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[10:47:56] <rolf.sonneveld> Audio is good
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[11:03:17] <Chris Lewis> lost audio or is it just me?
[11:03:29] <resnick> We'll check.
[11:03:29] <rolf.sonneveld> lost audio too
[11:03:38] <rolf.sonneveld> audio back again
[11:03:46] <Steve Allam> I have audio
[11:04:07] <Chris Lewis> Not me
[11:04:46] <Steve Allam> I'm using the flash based audio stream
[11:05:29] <Chris Lewis> Was using cvlc rtsp://
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[11:06:45] <Chris Lewis> restarted, working again
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[11:09:13] <Dave Crocker> should have audio via meetecho
[11:11:19] <Tobia Castaldi> hi all we remember that a Meetecho session is available at if you are already logged in the repute jabber room please use a different nick name when joining Meetecho
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[11:17:34] <Tobia Castaldi> John Levin at the mic
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[11:24:06] <Tobia Castaldi> Bill Mills at the mic
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[11:27:51] <Steve Allam> We use one already that fits within the framework - ssl + id/key mechanism
[11:28:12] <rolf.sonneveld> access control will require authentication
[11:28:22] <Simon Romano> @remotes: keep in mind that jabber is projected on the screen...
[11:28:42] <Simon Romano> if you want people here to 'listen to you', just write it down.
[11:30:42] <Dave Crocker> are folks out there getting the audio?
[11:30:53] <Chris Lewis> Yes.
[11:30:54] <rolf.sonneveld> Yep, audio is OK
[11:30:59] <Dave Crocker> ack. tnx
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[11:41:22] <Steve Allam> two things
[11:41:33] <Steve Allam> not silence??
[11:41:50] <Steve Allam> can we have a couple of paras added
[11:42:02] <Steve Allam> about the Query and Response
[11:42:14] <Steve Allam> explaining where these are explained further
[11:42:21] <Steve Allam> welcome to the dark ages
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[11:43:03] <Steve Allam> correct - teletype is old fashioned right?
[11:43:06] <Steve Allam> yes
[11:44:26] <Chris Lewis> Can't hear yet
[11:44:35] <Tobia Castaldi> Slide 1: REPUTE Document Review
[11:44:37] <Chris Lewis> Hi Murrary.
[11:44:37] <Tobia Castaldi> Slide 2: draft-ietf-repute-model
[11:44:49] <Tobia Castaldi> Slide 3: draft-ietf-repute-model
[11:44:52] <Tobia Castaldi> Slide 4: draft-ietf-repute-media-type
[11:44:57] <Lorenzo Miniero> Chris, have you tried the RTSP stream? rtsp://
[11:45:02] <resnick> Skipped the first 3.
[11:45:14] <rolf.sonneveld> Sound OK
[11:45:33] <Chris Lewis> Was using rtsp via vlc. Kept stopping. Via Brassero it works.
[11:45:43] <Tobia Castaldi> Slide 5: draft-ietf-repute-media-type
[11:46:01] <Lorenzo Miniero> weird, it usually works always fine in VLC
[11:46:09] <Lorenzo Miniero> glad to see it works in Brassero too though!
[11:47:42] <rolf.sonneveld> JSON is the next agenda item, isn't it?
[11:47:57] <Tobia Castaldi> Slide 5: draft-ietf-repute-media-type
[11:49:50] <Tobia Castaldi> Andy Newton @mic
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[11:51:33] <rolf.sonneveld> Lost audio
[11:51:59] <rolf.sonneveld> Audio OK again
[11:52:04] <Chris Lewis> still got mine
[11:52:38] <Steve Allam> no
[11:52:43] <Chris Lewis> No.
[11:53:04] <SM> Rolf, what are you using?
[11:53:25] <rolf.sonneveld> Totem
[11:53:45] <SM> Do it stop after five minutes?
[11:53:58] <rolf.sonneveld> no objection
[11:54:29] <Steve Allam> multi-part would kill performance too..
[11:54:47] <Lorenzo Miniero> SM is that what you're experiencing?
