[12:02:03] --- LOGGING STARTED
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[17:41:08] <larsman> No sound (just noice) on the streaming. Has the meeting started???
[17:41:20] <admcd> no, not yet
[17:41:46] <larsman> OK, fine, WG chair is listening!! =)
[17:45:33] <admcd> well, i've just been forced into minute taking by cabo...
[17:45:53] <admcd> i'll try to relay any comments from you to the mic as well
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[17:48:15] <magnus> Do you hear things now?
[17:48:32] <krisan> yep, but lots of interference on the channel
[17:48:55] <larsman> Yeah, but SNR is not nice...
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[17:58:35] <larsman> One comment from the WG chair about the question Magnus mentined.
[17:58:58] <magnus> Go ahead
[17:59:15] <ltn22@jabber.org> you want me to ask a question
[17:59:23] <larsman> ROHCv2 will provide a new set of profiles, and these will be different than the v1 profiles. However, we will not enforce implementation of the v1 profiles
[18:00:03] <larsman> So, there can be hosts that will not support (be backwards compatible with) ROHCv1
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[18:02:04] <magnus> Can we skip that last comment? I think most will understand the consequence of your comment.
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[18:04:07] <larsman> You do not have to bring it up! Just wanted to be clearer on what I wanted to say!
[18:13:31] <larsman> The FW draft update was announced 2h ago!
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[18:24:40] <krisan> according to new charter, framework is to be proposed standard
[18:25:45] <larsman> YES, the plan is as outlined by Magnus!
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[18:29:09] <larsman> Before we settle with this channel parameter, I would like to see some alternatives investigated, in-band methods to achieve the same thing
[18:29:43] <cabo> Yes!
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[19:15:35] <larsman> Sorry for the caps...=)
[19:15:54] <magnus> We are glad that "your voice" didn't scream it out.
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[19:43:09] <larsman> The problem then would be that the protocol type would not be self-describing
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