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[05:30:40] <Jody Kolker> Hello everyone.
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[05:32:40] <Antoin Verschuren> Hi Jody
[05:33:01] <Antoin Verschuren> Could someone please tell Scott his conversation is being broadcasted?
[05:33:30] <Antoin Verschuren> :)
[05:33:34] <Jody Kolker> Yes - please.  It seems we can barely hear jim.
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[05:36:01] <meetecho> Anybody in the room can tell the chair about this issue?
[05:36:52] <Kal Feher> I'll be the jabber scribe
[05:37:13] <Kal Feher> please preface any questions for the mic with <mic>
[05:37:55] <Antoin Verschuren> Kal, Jim's mic does not seem to be turned on...
[05:37:56] <Kal Feher> Roger Carney
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[05:38:07] <Jody Kolker> can't hear roger.
[05:38:23] <Jody Kolker> can hear roger now.
[05:38:43] <Jody Kolker> it's his mic.
[05:38:55] <Kal Feher> can you hear Roger?
[05:39:02] <Jody Kolker> yes - perfectly.
[05:39:14] <Kal Feher> ok. I'll let jim know to use the other mic
[05:40:30] <Kal Feher> Jim gould at mic
[05:43:22] <Kal Feher> any questions for roger on :
[05:45:04] <Kal Feher> roger now on "Validate"
[05:46:24] <Kal Feher> comments / questions for Roger on 'Validate'?
[05:47:19] <Jody Kolker> it's for both.
[05:47:42] <Jody Kolker> Both existing and for creating contacts.
[05:48:01] <Kal Feher> I think Roger clarified, but do you want me to say something at the mic?
[05:48:14] <Jody Kolker> no - he's stated it.
[05:48:24] <Jody Kolker> thanks for watching closely.
[05:48:46] <Kal Feher> Roger on Registry Mapping. this will be a 'working session' topic
[05:51:16] <Jody Kolker> jim's mic is working much better suddenly.
[05:52:12] <Kal Feher> ok. good
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[05:54:53] <kal> Reviewing milestones Antoin talking
[05:55:39] <Kal Feher> Jim gould speaking
[05:56:50] <Kal Feher> change-poll and allocation-token will move to WGLC
[05:57:07] <Kal Feher> Antoin back
[05:58:15] <Kal Feher> Jim asking for reviewers and people to indicate support on mailing list for documents
[05:58:37] <Kal Feher> Antoin again on dnsoperatr-to-rrr-protocol
[05:59:13] <Kal Feher> Antoin requesting more specific review of this document
[05:59:18] <Kal Feher> Jim Gould at mic
[06:00:38] <Kal Feher> Jim Galvin speaking as individual
[06:01:12] <Kal Feher> Roger Carney at mic
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[06:02:50] <Kal Feher> jim galvin
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[06:03:29] <Kal Feher> back to Antoin
[06:03:42] <Kal Feher> bundling-registration document
[06:05:20] <Kal Feher> Antoin suggests moving the document to informational
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[06:06:36] <Kal Feher> An author is at the mic. I'll update speaker name when I can see his name tag
[06:07:13] <Kal Feher> antoin again
[06:07:41] <Kal Feher> we've lost antion's audio
[06:07:54] <Kal Feher> scott hollenbeck at mic
[06:08:33] <Kal Feher> N. Kong at mic
[06:08:59] <Kal Feher> what other use cases for bundling?
[06:09:28] <Kal Feher> antoin back and speaking
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[06:10:46] <Kal Feher> ning kong at mic again
[06:11:35] <Kal Feher> Edmon chung at mic
[06:12:51] <Kal Feher> Jim Gould at mic
[06:14:07] <Kal Feher> Jim Galvin speaking
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[06:14:45] <Kal Feher> antoin speaking
[06:15:39] <Kal Feher> the original authoer speaking was jiankang. apologies for not spotting the name earlier
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[06:16:24] <Kal Feher> Ning at mic
[06:17:47] <Kal Feher> Jim Gould at mic
[06:19:11] <Kal Feher> Jim Galving 'no hat' speaking
[06:19:49] <Kal Feher> ning speaking
[06:20:09] <Kal Feher> not aware of any other implementations other than their own and Verisign's
[06:20:19] <Kal Feher> Roger Carney at mic
[06:20:41] <Kal Feher> not looking at implementing this
[06:22:54] <Kal Feher> Jody Kolker speaking
[06:23:02] <Andrew Sullivan> I can't find the info right now, but I have heard recently several people claim that the reseller ID is required rather than merely optional
[06:23:23] <Andrew Sullivan> or else people saying the RDS PDP ought to make it required.  It may be the latter
[06:23:34] <Kal Feher> Andrew, question/comment for the mic?
