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[13:56:08] <Sean Turner> yes!
[13:56:14] <Gustavo Lozano> yes
[13:56:17] <latourjacques> yes
[13:56:21] <Antoin Verschuren> Yes, loud and clear Jim
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[13:58:04] <Rik Ribbers> I will be your jabber scribe for today!
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[13:58:18] <Rik Ribbers> meeting materials are here:
[13:58:35] <Antoin Verschuren> Thank you Rik!
[13:58:45] <Rik Ribbers> welcome
[13:59:04] <Rik Ribbers> helps to keep me sharp and paying attention :-)
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[14:00:37] <Rik Ribbers> does anybody remote have their mic on there is a buzz in the speakers?
[14:00:49] <Rik Ribbers> @meetecho can you assist?
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[14:01:08] <Meetecho> Rik Ribbers: what's wrong?
[14:01:17] <James Gould> I can hear fine
[14:01:17] <latourjacques> yes, and we hear no buzz
[14:01:20] <Gustavo Lozano> I can hear you..
[14:01:28] <Rik Ribbers> there is a buzz is room itself
[14:01:33] <SHollenbeck> There's a buzz in the room
[14:01:41] <Antoin Verschuren> We hear you well, no buzz
[14:01:53] <Rik Ribbers> Jim Galvin opens the meeting
[14:01:56] <Meetecho> ack, will notify the A/V team
[14:02:05] <Rik Ribbers> thx meetecho
[14:02:55] <Rik Ribbers> agenda
[14:03:11] <Rik Ribbers> chair slides:
[14:03:39] <Rik Ribbers> start applauding now!
[14:03:48] <James Gould> Congrats!
[14:03:51] <Rik Ribbers> RFC7848
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[14:05:53] <Rik Ribbers> oh and that was me at the mic
[14:07:00] <Rik Ribbers> BCP79
[14:08:27] <SHollenbeck> From BCP 79: "The inclusion of licensing information in IPR disclosures is not    mandatory but it is encouraged so that the working groups will have    as much information as they can during their deliberations.  If the    inclusion of licensing information in an IPR disclosure would    significantly delay its submission it is quite reasonable to submit a    disclosure without licensing information and then submit a new    disclosure when the licensing information becomes available."
[14:08:33] <Rik Ribbers> Ulirch : no he did not
[14:08:33] <James Gould> Thank you Ulrich!
[14:08:49] <Rik Ribbers> Ulirch: yes will do it
[14:09:12] <Sean Turner> @mic: you can actually proceed with a downref as long as you follow
[14:11:20] <Rik Ribbers> ALexander mayerhofen at the mic
[14:11:36] <Rik Ribbers> LinLin Zhou at the mic
[14:11:56] <Meetecho> note to chairs: Francisco Arias in remote queue
[14:11:58] <Sean Turner> btw thanks for the jabber relay (Y)
[14:12:18] <Rik Ribbers> you're  welcom
[14:12:20] <Rik Ribbers> e
[14:12:23] <Rik Ribbers> yes
[14:13:10] <Rik Ribbers> Jody Kolker at the mic
[14:14:02] <Francisco Arias> just to have it in the Jabber room, answering Alex question, there is an upcoming gTLD Policy in ICANN that would have the reseller name as an optional element for gTLD registries
[14:15:42] <Rik Ribbers> alex mayernhofen at the mic
[14:16:39] <Antoin Verschuren> Perhaps reseller get some authorization on registry data like changing nameservers f.e.?
[14:17:16] <Rik Ribbers> antoin @mic?
[14:17:26] <Antoin Verschuren> yes
[14:17:32] <Antoin Verschuren> no hat
[14:17:55] <Rik Ribbers> jody kolker
[14:19:21] <Rik Ribbers> alex mayernhofen on the mic
[14:19:30] <Francisco Arias>
[14:20:00] <Frederico A C Neves> Regarding resellers… following Alex rational, it will not only be garbage if there is a global registry for resellers, aka a reseller ID to have any reasonable meaning after a transfer.
[14:20:27] <Rik Ribbers> @mic?
[14:20:45] <Frederico A C Neves> I'm here on your side ;-)
[14:20:54] <Rik Ribbers> thought so...
[14:21:14] <Rik Ribbers>
[14:21:33] <latourjacques> ajust the camera please
[14:21:40] <Rik Ribbers> Jiankan Yau cnnic
[14:21:49] <Rik Ribbers> Yao
[14:21:54] <Rik Ribbers>
[14:22:12] <Rik Ribbers> presentation:
[14:22:24] <latourjacques> camera please
[14:22:30] <Rik Ribbers> slide: Use Cases
[14:22:37] <Antoin Verschuren> We need a camera man next time :-)
[14:22:57] <Rik Ribbers> next slide:
[14:23:02] <Rik Ribbers> Requirements
[14:23:17] <latourjacques> :-) turn camera 90 degress to the right
[14:23:36] <Rik Ribbers> jabber scribe on the run…
[14:23:55] <Rik Ribbers> better now
[14:23:58] <latourjacques> thanks
[14:24:03] <Gustavo Lozano> thanks
[14:24:10] <Rik Ribbers> next slide
[14:24:20] <Rik Ribbers> EPP command extensions
[14:26:00] <Rik Ribbers> BTW meetecho thx the buzz is gone
[14:26:12] <Meetecho> ack!
