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[06:26:50] <chris-lewis> Hi Murray.
[06:29:01] <msk> hey chris
[06:30:19] <msk> we're in WEBSEC
[06:30:24] <msk> so this'll be dead for a bit longer.
[06:30:47] <chris-lewis> I figgered. Mainly making sure this stuff works.
[06:34:12] R.E. Sonneveld joins the room
[06:34:38] <R.E. Sonneveld> Hello, there, pleased to meet you.
[06:35:40] <msk> hi rolf
[06:36:04] <msk> iMac, huh? :-)
[06:40:10] <R.E. Sonneveld> Yep ;-) Too lazy to make a personal icon
[06:41:08] <msk> heh
[06:51:52] <msk> preparing to switch rooms
[06:51:52] <msk> see you guys shortly
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[07:03:12] <chris-lewis> Cruwis?
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[07:11:57] <msk> anybody listening to the audio and report on the quality?
[07:12:13] <chris-lewis> Sounds like it's packed...
[07:12:24] <msk> 40 people or so.
[07:12:24] <chris-lewis> Audio is pretty good.
[07:12:36] <sm>
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[07:13:32] <Barry Leiba> Hi, Chris!
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[07:13:55] <chris-lewis> Hi Barry.
[07:14:14] <resnick> Chris, are you listening on the audio feed?
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[07:15:12] <sm> Murray presenting
[07:15:19] <sm> Initial Document Set slide
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[07:18:18] <Kepeng> Where can I find the drafts? It is not in
[07:18:34] <sm> The drafts have not be adopted as WG drafts yet
[07:19:21] <sm>
[07:19:33] <Kepeng> thanks, sm
[07:19:40] <sm>
[07:19:54] <sm>
[07:20:08] <sm>
[07:21:37] <sm> The one we don't have yet slide
[07:22:52] <sm> Andrew at the mic
[07:23:31] <sm> If you have questions for the mic, let me know
[07:24:55] <sm> John levine at the mic
[07:25:13] <sm> Linyi at the mic
[07:25:16] <R.E. Sonneveld> +1 for adoption
[07:25:49] <sm> Leif Johansson at the mic
[07:27:21] tandonghui joins the room
[07:28:23] <sm> Hmm for adopting the four documents that Murray listed in his presentation
[07:28:34] <sm> Decision to the mailing list for confirmation
[07:28:44] <Linyi Tian> can the 4 documents be echoed here?
[07:28:55] <resnick> They are above.
[07:29:01] <resnick>
[07:29:07] <resnick>
[07:29:12] <resnick>
[07:29:15] <resnick>
[07:29:16] <Linyi Tian> thanks
[07:30:06] <sm> I think that the vocabulary one is (need to confirm)
[07:30:36] <Linyi Tian> which doc died?
[07:30:41] <sm> John Levine at the mic
[07:31:43] <sm> Barry at the mic
[07:32:25] <sm> URI template draft - The story so far slide
[07:34:09] <sm> Example side
[07:34:37] <sm> That's it slide
[07:35:15] <sm> Leif at the mic
[07:36:20] <sm> John Levine at the mic
[07:36:45] <R.E. Sonneveld> What is the status of the draft-gregorio document?
[07:37:06] <sm> It should go into Last Call soon
[07:37:27] <sm> It was discussed in Apps Area on Monday
[07:37:47] <sm> Leif at the mic
[07:38:53] <sm> Linyi at the mic
[07:39:49] <sm> John Levine at the mic
[07:40:52] <sm> Andrew at the mic
[07:41:11] <Barry Leiba> Wasn't paying attention to the jabber room for a while. SM is correct that vocab-identity is the live doc. vocab-email is dead.
[07:42:37] tonyhansen joins the room
[07:43:51] <sm> DNS v/s UDP-based slide
[07:45:26] <sm> Alecsnder Mayrhofer at the mic
[07:46:00] <sm> Discussion about whether Coap would be useful
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[07:47:13] <sm> Peter Koch at the mic
[07:48:38] <sm> Andrew at the mic
[07:49:26] miek.gieben leaves the room
[07:50:49] <sm> Barry at the mic
[07:52:20] <R.E. Sonneveld> There are more requirements than just maturity and there's more than just the protocol itself. Think about namespace etc. Let's make a list of requirements and then decide whether to go for DNS or UDP or COAP
[07:52:37] <sm> Is that for the mic?
[07:53:14] <R.E. Sonneveld> Yes
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[07:54:00] <sm> Barry channelled it
[07:54:08] <sm> Andrew at the mic
[07:54:13] <Barry Leiba> Please prefix channeling requests with "MIC".
[07:55:00] <sm> Peter, as AD, at the mic
[07:56:05] <sm> Andrew at the mic
[07:57:05] <sm> JSON v/s XML discussion
[07:57:43] <tonyhansen> +1 for json
[07:57:55] =JeffH leaves the room
[07:58:15] <sm> Leif at the mic
[08:00:14] <sm> Alexander at the mic
[08:00:34] <sm> Mike Jones at the mic
[08:01:13] <sm> Jeff at the mic
[08:02:49] <sakimura> +1
[08:03:01] =JeffH joins the room
[08:03:30] <sm> Question about using JSON as the representation form v/s XML for reputons
[08:03:53] <tonyhansen> +1 for json, -1 for xml, -1000 for exi
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[08:04:14] <sm> Richard barnes at the mic
[08:04:45] =JeffH joins the room
[08:05:03] <sm> Stephen Farrell at the mic
[08:05:21] <tonyhansen> -100000 for pptx
[08:05:28] <tonyhansen> :-)
[08:05:35] <Linyi Tian> is signing the only issue for making a decision on the data representation format?
[08:05:37] <msk> hah
[08:05:39] <msk> reputons over pptx
[08:05:58] <sm> Pete as an individual at the mic
[08:06:15] <Linyi Tian> i agree with Pete.
[08:06:19] <sm> Linyi, the usual IETF debates :-)
[08:06:51] <Linyi Tian> i think if we choose json, it could be both used in http and lightweight version.
[08:07:07] <msk> i think it doesn't matter; reputons fit nicely into datagrams even in XML
[08:07:07] <R.E. Sonneveld> Hmm for JSON
[08:07:10] <sm> Hmm for JSON, no hmm for XML
[08:07:29] <sm> Stronger hmm for people without an opinion
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[08:08:01] <Linyi Tian> then obviously json is simpler:)
[08:08:12] <sm> Murray at the mic
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