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mcr/credil has set the subject to: IETF96 ROLL WG meeting
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[19:14:39] <eintopf>
[19:14:44] <eintopf> open source business
[19:14:48] <eintopf> not funny anymore :(
[19:15:03] <eintopf> I bet somebody get money for cherry-pick my patches
[19:15:54] <eintopf> but don't understand me wrong, I don't care about the money. I would do it for free because I need it myself. It would be better to donate the money for poor childrens, etc.
[20:21:37] <eintopf> mcr:
[20:21:40] <eintopf> one implementation about mle
[20:21:57] <eintopf> I need to run openthread in userspace and talk with linux stack over fakelb
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