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[15:40:09] Tobia Castaldi joins the room
[15:40:17] Alessandro Amirante joins the room
[15:44:27] Bjorn Aannestad joins the room
[15:44:40] <Tobia Castaldi> Hi Bjorn
[15:45:04] <Alessandro Amirante> do you read me?
[15:45:19] <Bjorn Aannestad> Yes
[15:45:29] <Alessandro Amirante> ok
[15:45:57] <Alessandro Amirante> if you go on the Audio/Video tab, there is an headsets icon
[15:46:14] <Alessandro Amirante> from there, you can launch the java  applet and test if it works
[15:46:32] <Bjorn Aannestad> looking...
[15:47:16] <Alessandro Amirante> Alex is talking in the mic
[15:47:24] <Alessandro Amirante> (Lorenzo here)
[15:47:28] <Alessandro Amirante> can you hear him?
[15:47:56] Bjorn Aannestad leaves the room
[15:48:39] Bjorn joins the room
[15:48:51] <Alessandro Amirante> hello Bjorn
[15:48:54] <Bjorn> The applet crashed,  retrying...
[15:48:58] <Alessandro Amirante> ok
[15:49:16] <Bjorn> Not clicking "enable video" this time...
[15:49:31] <Alessandro Amirante> as you wish :)
[15:50:01] <Bjorn> Ok, I hear audio now
[15:50:05] <Alessandro Amirante> can you hear Alex?
[15:50:19] <Alessandro Amirante> ok perfect we can hear you too, we'll set the volume levels
[15:50:25] <Alessandro Amirante> just keep on talking
[15:58:32] <Tobia Castaldi> +1-347-964-0129
[15:59:31] <Bjorn> i am speaking into the telephone
[15:59:41] <Tobia Castaldi> digit *51 again
[15:59:43] <Alessandro Amirante> try to digit *521 agsin
[15:59:48] <Alessandro Amirante> sorry *51
[15:59:57] <Bjorn> did that...
[16:00:21] <Bjorn> I can here you in both head set and phone.
[16:04:18] <Alessandro Amirante> are you still on the web page bjorn?
[16:07:14] Bjorn leaves the room
[16:07:40] Bjorn joins the room
[16:11:00] Tobia Castaldi leaves the room
[16:11:17] Bjorn leaves the room
[16:11:18] Alessandro Amirante leaves the room
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