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[21:53:30] <Kelly Grizzle> hey folks ... anyone there in the room (other than morteza and phil)?
[21:54:02] <Erik Wahlstrom> Well, sounds like John B :)
[21:54:27] <Erik Wahlstrom> meetecho sound does not work by the way. but stream works
[21:54:28] <Kelly Grizzle> the lucky ones that made it out to sunny hawaii.  the smart ones are on the beach now.
[21:54:57] <Erik Wahlstrom> hehe... it's 11 PM friday night in sweden... I sure feel lucky :)
[21:55:06] <Kelly Grizzle> i'm getting some through meetecho
[21:55:15] <Kelly Grizzle> hopefully you have a beer firmly in hand
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[21:56:14] <Erik Wahlstrom> hehe not really. will stay sharp :)
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[22:04:33] <Kelly Grizzle> mic: I think "suspend" is supported through the active attribute on User
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[22:06:26] <Barry Leiba> As Kelly did, please prefix with "mic" if you want me to speak for you.
[22:08:47] <Erik Wahlstrom> mic: yes. we say that it should always return a 404, even though service provider still stores it.
[22:09:24] <Erik Wahlstrom> feels like train left. un-mic it :)
[22:09:31] <Bill Mills> MIC: does the protocol need to specify what the DB does on the back end?
[22:09:55] <Bill Mills> Seems like this is a business requirement and not a protocol thing.
[22:10:21] <Erik Wahlstrom> :)
[22:11:40] <Bill Mills> Yeah, allowing the option would need to be in the protocol.  Whether the client is allowed to do that is a different problem
[22:12:18] <Barry Leiba> 4 or 5 hands
[22:12:24] <Barry Leiba> 8 or 10 people total, so....
[22:12:28] <Erik Wahlstrom> :)
[22:12:29] <Barry Leiba> maybe 12
[22:12:32] <Kelly Grizzle> <-- this guy raises hi hand
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[22:22:52] <Erik Wahlstrom> mic: list from IIW of interesting companies "VMWare, Intel, neXus, UnboundID, Cisco, Ping."
[22:25:47] <Erik Wahlstrom> s/interesting/interested
[22:30:18] <Erik Wahlstrom> cred management
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[23:08:14] <Bill Mills> MIC:  define the events, "here's an update" and make them independent of the protocol
[23:08:40] <Bill Mills> then pubsubhubbub or however it gets delivered isn't a problem
[23:09:15] <Bill Mills> figure out how to break the coupling to HTTP
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