[14:27:17] <Rik Ribbers> alexander  mayerhofen at the mic
[14:27:18] <latourjacques> this is very similar to
[14:27:49] <James Gould> Related Domain Extension
[14:28:59] <Rik Ribbers> Richard Merdinger at the mic
[14:30:03] <Rik Ribbers> Yoneya Yoshiro at the mic
[14:32:21] <Meetecho> just noticing chairs about James Gould in remote queue (in case they don't know already)
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[14:33:45] <Rik Ribbers> jody kolker at the mic
[14:35:25] <Rik Ribbers> Dimitry (.ua) on the mic
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[14:36:55] <Rik Ribbers> Richard Merdinger @mic
[14:37:50] <Rik Ribbers> Michael Holloway at the mic
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[14:39:49] <Rik Ribbers> Marc Blanchet at the mic
[14:41:43] <Rik Ribbers> Teddy Hogeborn @mic
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[14:42:37] <James Gould> I suggest that we cover the larger related problem to come up with the drafts that are needed.
[14:42:59] <Rik Ribbers> @mic James?
[14:43:45] <Rik Ribbers> Ning Kong @mic
[14:47:20] <Rik Ribbers> next up
[14:47:39] <Rik Ribbers> with these documents:
[14:47:52] <Rik Ribbers> Gustavo Lozano remote
[14:48:01] <Gustavo Lozano> hi..
[14:48:04] <Gustavo Lozano> can you hear me?
[14:48:04] <Rik Ribbers> presenting
[14:48:07] <Rik Ribbers> no
[14:48:24] <Rik Ribbers> yes we hear you
[14:49:43] <Rik Ribbers> jody kolker
[14:49:46] <Rik Ribbers> at the mic
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[14:51:48] <Rik Ribbers> ulrich cheering
[14:51:56] <Rik Ribbers> \0/
[14:53:18] <Rik Ribbers> Jody Kolker at the mic
[14:54:30] <Rik Ribbers> Scott Hollenbeck at the mic
[14:57:07] <Rik Ribbers> nodding people
[15:01:56] <Rik Ribbers> we are at slide 9
[15:03:35] <Rik Ribbers> Alexander Mayernhofen at the mic
[15:05:09] <Rik Ribbers> Dimtiry .ua @mic
[15:07:10] <Rik Ribbers> slide 11
[15:07:31] <Rik Ribbers> slide 12
[15:08:53] <Rik Ribbers> Richard Merdinger at the mic
[15:10:29] <Rik Ribbers> Andrew Newton at the mic
[15:12:00] <Rik Ribbers>     Validate/Domain Connect/Unavailable Names/Domain Fees - Jody Kolker (20 min.)
[15:12:09] <Rik Ribbers>
[15:16:06] <Antoin Verschuren> how does this relate to draft-ietf-regext-dnsoperator-to-rrr-protocol ?
[15:16:08] <Antoin Verschuren> Mic
[15:16:41] <SHollenbeck> It's an alternative, Antoin
[15:16:50] <marc.blanchet.qc> agree with Andrew on jcard, seems more logical. vcard has hooks for alternates and since jcard should be a one-to-one mapping of facilities between vcard and jcard, it should be possible.
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[15:17:14] <Rik Ribbers> go after presentation
[15:17:21] <Rik Ribbers> will go
[15:17:48] <James Gould> I see the benefit for capturing the reserved names that doesn't change frequently, but dumping the registry database for registered names does not sound like a good soluton to the problem.
[15:18:11] <James Gould> Should we provide a check service as opposed to producing stale files?
[15:18:36] <James Gould> Yes get ready :-)
[15:20:26] <Rik Ribbers> that wat patrick medzev
[15:21:07] <Rik Ribbers> Dimitry at the mic
[15:21:42] <Rik Ribbers> Richard Merdinger at the mic
[15:22:02] <Antoin Verschuren> So, a copy of the registration database :-)
[15:22:09] <Antoin Verschuren> (No mic needed)
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[15:22:28] <James Gould> Yes, it looks like a dump of the registry database daily
[15:23:04] <Rik Ribbers> Michael Hollaway at the mic
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[15:24:58] <Rik Ribbers> alexander mayerhofen at the mic
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[15:26:39] <Rik Ribbers> Richard Merdinger
[15:26:57] <Rik Ribbers> Michael Hollaway
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[15:27:24] <James Gould> I have github accounts for the drafts that I have worked on.
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