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[11:52:33] <Zhaohui Zhang_web_659> meetecho
[11:52:46] <Meetecho> Yes?
[11:53:08] <Zhaohui Zhang_web_659> I have some slides uploaded just now; I did press "reload" and it's showing up
[11:53:13] <Zhaohui Zhang_web_659> but I can not share them
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[11:53:27] <Meetecho> Ack, we'll add them
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[11:53:28] <Zhaohui Zhang_web_659> They are not available for sharing
[11:53:32] <Zhaohui Zhang_web_659> Thanks
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[11:53:59] <Zhaohui Zhang_web_659> See them now
[11:54:00] <Zhaohui Zhang_web_659> Thanks.
[11:54:09] <Meetecho> Ok!
[11:54:10] <Zhaohui Zhang_web_659> I had thought by loading them I'd be able to share.
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[11:56:10] <Meetecho> The reload button only refreshes the list on the datatracker
[11:56:28] <Meetecho> To import them, you need to use the settings button (upper/right) and from there "Manage slides"
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[12:00:59] <Melchior Aelmans_web_992> Hi all!
[12:01:08] <Bruno Rijsman_web_306> Hi Melchior!
[12:01:18] <Bruno Rijsman_web_306> Is Tony joining today?
[12:01:23] <Zheng Zhang_web_685> Hello everyone!
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[12:02:49] <Tony Przygienda_web_496> here ;-)
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[12:03:12] <Bruno Rijsman_web_306> Hey, there, Tony (and everyone else)
[12:03:26] <Tony Przygienda_web_496> I wouldn't miss Jeff explaining note well for 5th time this week for my life ;-)
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[12:05:02] <Tony Przygienda_web_496> label/SR discussion are coming up pretty consistently now by the lab'ing people ...
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[12:09:29] <Bruno Rijsman_web_306> Is this intended to replace or augment RIFT flood reduction?
[12:09:36] <Tony Przygienda_web_496> nah
[12:09:40] <Tony Przygienda_web_496> FR works on _any_ topology
[12:10:29] <Tony Przygienda_web_496> the demand is by people who want to replace big chassis with CLOS, once you do that IGPs start to force you on some kind of smarter thing than just "run ISIS everywhere"
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[12:11:16] <Tony Przygienda_web_496> so the architecture of RIFT hiding the CLOS fully automatically and then automatically brining up FR to hide the topology without a single point of failure is a little bit of a goldilock solution for good amount of customers
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[12:11:49] <Bruno Rijsman_web_306> So, if I understand correct, the answer is "augment" ?
[12:11:51] <Tony Przygienda_web_496> similar to auto-evpn which is kind of cooked, i.e. plug-and-play CLOS that gives you EVPN fully configured
[12:12:17] <Tony Przygienda_web_496> think of RIFT as ZTP to allow you to show on top a x-star in ISIS for a CLOS
[12:15:23] <Bruno Rijsman_web_306> I am confused. Is this draft a proposal for ISIS and just being presented here as an FYI. Or is this draft a proposal for RIFT?  Or is this a proposal for folks who runs a combination of ISIS and RIFT?
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[12:20:38] <Bruno Rijsman_web_306> Did the Thrift schema changes involve a major version bump?
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[12:21:18] <Bruno Rijsman_web_306> ( Or was capability announcement used to avoid a major version bump? )
[12:21:42] <Tony Przygienda_web_496> there is schema advertised on NodeCapabilities to prevent snafus ;-)
[12:21:52] <Tony Przygienda_web_496> I mean schema version major/minor
[12:22:03] <Tony Przygienda_web_496> no, schema changes on rift is all minor
[12:22:21] <Bruno Rijsman_web_306> :thumbsup:
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[12:22:49] <Tony Przygienda_web_496> so there is auto-evpn major/minor that is carried in rift as well and rift minor will need bump which is mostly for sanity because the major/minor auto-* is optional and used to indicate whether node supports it
[12:23:06] <Tony Przygienda_web_496> so in a sense we could even leave rift on same minor but it's good hygiene to bump it up
[12:24:04] <Melchior Aelmans_web_992> thanks!
[12:24:06] <Tony Przygienda_web_496> thanks e'one ...
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[12:24:23] <Bruno Rijsman_web_306> :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
[12:24:30] <Tony Przygienda_web_496> short and sweet and technical ...
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[12:26:24] <Meetecho> Session over?
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