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[11:47:21] <Alessandro Amirante_web_193> I'll do that for you
[11:47:59] <Alessandro Amirante_web_193> done
[11:48:10] <Roman Danyliw_web_941> @alessandro, thanks!
[11:48:15] <Alessandro Amirante_web_193> you're welcome
[11:49:38] <Alessandro Amirante_web_193> fyi, chairs have a "manage slides" feature in the settings menu (upper-right corner, next to the exit button) they can use to preload slides from the datatracker
[11:50:54] <Nancy Cam-Winget_web_128> Thank you Alessandro, that is what I had forgotten....and very grateful for your help!
[11:51:26] <Alessandro Amirante_web_193> I'm here to help :blush:
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[11:52:38] <Danny Zollner_web_933> Howdy :)
[11:52:54] <Nancy Cam-Winget_web_128> Good morning, afternoon and evening!
[11:53:09] <Barry Leiba_web_771> Hiya...
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[11:59:28] <Barry Leiba_web_771> Looking for note takers, please.  Volunteers, don't be shy!
[11:59:35] <Pamela Dingle_web_735> Morning everyone!
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[11:59:55] <Pamela Dingle_web_735> I can scribe, do we have a hackmd-equivalent page we should be using?
[12:00:12] <Nancy Cam-Winget_web_128>
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[12:04:52] <Paul Lanzi_web_820> good morning all!
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[12:05:26] <Tom Wimmers_web_801> Good morning everyone!
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[12:06:23] <Danny Zollner_web_933> Phil was in a minute ago, but left
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[12:06:54] <Paul Lanzi_web_820> ^I'll help scribe during Pam's portion of the presentation
[12:07:00] <Barry Leiba_web_771> Thanks, Paul!
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[12:20:00] <Phillip Hunt_web_180> mic problem.
[12:20:18] <Phillip Hunt_web_180> POST /.search is for security because GET query can reveal PII
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[12:28:40] <Phillip Hunt_web_180> Nancy it looks like I may not be able to speak later.  Both Firefox and Safari won't allow Mic access to MeetEcho.
[12:29:08] <cabo> Phillip Hunt_web_180: Have you configured your OS?
[12:29:37] <Pamela Dingle_web_735> Ack on the mic issues nancy, let us know if we can help in any way
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[12:30:17] <Phillip Hunt_web_180> I sent her a private note
[12:31:33] <Paul Lanzi_web_820> @danny - can I put a link to these slides into the notes? if so, can you drop the link to the slides here (or into the notes directly)?
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[12:32:48] <Nancy Cam-Winget_web_128> @paul: the slides are made available as part of the IETF 112 proceedings.
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[12:33:08] <Danny Zollner_web_933> IETF 112 agenda there are buttons for meeting materials in the row for SCIM
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[12:34:16] <cabo> Click on the folder icon top right in meetecho
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[12:35:23] <Danny Zollner_web_933> I went about 2 years before I knew 7642 existed.. :)
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[12:36:37] <Roman Danyliw_web_941> RFC7642 is informational status vs. Proposed Standard for the others.
[12:37:06] <Roman Danyliw_web_941> IETF uses information status to document materials like requirements and terminology
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[12:56:30] <Phillip Hunt_web_781> Since SCIM is an HTTP protocol, the terms all originate from HTTP.  :-)
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[12:59:22] <Phillip Hunt_web_781> I think you are looking at it from an "information perspective" :)
[13:04:45] <Phillip Hunt_web_781> I have no audio at this time.  :)
[13:06:10] <Janelle_web_613> Yep happy to join you
[13:06:57] <Phillip Hunt_web_781> I don't think he is on.
[13:07:09] <Phillip Hunt_web_781> Gregg Wilson
[13:07:43] <Phillip Hunt_web_781> Give me 2 mins
[13:08:10] <Danny Zollner_web_933> I can try to speak to it if all else fails, I've talked to Phil about the problem a bit but haven't read the updated draft..
[13:08:24] <Danny Zollner_web_933> definitely a last resort :)
[13:08:46] <Nancy Cam-Winget_web_128> Thanks Danny!
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[13:11:14] <Danny Zollner_web_933> /whew
[13:11:25] <Paul Lanzi_web_820> ah, I wanted to see danny give it shot :)
[13:11:37] <Danny Zollner_web_933> I did not want to see me give it a shot haha
[13:14:06] <Danny Zollner_web_933> CMV = Complex Multi-Value
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[13:22:19] <Danny Zollner_web_933> I'm definitely interested in this - manipulating very large groups is challenging right now.. a JSON payload with a million values for members is terrifying if you can't page it..
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[13:50:44] <Pamela Dingle_web_735> +1 to github!1
[13:50:50] <Paul Lanzi_web_820> good with github
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[13:51:13] <Janelle_web_613> +1 github
[13:51:33] <Phillip Hunt_web_148> +1 github
[13:51:48] <Carsten Bormann_web_610> +1.  Github is for the fine-grained work, I-Ds and mail is for getting progress in the process
[13:52:40] <Roman Danyliw_web_941> Guidance on using Github with IETF processes --
[13:53:00] <Pamela Dingle_web_735> - added the link to the notes
[13:53:02] <Roman Danyliw_web_941> It's more than just final steps.
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[13:59:31] <Danny Zollner_web_933> I volunteer.
[13:59:39] <Janelle_web_613> +1 volunteer
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[14:00:18] <Paul Lanzi_web_820> thank you all!
[14:00:24] <Pamela Dingle_web_735> Paul's notes are better than mine :-D
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[14:00:37] <Phillip Hunt_web_148> Thanks everyone!
[14:00:49] <Paul Lanzi_web_820> lots of coffee is really the hero here
[14:00:56] <Ching-Heng Ku_web_380> Thanks
[14:01:03] <Pamela Dingle_web_735> Wahoo!!
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[14:01:15] <Danny Zollner_web_933> Woohoo
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