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[14:47:59] <hta> 2 chairs and me ... should we mention the room to the group? I don't get a chatbox in fedex either.
[14:58:12] <Magnus> No, they seem to have removed the chatbox.
[15:25:39] <Cullen> So I hope chairs (not me) are thinking about for the end of this call, what they need to tell people to get done e befreo the −01 draft deadline for next IETF meeting
[15:58:19] <hta> Cullen, you should suggest the hints stuff as API changes in the W3C ..... I think that's where they belong.
[16:07:42] <Cullen> I think that Anant is going to take a stab at the hints in the next rev of the W3C doc
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