[11:54:57] <SM> Not folliwng this tream
[11:55:04] <Lorenzo Miniero> ok :)
[11:55:16] <SM> Anyway, if you have a problem with VLC, switch clients
[11:55:26] <rolf.sonneveld> OK, audio is now OK again
[11:57:13] <gshapiro> @Steve Allam: I agree re: multipart performance
[11:59:00] <Tobia Castaldi> Slide 6: draft-ietf-repute-media-type
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[12:00:10] <Tobia Castaldi> Slide 7: draft-ietf-repute-query-http
[12:01:33] <Tobia Castaldi> john Levine @mic
[12:01:48] <Tobia Castaldi> ...waiting :)
[12:04:47] <Tobia Castaldi> andy newton @mic
[12:05:16] <Tobia Castaldi> andrew sullivan
[12:06:28] <Chris Lewis> This does fix lame queries.
[12:07:26] <Chris Lewis> Things that are broken freom the get-go.
[12:07:47] <Chris Lewis> This is an issue in DNSBL query land where queries are boken from the start.
[12:08:03] <Chris Lewis> Where admin added wrong query format.
[12:08:35] <Chris Lewis> Or never got it right in the first place
[12:08:50] <Suz> i.e. a query that makes no sense and can only generate an error?
[12:09:09] <Chris Lewis> WIll do on list.
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[12:10:02] <Tobia Castaldi> Slide 8: draft-ietf-repute-email-identifiers
[12:10:52] <Andrew Sullivan> (the motivating text of RFC 6570 is right at the beginning, in section 1.1.
[12:11:13] <Tobia Castaldi> Slide 9: draft-ietf-repute-email-identifiers
[12:12:28] <rolf.sonneveld> What is RFC5321.Sender?
[12:13:09] <Tobia Castaldi> Slide 10: Implementations
[12:13:39] <Steve Allam> yes it is close
[12:14:24] <Steve Allam> I am happy to share integration info on the list as we do it.
[12:18:12] <rolf.sonneveld> I believe we decided in the past that reputation on one side and authentication of identities on the other, are separate issues
[12:18:13] <Chris Lewis> Could be useful for generating probabilities.
[12:19:35] <rolf.sonneveld> @Dave: does this also apply to other headers that are part of the DKIM signature>
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[12:22:17] <rolf.sonneveld> OK
[12:26:54] <Tobia Castaldi> Presentazione interrotta
[12:27:52] <Chris Lewis> When you do a query...
[12:28:07] <Chris Lewis> Is it useful to have both a response for
[12:28:18] <Chris Lewis> authenticated domain AND unauthenticated domain? As in:
[12:28:34] <Chris Lewis> reputation of dom is x if auth, y if non-auth/
[12:28:46] <Chris Lewis> Done ;-)
[12:29:55] <Chris Lewis> I have some major current exmaples.
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[12:30:13] <Steve Allam> this is where competing reputation services providers get to diferentiate? :-)
[12:30:22] <Chris Lewis> Massive NACHA/USPS/UPS etc spoof campaigns (Zeus).
[12:31:49] <Steve Allam> yes - an implementors guide would be useful
[12:32:27] <Chris Lewis> Exactly what I was getting at.
[12:33:12] <Steve Allam> hmm - next time I'll be in the room
[12:33:25] <Dave Crocker> i
[12:33:39] <Dave Crocker> i'm just as happy to thank you in personn for volunteering.
[12:33:46] <Chris Lewis> NACHA is not food.
[12:34:00] <Steve Allam> I am happy to draft something and people can work out whether it will be useful
[12:35:11] <Chris Lewis> Hum
[12:35:58] <rolf.sonneveld> Hum
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[12:37:33] <Tobia Castaldi> bye all
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[12:37:52] <Tobia Castaldi> see you soon on Meetecho ;)
[12:37:55] <Steve Allam> bye
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[12:37:58] <rolf.sonneveld> Thanks, all
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[12:38:27] <Tobia Castaldi> recording will be available on
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