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[09:05:41] <krisan> yep, I can hear you talking
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[09:06:43] <cabo--tzi--org> Hi Kristofer!
[09:06:48] <krisan> hi!
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[09:13:55] <gorryf> I can scribe (a little) while I am in the room (but I am not here for the full meeting) - Others please fill in the gaps:-)
[09:14:31] <krisan> I'm on the mp3-stream, so you don't need to scripbe unless someone else is without the audio :)
[09:17:33] <gorryf> Document status review complete.
[09:19:24] <gorryf> (Sorry for banging the room door loudly) - Could someone ping me on Jabber when we get to TCP?
[09:21:17] <cabo--tzi--org> Yes, will do
[09:33:45] <cabo--tzi--org> Getting close to end of SigComp slot...
[09:48:42] <cabo--tzi--org> TCP slot done
[10:12:34] <cabo--tzi--org> now in HC over MPLS slot
[10:47:34] <cabo--tzi--org> now in 3095 Futures segment
[11:00:55] <cabo--tzi--org> Anybody out there have an instruction count?
[11:02:30] <krisan> nope, unfortunately, but clearly the split is evil to implement
[11:02:48] <cabo--tzi--org> How evil? Does it actually slow you down?
[11:03:23] <krisan> I no longer "have" an implementation, so I cannot measure anything.
[11:03:45] <cabo--tzi--org> OK, I thought you could do it in your head :-)
[11:04:18] <krisan> nice try, but that was Stefan who was at acticom who did some CRCs in his head :)
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[11:06:25] <cabo--tzi--org> end of meeting.
[11:07:00] <krisan> allright. have a nice IETF!
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