[06:23:42] <Andrew Sullivan> No, I'm in the room :)
[06:23:59] <Kal Feher> Scott Hollenbeck at mic
[06:24:10] <Andrew Sullivan> I was too uncertain to state it at the mic :)
[06:24:44] <Kal Feher> Andrew Newton at mic
[06:25:20] <Andrew Sullivan> I also have to be honest that the angst about standards track vs. informational is kind of a distraction
[06:26:52] <Kal Feher> andrew sullivan at mic
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[06:29:36] <Kal Feher> Ning at mic
[06:29:46] <Kal Feher> Antoin speaking
[06:31:41] <Kal Feher> Andrew Newton speaking about RDAP jcr
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[06:35:37] <Kal Feher> Andy's slides:
[06:38:17] <Kal Feher> Mario Loffredo at mic
[06:40:29] <Kal Feher> Andrew replying
[06:42:01] <Kal Feher> Scott Hollenbeck at mic
[06:42:55] <Andrew Sullivan> Scott is attempting to get an IETF understatement of the week
[06:43:22] <Kal Feher> Jim Galvin and Andrew both replied to scott
[06:43:54] <Kal Feher> Alexander Mayrhofer at mic
[06:44:02] <Kal Feher> matthew miller at mic
[06:44:47] <Kal Feher> suggests using cuddl
[06:45:32] <Kal Feher> cddl actually
[06:45:46] <Kal Feher> andrew replying
[06:48:11] <Kal Feher> Tim Bruijnzeels at mic
[06:48:31] <Kal Feher> AD at mic
[06:49:06] <Kal Feher> that was Adom Roach at mic
[06:49:43] <Kal Feher> Mario Loffredo speaking on :
[06:55:20] <Andrew Sullivan> I am not sure I agree that registration data is not frequently updated (at least in some registries) across a possible dataset
[06:55:42] <Kal Feher> I was thinking the same thing.
[06:55:43] <Jody Kolker> I'm concerned about the load this places on Registries and registrars.
[06:55:55] <Andrew Sullivan> I can think of cases where large scale re-naming of NS records was happening, for instance, and it'd make a mess of OFFSET
[06:56:19] <Andrew Sullivan> @Jody: well, sure, but presumably you wouldn't permit this to just anyone
[06:56:31] <Jody Kolker> For example, if the person is allowed to seach for a domain with a first/last name of "Private Registration", there will be millions of domains that will fulfill that request.
[06:56:45] <Andrew Sullivan> You could rate limit the party and reject this style of query for an unknown query source
[06:56:45] <Kal Feher> I was wondering who I _would_ permit this to
[06:56:59] <Jody Kolker> Agreed Kal.
[06:57:01] <Andrew Sullivan> Someone who was paying for it?
[06:57:27] <Andrew Sullivan> Or someone who was ordering you to provide huge data sets for browsing under pain of subpoena?
[06:57:41] <Jody Kolker> I don't foresee any model where would allow people to pay for this information in our database.
[06:57:55] <Kal Feher> given the scale of answers. you're almost better using a deposit style method than live query
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[06:58:48] <Andrew Sullivan> I find that a surprising answer.  This actually ought to be pretty cheap compared to large-scale dumping (which involves humans getting in the way, surely)
[06:59:01] <Andrew Sullivan> But I agree you ought to be able to return a URL for later retrieval too
[06:59:02] <Jody Kolker> With the large scale of this, I would not expect us to support this with an automated way.  We as the registrar would need to know what the data was to be used for, and would not allow the client to come in at well to gain this information.
[06:59:39] <Jody Kolker> Not when the answer to the query would lead to thousands of domains.
[06:59:53] <SHollenbeck> I see a need for client authentication here...
[07:00:14] <Kal Feher> @andrew we generate deposits, including redacted deposits all the time and have systems which are isolated from live load for that. I suppose I could offer a similar non real time data source for this, but then I'm wondering about the true utility
[07:00:29] <Andrew Sullivan> @SHollenbeck: exactly.
