
[16:20:11] <christopher.morrow> yup
[16:25:23] <christopher.morrow> time to find food.
[16:25:27] <christopher.morrow> or sleep for randy
[16:25:36] <Randy Bush> past my normal wake up
[16:25:37] <christopher.morrow> I don't, no.
[16:26:52] <Carlos Martinez> bye bye ! see you in 4-5 weeks
[16:26:53] <Carlos Martinez> bye
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[16:27:13] <padma.krishnaswamy> thanks
[16:27:14] <christopher.morrow> I'll copy up the notes/minutes.
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