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[17:07:12] <hta> are there slides?
[17:07:31] <Ted.h> There are no slides posted yet.
[17:08:15] <hta> saw the announce go out to use the webex chatroom, but viewing slides on my android client is kind of awkward.
[17:08:40] <Ted.h> Understood, will try to grab a copy as soon as they are up.
[17:08:55] <Ted.h> Seems to be an issue for Justin—he's got the ball, but not unmuted etc.
[17:09:58] <Ted.h> Okay, until that's sorted, Cullen will drive off the change list (Appendix A of -13)
[17:31:15] <hta> the string "msid-semantic" doesn't appear in the draft, which is good. (I thought I heard someone mentioning it on the call, but audio quality wasn't that great)
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