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[11:51:25] <James Galvin_web_625> hello
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[11:53:11] <Hugo Salgado> Hi everyone.
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[11:54:44] <Heather Flanagan_web_605> Good morning!
[11:54:54] <Mario Loffredo_web_897> Hi all
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[11:56:16] <James Galvin_web_870> MeetEcho - we are missing some slides from the materials.  they are in materials but not pre-loaded.
[11:56:23] <James Galvin_web_870> MeetEcho - can  you help
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[11:57:05] <Meetecho> Ack, just a sec
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[11:57:27] <Meetecho> They should be there now
[11:57:34] <Heather Flanagan_web_605> Jim, I don't see our slides up for the data dictionary?
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[11:58:00] <Heather Flanagan_web_605> Yep, sorry about that
[11:58:11] <Meetecho> Heather: are they missing on the datatracker too?
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[11:58:50] <Heather Flanagan_web_605> Yes, Meetecho. I sent them just to Jim last week. Poor form on my part.
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[11:59:12] <Meetecho> No problem! Please let us know when they're there and we'll import those too
[11:59:14] <James Gould_web_331> It's strange seeing an almost completely empty room.
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[12:00:22] <James Gould_web_331> You can dance and sing in the room
[12:00:37] <Meetecho> :)
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[12:02:32] <Tobia Castaldi_web_365> we're checking it
[12:03:01] <Jan Romanowski_web_427> Hello :)
[12:03:21] <Richard Wilhelm_web_936> HBD!!!
[12:03:25] <Ray Bellis_web_745> Congrats!
[12:03:32] <Yoshiro Yoneya> HBD!
[12:03:33] <Tobia Castaldi_web_365> the online tool should work now!
[12:03:39] <Tobia Castaldi_web_365> *onsite
[12:03:54] <Suzanne Woolf_web_782> Happy Birthday Antoin!
[12:03:57] <Mario Loffredo_web_897> Happy Birthday Antoin
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[12:08:52] <Ray Bellis_web_745> I can hear him *very* faintly
[12:09:12] <James Gould_web_331> I just add a comment
[12:09:20] <James Gould_web_331> Nothing material was changed to the draft
[12:09:53] <Yoshiro Yoneya> Who is taking notes?
[12:10:13] <James Galvin_web_870> How about you Yoneya-son?
[12:10:38] <Yoshiro Yoneya> It's hard for me :-|
[12:10:42] <James Galvin_web_870> All kidding aside, the agenda is pre-loaded in the note taking.
[12:10:58] <James Gould_web_331> I have faith in Jody
[12:11:01] <James Galvin_web_870> if folks could add bullet points as we go that would be great!
[12:11:56] <Richard Wilhelm_web_936> The notes doc looks empty?
[12:12:23] <Richard Wilhelm_web_936> or am I looking at the wrong doc?
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[12:12:34] <Richard Wilhelm_web_936> ah!
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[12:12:41] <Richard Wilhelm_web_936> I didn't
[12:12:46] <Richard Wilhelm_web_936> but it looks GREAT!
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[12:21:17] <James Galvin_web_870> Rick, did you want to speak?
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[12:22:15] <Richard Wilhelm_web_936> I will type in chat... was about JSContact; not urgent
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[12:23:31] <Yoshiro Yoneya> I'm sorry I was failed to update notes...
[12:23:47] <Richard Wilhelm_web_936> FYI:  Regarding JSContact:  would like to let everyone know that the ICANN RDAP Working Group is modifying the ICANN RDAP Profile such that RDAP responses may use JSContact and are not required to use jCard.
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[12:24:54] <James Galvin_web_870> MeetEcho - can you reload the preloaded slides again please?
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[12:25:10] <Mario Loffredo_web_897> Cool. Thank you, Rick
[12:25:18] <Meetecho> Is there a new slide deck to import?
[12:25:29] <James Galvin_web_870> yes, the data dictionary slides
[12:25:35] <Meetecho> Done!
[12:26:19] <James Gould_web_331> If time permits at the end (if my audio works), I can speak to the Redacted Fields in the RDAP Response draft and one open issue associated with redaction methods.
[12:26:33] <James Galvin_web_870> Thanks Jim!
[12:27:05] <James Galvin_web_870> Thanks Meetecho!
[12:28:04] <George Michaelson_web_175> the GITHUB is private from what I can see
[12:28:21] <George Michaelson_web_175> (could be me, I might have misentered it but it wasnt 404 notexist)
[12:29:25] <Heather Flanagan_web_605> It says public. LInk:
[12:29:46] <Jan Romanowski_web_427> I can see the repo
[12:29:55] <Mario Loffredo_web_897> me too
[12:29:58] <Jan Romanowski_web_427> as public
[12:30:22] <George Michaelson_web_175> then its me. panic over
[12:30:29] <Heather Flanagan_web_605> :-D
[12:31:08] <George Michaelson_web_175> hflanagan must be wondering why I am trying (the L was missing in my typing)
[12:31:47] <Heather Flanagan_web_605> No worries. If you find the repository useful, then all is well in my part of the world.
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[12:44:41] <Richard Wilhelm_web_936> I think that Thomas Kuhn might have something to say about that ;-)
[12:44:58] <Heather Flanagan_web_605> No, definitions change over time.
[12:45:09] <Michelle Cotton_web_416> There are some examples of versioning within IANA registries.  Not many, but I recall a few. I'll have to find some examples for you.  I'll send mail.
[12:45:11] <Richard Wilhelm_web_936> +1 Heather
[12:45:33] <Heather Flanagan_web_605> Thanks, Michelle!
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[12:50:17] <Gustavo Lozano_web_346> I think that conflicts are inevitable because it will be impossible to know all potential present and future local laws that may conflict with the definitions. I believe that the draft should contain some text explaining that in case of conflicts between the dictionary and other documents, the reader is advised to consult their own legal advisor.
[12:52:24] <Gustavo Lozano_web_346> A text similar to the text in RFC8179 (cited next) could help: "Readers are advised to consult their own legal advisors if they would like a legal interpretation of their rights or the rights of the IETF in any Contributions they make."
[12:53:13] <James Gould_web_331> No, you go ahead
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[13:02:00] <James Gould_web_331> I believe that the application session needs to be completely separated from the transport session
[13:02:44] <Jody Kolker_web_313> +1 Ulrich.
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[13:04:58] <Jothan Frakes_web_704> related to my spoken comments for registrars related to the data dictionary, I have written them in the GitHub repo
[13:05:00] <James Gould_web_331> Establish the cookie at setup of the connection and not link it to the EPP Login Command.
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[13:05:48] <Murray Kucherawy_web_302> We should take this to the list, please. We're five minutes over and still in discussion.
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[13:06:21] <Gustavo Lozano_web_346> +1 Murray
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[13:07:52] <Jothan Frakes_web_704> great session, thank you
[13:08:01] <Suzanne Woolf_web_782> Thanks Antoin and Jim!
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[13:08:03] <Scott Hollenbeck_web_336> Bye!
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[13:08:11] <Richard Wilhelm_web_936> "by committee"
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[13:08:23] <Richard Wilhelm_web_936> PHILLY!
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[13:08:32] <George Michaelson_web_175> gefeliciteerd
[13:08:33] <Mario Loffredo_web_897> Bye bye everyone. Thanks for th e feedback
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