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[15:23:06] <zulipbot> (Suresh Krishnan) Lorenzo and Simon
[15:23:19] <zulipbot> (Suresh Krishnan) I cannot seem to see the slides
[15:23:32] <zulipbot> (Suresh Krishnan) Meetecho says no slides available even though they are on datatracker
[15:24:43] <zulipbot> (Suresh Krishnan) @meetecho
[15:24:59] <zulipbot> (Lorenzo Miniero) Let us check
[15:25:12] <zulipbot> (Suresh Krishnan) Thanks Lorenzo
[15:25:50] <zulipbot> (Lorenzo Miniero) We only see a single deck on the datatracker, and it seems to be available for presenting
[15:26:03] <zulipbot> (Lorenzo Miniero) You don't see it in the list?
[15:26:16] <zulipbot> (Suresh Krishnan) Nope
[15:26:17] <zulipbot> (Lorenzo Miniero) Or do you mean there's more than one deck we're not showing?
[15:26:30] <zulipbot> (Suresh Krishnan) I am seeing "no slides available"
[15:27:10] <zulipbot> (Lorenzo Miniero) Checking
[15:27:27] <zulipbot> (Suresh Krishnan) Worked now
[15:27:40] <zulipbot> (Suresh Krishnan) Very weird. Thanks!
[15:27:53] <zulipbot> (Lorenzo Miniero) Weird indeed, we'll investigate, sorry about that!
[15:36:56] <zulipbot> (Andrew Campling) The evolution of Meetecho does indeed appear to render much of the discussion moot