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[10:11:22] <mnot> Are we queueing?
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[10:22:42] <mnot> +1 to carsten - recording the disposition of issues is really important, with details. E.g., dates it was discussed, reasoning, etc.
[10:23:12] <mnot> I find it useful to add a comment 'Discussed at [meeting], sense of the room was…. next steps are...'
[10:28:18] <cabo> What if a stream decides to publish a document that cannot be converted to PDF/A?
[10:38:47] <Jay Daley> @Carsten - How is that possible?
[10:39:41] <cabo> I don't know, but how is that impossible?
[10:40:36] <cabo> Substitute any technical problem in the publishing process
[10:48:13] <cabo> It is way easier to resolve a conflict if the resolver can point to the approver (good cop, bad cop)
[10:51:55] <cabo> We are not having these conflicts because the current structure prevents then from festering
[10:59:13] <cabo> Causing delays may be a powerful deterrent
[11:29:48] <cabo> Checks and balances
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