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[14:27:25] <Yoshiro Yoneya> No audio from Jim.
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[14:28:33] <Mario Loffredo_web_920> yes
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[14:35:11] <Richard Wilhelm_web_619> (successfully got into notes and am underway)
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[14:41:13] <James Galvin_web_826> Thank you Rick!
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[15:01:09] <Eduardo Alvarez_web_835> We are currently monitoring the JScontact draft to add support in ICANN's RDAP web client. Definitely would help if there were more implementations to test parsing responses using JScontact
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[15:03:18] <Murray Kucherawy_web_323> Yeah I'm just trying to anticipate IESG questions about status.  If there are more than just the one, might want to beef up that section.
[15:03:23] <Jasdip Singh_web_651> Agree with Mario that if jCard is a real pain, JSContact could be the long-term replacement. Of course, following the IETF process. :)
[15:03:48] <Scott Hollenbeck_web_240> One reason for server-side inertia: once the pain of implementing jCard has subsided, there's little reason to throw it away and re-do things using jsContact. It's an added cost.
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[15:04:21] <Francisco Arias_web_929> I wonder if the question about JSContact would be a good one to raise with the TechOps group?
[15:04:26] <Jasdip Singh_web_651> That's fair, Scott. I wager this transition will play out for some time.
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[15:04:40] <Francisco Arias_web_929> Whether there is interest on the server side there to implement.
[15:04:42] <James Galvin_web_826> The question about jsContact was raised in TechOps.
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[15:05:13] <Francisco Arias_web_929> @Jim were there any interest in implementing in TechOps?
[15:05:29] <James Galvin_web_826> No specific advice was received.  We should press on it more there.
[15:06:32] <Murray Kucherawy_web_323> Wow the sole example in this document is 15 pages long.
[15:06:42] <James Galvin_web_826> There were no commitments or hints about implementation unfortunately.  Although, listen to Jody's comments now.
[15:06:51] <Murray Kucherawy_web_323> This is gonna be easy. :)
[15:07:33] <Gustavo Lozano_web_347> something wrong on my side
[15:07:50] <Gustavo Lozano_web_347> have you think about publishing a new draft for search, and publish this one only for lookup
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[15:13:57] <Jasdip Singh_web_651> Agree with the same redaction draft for both lookup and search scenarios.
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[15:15:55] <Yoshiro Yoneya>
[15:16:49] <Jiankang Yao_web_612> maybe,  chair helps to display it
[15:17:00] <Murray Kucherawy_web_323> Technology, how does it work?
[15:17:55] <Yoshiro Yoneya> I can find the slide on material page:
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[15:25:59] <James Galvin_web_826> DNRD document is this one:
[15:27:36] <Jasdip Singh_web_651> There is also a glossary RFC 4949 which also smells of DNS terminology, IIRC.
[15:30:55] <Richard Wilhelm_web_619> (sorry... thought I had self-muted!)
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[15:36:43] <Mario Loffredo_web_920> Bye bye
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