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[11:33:06] --- william.gilliam has joined
[11:33:24] <Melinda> william, are you in the rserpool meeting room?
[11:33:41] <william.gilliam> Yes, I am.
[11:34:05] <Melinda> I'm trying to listen in from home, and the only people who are audible are the chairs. Thanks.
[11:34:43] <william.gilliam> I'll mention it as soon as there's an opportunity.
[11:36:43] <william.gilliam> Just to let you know, there were some audio problems just before this session started. We're not completely sure what the hotel folks did to "fix" things, but there's a patchwork of cables, etc., near the front of the room.
[11:38:50] <Melinda> I was wondering what all that "check, check, check" stuff was. Obviously he didn't check [hah] all the mikes.
[11:39:41] <william.gilliam> Can you hear Jon now?
[11:41:05] <Melinda> No, I'm still just hearing the chairs. I guess I'll live with it, but the hotel should do something about it between the meetings.
[11:43:12] <Melinda> There we go!
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