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[14:28:13] <Dan York> Morning, all… it's been entertaining watching you all figure out the conferencing system ;-)
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[14:29:56] <Dan York> BTW, the webex client on the iPad works great to see the session
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[14:37:18] <Dan York> yes, agenda looks fine, Cullen
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[14:37:47] <burn> did you do the note well already? maybe it was so fast i missed it
[14:37:54] <Dan York> Yes, it was done
[14:38:09] <Dan York> Cullen displayed it after his initial slide
[14:38:19] <burn> ok
[14:38:58] <Dan York> WebEx client says there are 67 people on the webex session… great number to see!
[14:42:05] <Magnus> Well, some are duplicates because people are both logged using the web and the phone.
[14:42:16] <Magnus> But it is fairly good turn up.
[14:43:24] <EKR> Can't you somehow tie your voice number to your webex login?
[14:43:42] <Cullen> no
[14:43:57] <Cullen> when you dial in , it asks for a participant number, if you do that , it works
[14:44:22] <Dan York> EKR: The iPad WebEx client offered to call me on my phone… but I gave it the wrong number :-( So then I needed to call in separately.
[14:44:45] <Dan York> We need RTCWEB ;-)
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[14:53:59] <EKR> G.711!
[14:54:12] <Cullen> or ilbc
[14:54:39] <Cullen> Theses seem to be the ones that show up in several drafts
[14:54:50] <EKR> I was actually assuming ILBC. The 711 was intended to be comedy :)
[14:56:32] <burn> "negotiate connections" may be too strong. negotiate media, yes. session management is more questionable
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[15:02:02] <csp> RFC 4733?
[15:16:09] <Dan York> Cullen - in the webex, I'm still seeing "Existing Gear Case 2"
[15:16:42] <Dan York> good now
[15:30:23] <Cullen> cany anyone see who is that
[15:30:28] <Dan York> Emil Ivov needs to be muted
[15:30:45] <dirk.kutscher> I think we need to mute EMil Ivov
[15:30:51] <dirk.kutscher> better
[15:31:45] <Cullen> thanks - it's hard for me to quickly see who to mute so putting the person I need to mute into the room here helps - thanks
[15:32:19] <Dan York> k … will do that… the iPad client keeps showing whoever is talking, so the name stays up there for a good bit of time
[15:46:35] <Dan York> Call-In User 42
[15:46:40] <Dan York> is creating that tone
[15:47:07] <Cullen> thanks
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[16:03:02] <bernard.aboba> Agree that we should focus on media requirements arising from these use cases, not signaling.
[16:03:49] <bernard.aboba> Also, agree with cullen that sending two video streams should not be a basic requirement.
[16:13:12] <Magnus> The two media streams is for simulcast which is to avoid media transcoding in the mixer when you have both high resolutions and low resolutions displays.
[16:15:07] <Magnus> This is considering a more codec agnostic way than using SVC. This as SVC is not that efficient if the layers are two far from each other. Like a HD and a thumbnail.
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[17:22:45] <Dan York> That was me tossing in the comment about chrome-less windows
[17:23:07] <EKR> Why does it say you're dan burnett?
[17:23:12] Dan York just realized that he was only identified in WebEx as "Callin_User_47" or something like that
[17:23:12] <EKR> But you're totally right.
[17:23:24] <EKR> I think I'm callin user 47
[17:23:27] <Dan York> Dan Burnett *also* was talking… and raised the tabbed issue
[17:23:30] <EKR> oh, ok.
[17:23:36] <EKR> It's a really good point
[17:23:37] <Dan York> I followed him :-)
[17:23:47] <EKR> as is full screen
[17:23:52] <Dan York> Yep, that, too.
[17:24:18] <Dan York> Any expectation that the browser chrome will be available for display issues is probably not 100% accurate
[17:46:00] <Dan York> draft-kaufman-rtcweb-traversal-00
[17:46:31] <EKR> dan, yes… Especially with the new fullscreen modes
[17:47:01] <EKR> On the topic of mixed content warnings, Gmail used to be totally screwed and it used to be the case that you would get warnings all the time. :)
[17:47:12] <Dan York> EKR: Yep, agreed.
[17:47:48] <EKR> It's really hard to get people to understand that mixed content == the suck
[17:49:30] <Ted> In application where you're media mixing streams which have different security properties, we're going to have the same problem. If 2 of your 4 streamsets in an application are encrypted and 2 are not, flashing the security icon as you move among them is sub-optimal at best.
[17:50:36] <Cullen> Just from a history point of view, I don't think STUN was designed to not look like anything else.
[17:51:20] <burn> EKR, yes, this was a big complaint from our Google participants in the HTMLSpeech stuff -- it is NOT ACCEPTABLE to have a popup every time an app wants access to voice, location, etc. Makes it very hard to write Web 2.0 apps.
[17:51:42] <EKR> Ted: yes… a similar contamination type problem.
[17:52:12] <EKR> burn: yes, a lot of this philosophy came from friends who work on chrome
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[18:25:49] <burn> Cullen, we have about 5 minutes left, right?
[18:26:51] <Cullen> yes
[18:26:59] <Ted> When we scheduled this on World IPv6 day, Bert Wijnen promised me we would take a break to watch the parade. My apologies for forgetting up until now.
[18:27:58] <EKR> I'm certainly fine with a shim layer
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