[07:00:57] <Andrew Sullivan> @Kal: your users might find standard JSON output to be a _lot_ more useful, for example
[07:01:58] <Kal Feher> true. but that doesnt require live querying. there is a presumption here about the currency of the data.
[07:03:09] <Kal Feher> Jim Galvin has asked to speed up the presentation. Mario will press through his slides quickly
[07:03:43] <Andrew Sullivan> I'm imagining that there would be cases where you'd return a redirect to a different server that gives the "slow path" data access (== maybe not as live) for these larger data sets, yes.
[07:04:55] <Kal Feher> As a member of the nextgen RDS, I don't recall any finished reports being produced
[07:05:41] <Andrew Sullivan> Me either.  I do sort of think that it would be better for people who know something about RDAP to provide some facilities to that RDS WG than to wait for that crowd to come up with implementable requirements, however ;-)
[07:06:41] <Kal Feher> I have a feeling that Jim will want to move on quickly. any questions / comments for mario?
[07:07:21] <Kal Feher> Jim asking for some feedback on the mailing list. including about adoption
[07:07:29] <Kal Feher> Andy Newton at mic
[07:07:55] <Andrew Sullivan> Strongly agree with the auth comment from Andy
[07:08:31] <Kal Feher> Scott Hollenbeck at mic
[07:09:47] <Kal Feher> a call to arms from Scott to hurry up and clear our collective plates
[07:10:08] <Kal Feher> Jim Galvin speaking
[07:10:45] <Andrew Sullivan> If the WG doesn't want to tackle these problems, perhaps some of us should get together in a bar while in town …
[07:10:55] <Kal Feher> Mario making final comments.
[07:11:26] <Kal Feher> @andrew seems reasonable. perhaps an email to the list on that topic
[07:11:39] <Kal Feher> Scott Hollenbeck at mic
[07:12:28] <Andrew Sullivan> Scott is promising that Santa Claus is coming to RDS PDP soon!
[07:13:41] <Kal Feher> @andrew and @scott, there's a high likelihod sant goes right past the RDS group and delivers an implemented solution direct to each registry as they solve GDPR in their own way, using RDAP for all the non public stuff
[07:13:49] <Kal Feher> Mario speaking
[07:13:54] <Kal Feher> Roger at mic
[07:15:16] <Kal Feher> mario replying
[07:15:28] <Kal Feher> Ulrich Weisser at mic
[07:16:24] <Kal Feher> Mario replying
[07:16:29] <Kal Feher> Andy at mic
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[07:17:09] <Kal Feher> actually I was thinking along the same lines as andy tbh
[07:17:52] <Kal Feher> Roger Carney giving an interim meeting update
[07:18:21] <Kal Feher> feedback on interim meetings for Roger?
[07:18:42] <Andrew Sullivan> There are definitely people who want large sets of registration data who do not have a repository client account, so it seems like lists belong in RDAP
[07:19:36] <Kal Feher> Jim Galvin speaking AOB:
[07:19:43] <Kal Feher> Andy newton at mic
[07:20:01] <Kal Feher> should we have some BCPs for RDAP?
[07:22:05] <Kal Feher> Stephane bortzmeyer at mic
[07:22:34] <Kal Feher> is it a good idea to add a mapping for dname?
[07:23:08] <Kal Feher> Scott Hollenbeck at mic
[07:23:16] <Kal Feher> Kim Davies at mic
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[07:24:18] <Kal Feher> Jim Galvin speaking
[07:24:37] <Kal Feher> reinforcing REGEXT charter limitations
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[07:27:38] <Kal Feher> Roger's working session time has been lost. Jim suggesting that a break out room be booked. I think remote participation is available for these rooms
[07:27:52] <Kal Feher> Roger speaking
[07:28:49] <Kal Feher> Alex Mayrhofer at mic
[07:29:32] <Kal Feher> mic drop from alex.
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[07:29:53] <Kal Feher> Jim speaking about organising the interim meeting
[07:30:02] <Kal Feher> Scott Hollenbeck at mic
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[07:30:35] <Kal Feher> any AOB from jabber? be quick
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[07:31:00] <Kal Feher> meeting closed
[07:31:05] <Antoin Verschuren> Thanx everyone!
[07:31:06] <Kal Feher> thanks everyone
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