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[21:19:58] <Antoin Verschuren_web_806> /topic REGEXT IETF111
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[21:24:01] <Mario Loffredo_web_424> yes
[21:24:07] <Mario Loffredo_web_424> I can
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[21:26:55] <Roger Carney_web_609> Good Afternoon Everyone!
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[21:28:20] <Antoin Verschuren_web_806> Good night Roger ;-)
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[21:28:30] <Roger Carney_web_609> :)
[21:28:49] <Richard Wilhelm_web_930> thanks for hanging in there Antoin!
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[21:30:14] <Murray Kucherawy_web_143> We missed all the important stuff!
[21:30:35] <Roger Carney_web_609> Good conversation Jim?
[21:30:37] <Richard Wilhelm_web_930> (Not so much backtalk when no one can hear you)
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[21:30:49] <Mario Loffredo_web_424> Good night everybody.
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[21:33:44] <Richard Wilhelm_web_930> i can do notes
[21:33:48] <Richard Wilhelm_web_930> need to get logged in
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[21:35:35] <Murray Kucherawy_web_143> Yes, thanks for keeping me busy. :)
[21:35:36] <Richard Wilhelm_web_930> (notes opened)
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[21:40:19] <Roger Carney_web_609> not an issue, lets move forward
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[22:09:01] <Francisco Arias_web_572> a registrant having only EAI is, potentially, not an issue introduced by the proposal. The issue is independent of the proposal, no?
[22:09:54] <Richard Wilhelm_web_930> +1 to Galvin comments... technology issue vs policy issue
[22:11:43] <Ulrich Wisser_web_637> Sounds good to me!
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[22:14:05] <James Galvin_web_528> your good Jody!
[22:14:09] <James Galvin_web_528> go!
[22:14:11] <James Gould_web_259> we can hear you jody
[22:14:27] <Alexander Mayrhofer_web_993> yes
[22:14:28] <James Galvin_web_528> yes
[22:14:47] <Alexander Mayrhofer_web_993> not anymore now :)
[22:14:54] <Marco Davids_web_709> :-)
[22:14:58] <Ray Bellis_web_918> last voice I heard was Antoin's
[22:15:16] <Jody Kolker_web_272> i will log back in.
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[22:25:55] <Peter Koch_web_372> exactly, locking can be a DoS
[22:26:24] <Roger Carney_web_609> Rick always thinks about those bad actors
[22:26:42] <James Galvin_web_528> birds of a feather?
[22:27:06] <Murray Kucherawy_web_143> "A new deck has entered the chat."
[22:27:28] <Murray Kucherawy_web_143> +1 (and hello!) to Peter Koch's point
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[22:29:24] <Richard Wilhelm_web_930> (old hand)
[22:29:59] <Roger Carney_web_609> Agreed
[22:30:08] <Richard Wilhelm_web_930> Agreed with Roger
[22:30:14] <Peter Koch_web_372> (Hi Murray!) in-band initiating the lock might be OK, provided it includes OoB action to get into effect
[22:31:14] <Gustavo Lozano_web_380> +1 for adoption
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[22:32:14] <Roger Carney_web_609> +1 Jim on the three states in RDAP
[22:32:27] <Richard Wilhelm_web_930> +1 Jim
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[22:33:36] <James Gould_web_259> thanks everyone
[22:33:37] <Richard Wilhelm_web_930> np
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[22:33:39] <Marco Davids_web_709> 👋🏽
[22:33:40] <Roger Carney_web_609> Thanks Everyone!!
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[22:33:42] <Jody Kolker_web_409> thanks!
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[22:33:47] <Marco Davids_web_709> bye!
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[22:33:57] <Mario Loffredo_web_424> Thanks everybody. Good night
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